Friday, January 23, 2015


All this talk and fuss about squeezing footballs is getting VGMH more interested in the pigskin-sportsmen than ever before.  And this homo eroticism has not been lost on the cutting-edges of mainstream media, either, which is a much-needed dose or reality, in a world where the connection between male-dominated sports and male sexuality is typically buried.  Talk about "balls" and how they feel has made national news and late night talk shows giggle like a naughty youth.  We will go the extra yard or two and suggest that TOM BRADY gets away with a lot just because he is so damn good looking, in a model sort of way.  Of course, it seems that nobody in the (wink wink) totally straight world of male sports journalism has ever noticed that this guy is a dreamboat, judging by how they pretend not to notice so often.  Opps! Here at VGMH we would of course love to see some nudies of Tom soaping up his beautiful mansack, but in our opinion (VGMH is from the Seattle area of Washington) the balls that have already won the game, in terms of self-confidence and sportsman-integrity through years of hard work and skill, belong to hunky Russell Wilson who knows he owns what he has and doesn't have to hold press conferences to explain-away how his balls "feel". Now, both Tom and Russell, turn your heads and cough!  We have two hands after all...

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