Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hot of The Press

Hot Off the Press was a 1984 release that has an impressive list of very famous stars but unfortunately, it is standard fare in terms of that era's smut offerings.  It's basically 6 loosely connected scenes which are tied to a printer's shop.  This makes perfect sense for a porno storyline, right?  At least the title pays homage to the longstanding tradition of smut movies utilizing parody in its titles.  Some all-time favorite smut spoofs include Shaving Ryan's Privates, Forrest Hump, and Jurassic Pork.  Longtime VGMH  followers will remember our complete series on a different movie with a similar title (Printer's Devils) which is a title phrase that actually has historical reference to the printing industry.

Clay / King
In Hot Off the Press, tall dark and handsome Clay Russell plays the assistant store manager and John King plays his customer.  Horny Dennis (played by King) arrives to supposedly buy a print machine but what he's really after is the stuff inside of Clay's pants.  It's a good scene with King delivering energy and Clay giving an equally satisfying performance sucking on King's cock.  King's boyishly lean body, lustrous thick black hair, intensely dark eyes and youthful excitement made him a star that continues to shine today.   Clay's larger frame, curly hair and more muscular physique provides a good compliment and contrast.  It's fun to watch these two men having sex.
Clay / King

As mentioned, there are many well-known names in this movie.  In another scene, Michael Cummings delivers a package to Matt Ramsey.  Then the landlord (Michael Christopher) takes the shop owner (Brad Mason) for a ride. It's a shame that we didn't get a scene with Clay and Michael Christopher bonding together.   Christopher was truly talented at performing sex scenes with the camera in mind as he positioned himself for perfect shots. And least we not forget David Ashfield who was in so many movies back then.

Clay / King

Clay / King
What's telling from the movie's jacket is how prominently Clay's torso is displayed on the backside cover.  Clearly he was a hot marketing tool.  Luckily, the movie provided a gem in the form of a hardcore magazine called The Printer's Apprentice that starred Clay with Jon.  Stay tuned for more about that magazine.

Michael Christopher
The movie Hot Off the Press stars Brad Mason, Clay Russell, David Ashfield, Jon King, Matt Ramsey, Michael Christopher, Michael Cummings, Rob Wright, Robert Vega, and Trent Washington. 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Behind the Greek Door

1975 appears to be the year of Clay Russell's debut into smut films.  What a debut it was.  It's reported that his first screen appearance was in a movie called Sur and he also appeared in Snowballing, Six Card Stud, and Behind the Greek Door.  
Behind the Greek Door is actually something of a play-on-title from another smut movie from three years earlier in 1972.  Behind the Green Door was a feature-length straight pornographic film that became a huge hit and remains one of the genre's classic films.  But for this gay Greek Door film, Clay Russell and Shawn Everette bed in the same room and sleep whenever Shawn isn't sucking on hairy Clay's cock, massaging his ball sack, or getting screwed by Clay from behind.  The top star may have been Shawn but Clay is the guy you can't take your eyes off of when he's in a scene.  Finally, the frat brothers take Shawn behind the Greek door for-- you'll never ever guess what---Sex!  He gets restrained, spanked and there's a wild orgy with six frat men. Clay Russell isn’t in the orgy finale.  The movie also stars Caston Lee, Stan Ridge, Ronald Murphy, David Rosen, Bruce Walton, Ronald Howard, James Monroe, and Bob Gee.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Head for the Showers (Clay Russell part four)

In these NOVA Studios scenes,  John Tower (aka Butch) and Clay Russell are playing two hotshot stars of their baseball team only they are not getting along so well after embarrassingly being thrown out of ball game practice.  Tower is pissed and blames Clay.  Exiled to the locker room while the action continues out on the field, Tower decides to show Clay where he ranks and humiliate him in the process.  He pulls down the elastic on his jock strap for Clay to suck his dick in retribution for causing him trouble out on the field.  Watching self confident Tower control Russell works in part because Russell is physically a larger man being forced into a subservient position.  Tower cums  and with lots of macho swagger in his step, goes into the shower room to wash the sent of Clay's mouth off his dick. 

A frustrated Russell gets up off his knees, wipes Tower's spent sperm from his face and then follows Tower into the showers where he decides to get even and turn the tables.  Russell now becomes the dominant top jock and ends up screwing Tower on the tiled floor, but not before munching on Tower's ass first.    Both men cum and decide that good sportsmanship is best as they shake off a bad game and stay friends. Clay and Butch stand naked talk outside the shower when a handsome blonde appears with great buns. They look at each other and have the same idea as they follow this beefy booty back into the shower room. 

This appears to be from a 1977 loop titled Head for the Showers, which was later incorporated as part of 1980s Under Construction. Production values on this movie are top-notch thanks to the loving care that NOVA gave most of its films.  Butch McAlister and Clay Russell worked together several times and have a good chemistry on screen.  They appeared in the still-popular classic The Boys of Venice (in a pickup truck by the ocean).  Both men are macho in physical appearance and mannerisms with two different muscular body types that fit well together.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Clay Russell (part three)

Clay Russell was a hot model beginning in the late 1970s.  He appeared in numerous print magazines include Blueboy, Honcho, In Touch, Jock, Mandate, and Playguy.  He also performed in a number of gay movies where his impressive masculinity was featured, including three classics (Boys of Venice, Heatstroke, and El Paso Wrecking Corp.) in addition to other titles such as Men at Work, Cop Playtime, Cop Workout, Firemen at Work, and Sex in Uniform.  His appearance in the December 1977 issue of Playguy was tied to a feature promoting Joe Gage's El Paso Wrecking Corp.

Clay with Richard Locke
Still a relatively young man who had the good looks to play model-perfect romantic leading men, Clay seemed to naturally gravitate towards machismo roles, such as a uniformed officer or a hot and hairy daddy looking to get satisfied by other masculine men.  In 1982's Heatstroke, two guys meet up with one another, courtesy of having been with the same woman at different times.  The storyline concept is that they've indirectly shared sex (via the female) together as they discuss their girl's pros and cons at making love.  Clay Russell eventually gets heated up and the flirtations evolve into Clay wrapping his lips around Locke's legendary long cock.  Richard Locke truly appears to enjoy the sight as he watches Clay go down on him with gusto.  Locke moans and groans like he means it, just before letting loose a hot load into Russell's waiting mouth.  As many men straight and gay can relate to, seeing the end-product of a blowjob on their lover's face can be icing on the cake (or in this case, icing on Clay's thick moustache).  Heatstroke remains a lesser-known Gage film and while production values are high, the subject matter is gritty male sexual bonding and may not be to everyone's taste.  The film features many icons of early years in gay porn liberation, including Casey Donovan. 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

David Grant

He graced the pages of Playgirl magazine's February 1979 issue as their centerfold Man of the Month.   David Grant was certainly one handsome bachelor and there's little doubt that many a female reader fantasized about this dreamboat.  But they would not be the first fans who had sexual designs on this sexy gentleman.  Back in 1979, hardcore porn was still something that you had to search-out to find in smut stores, catalogs or at an adult movie house.  There wasn't the technological ability to do a quick Internet search and discover that David Grant was also known as gay sex star Clay Russell.    But it's a safe bet that at least some male fans of Playgirl probably did recognize him from Playguy magazine (December 1977) or Mandate (February 1978) in addition to his movie performances (including the classic 1978 El Paso Wrecking Corp.).  It's hard to forget someone so strikingly good looking.  In addition to David and Clay, it's reported that he also appeared as Lindsay Grant.  But for today, let's sit back and enjoy the Playgirl-version of this vintage man in all his 1970s glory.
The storyline calls David a twenty-eight year old Mark Spitz lookalike.  Certainly this was an era for men with thick moustaches.

Below: Playgirl's tricks of the trade: Is the water keeping his cock afloat or could it be hard?

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Mystery Man

Valentine's Day may be over but it looks like Cupid's left us with one handsome (and hairy) hunk!  This gentleman appeared in a vintage Playgirl February issue and made a big sensation.   VGMH suspects that his handsome face will probably be recognizable to some for his work in other media as well. Can you guess who this mystery man is? 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Savory Ertha

Just like a sultry red rose to be admired on Valentine's Day, Ertha Kitt's a gift that, as intended by nature, also comes with thorns that demand respect.  

By her own remembrances, she grew up with extremely low self-esteem.  How did she cope? She focused herself into a dream-type fantasy world and created a vision of herself.  Along the way, she became many a gay man's icon.  It's been said that Valentine's Day was a favorite holiday of Ertha Kitt, who knew the difference between passion and love:

"We can't control the people we love.  Everything else really comes down to risks and rewards."

When someone live through hard times, sometimes they get lucky and move on, but they never forget.  Life stacked the deck against Ertha from an early age. She was labeled a 'yella gal' from birth (due to her mixed heritage skin color and living in the south).  Eartha never knew her father, she was abandoned by her mother at an early age (in favor of her darker sibling), and was raised by another family that ignored her. 

A self-proclaimed 'sex kitten,' Ertha was famous for her catlike purrrrr.  Her career spanned over six decades, from her start as a dancer, to cabarets and acting and singing on stage, and later appearing in movies and on television.  Ms. Kitt was one of America's most versatile performers, winning two Emmys. She also nominated for several Tonys and also for two Grammys.  She made headlines in the 1960's for denouncing the Vietnam War during a visit to the White House.  The next ten years found her blacklisted in the United States.. Her career continued to soar, however, during her exile in Europe until 1976, when President Jimmy Carter invited her back to the United States. 

One title Ms. Kitt was proud of was her being awarded the title of "Gay Icon". Later in life Eartha Kitt would say: "After my blacklisting, it was the Gay community that welcomed me back with open arms." This was something she never forgot and spent a great deal of her time dedicating herself to working with the Gay Men's Health Crisis and other AIDS charities.dded Kitt, "I feel very close to the gay crowd because we know what it feels like to be rejected."
Kitt’s sentiments in that interview are still topical now. Speaking on the subject of marriage equality for gay and lesbian families, Kitt said, "I support it because we’re asking for the same thing."

"If I have a partner and something happens to me, I want that partner to enjoy the benefits of what we have reaped together." Added the world-famous performer, "It’s a civil-rights thing, isn’t it?"

Eartha Kitt became known as an international symbol of elegance and sensuality during her lifetime.   She died on Christmas Day 2008.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sean part two

It's always extra-special when we get to revisit a former Playgirl model and appreciate how handsome he's remained over the years. That face.  That smile.  Bodies mature and change as life teaches us and we grow.  And as these photos show, the wonderfully hairy and muscular physique that readers enjoyed back in 1993 still remains worthy of admiration.  Fortunately we also get to see what Playgirl didn't show us back then--how big and thick Sean's full erection can get! 
Beefcake in a boat: What a great strong butt!  Those sturdy muscular legs look like they could support an entire sky scrapper!  The only thing missing could possibly be a couple of sailors to tend to their captain's mast.