Sunday, December 7, 2014

Toys Toys Toys

Santa may be busy this season, what with bringing guys who have been good the reliable gifts that they requested-dildos!  And after all, what's better than having a lot of toys to play with?  Some of these toy collections look like they have a cock type and size to fill any mood or itch. 

A few years back a new fad began which actually continues to grow in popularity--make a mold of your own cock (or that of someone you love).  Thanks to cock-mold making kits (and also free Internet instructions for do-it-yourself cock-moldings, using readily available craft store products) men today can share copies of their pleasure-making shafts with their loved ones even while they are away.   Of course, more than a few gay men enjoy fucking themselves with a copy of their own cocks as well!  Not surprisingly, military men have been big customers prior to deployments.  A fun story
a few years back was about craft store employees located near big military bases, who were confused about needing to increase their stock of the certain items that were rapidly selling out--items that were listed on how-to mold your cock Internet instruction sites!
Have you ever made a mold of your own cock? If so please let us know in the comment section!

 Do you have a favorite dildo, or a dildo collection?  How many?  
Please share in the comment section!
While it might be nice to keep a collection of real-life men handy for enjoying their dicks, dildos are an easier alternative (and much easier to care for!)

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