Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Balls are Ringing (II)

There's just something extra-sexy about men's underwear, especially when it's being worn by a handsome gentleman and his cock is majestically throbbing out of the fly, complete with a crown of pubic hairs adorning its base (like the one above).  The Balls are Ringing smut magazine included many models and VGMH wishes they had more photos of this guy poking out of his briefs.

Also included in The Balls are Ringing was the advertisement below for additional gay entertainment selections.  With the over-abundance of smut available these days courtesy of the Internet and just a couple of mouse clicks, this is a reminder of another time when porn choices were much more limited.  The options in this ad for paying are cash, check or money order.  Postage added fifty cents for the first item and an additional twenty five cents for every additional item.  With titles such as Black Bart, Beefcake, The Male Male, Cruising the Continent, and The Phallus to select from, who could pick just one?

Another gem found in this magazine is the advertisement below looking for potential writers.  We've acknowledged the talents of film directors in vintage smut  (It's well-known that many mainstream talents started their careers in erotica).  But often overlooked are the smut writers who produced the all-important copy/narrative for these smut publications.  Many of these guys were making extra cash while trying to get a break in mainstream as well.  
Most printed porn of the era included some form of written narrative to go along with the photos, which was not by accident.  In 1973 the Supreme Court had established (in Miller v. California) the test to determine obscenity, employingg a three-part test.  And one of those three parts of the test was whether the work, taken as whole, included serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value."

Interestingly, this ad pays the most for original short stories pertaining to gay love and sex, half as much for reviews, political opinions and cartoons, and even less for something that they describe as "cartoons without illustrations" which makes VGMH wonder what kind of cartoon that could be.

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  1. hot as hell! i love vintage magazines and boys many straight boys prostituted at this time for money


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