Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Season's Greetings Art!

There's something both wonderfully 'naughty and nice' about these illustrations from another era.  The erotica is just about to boil over, but because they were created for magazines in an time,  much is left to the reader's imagination regarding how things eventually conclude. Interestingly, VGMH couldn't help but notice that the dishy hunk on the phone in the first illustration has a great treasure trail of hair that seems to end where it should get thicker...shaving back then, too (tee hee hee--as we pretend to blush)?  If only that towel wasn't in our way!  'Tis the season for surprises to all good boys of all ages!


  1. hot very hot I wonder how many Handjobs these magazines provided in vintage era

  2. Great thought to ponder---esp considering this was before there were all the options offered today in smut media.


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