Monday, December 29, 2014

December 1975

Jeremiah Shastid

The year was 1975 and Playgirl magazine had selected Jeramiah as their December centerfold to close out the year.     Back then, this very hairy chested (and hairy almost everywhere else as well) gent was described as being a "male go-go dancer."   Unfortunately, this was also a period in the magazine's history when their photography wasn't always as stellar and crisp. 


This holiday issue was jam-packed with useful stuff, like an article titled "Vibrators: Everything you must know" and Hollywood's Newest Sex Star--Roger Daltrey.  But it was the side burned and very furry physique of Jeramiah that most buyers thumbed to look at first.  According to the story that went along with the pictures, a friend of Jeramiah and himself began traveling around the country at the end of 1974. He added "What you have to do is put on a show that touches on sex and includes comedy-a whole theatrical routine." 


  1. I often wonder what happened to many of the older models who appeared in the early issues of Playgirl (circa the 70s and 80s).

  2. woffff hiry as hell !i love his impressive bull phallus i´d love to eat a quart of thick hairy dark bull semen


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