Friday, December 12, 2014

Big Logs and Men's Minds

Advertisers have long used suggestive imagery in ads to get away with showing one thing while tricking the brain into getting all 'hot and bothered' about something that it connects to in a different context, such as sexually.   We're men and they know that we (both gay and straight) like looking at sexual images.  There's a reason why straight porn isn't just naked ladies and typically features men as well.   This photo is a great example in that we have the cylinder-shaped monster between this man's legs (looking very happy to see us by the way) and the rather erect-looking green cylinder-shaped horticulture growing in the background, complete with smaller round globes at its base.  Hey, why are my shorts suddenly getting tight?
The snap shot above is another example where it sure looks like some smart tourists put two and two together and came up with THIS LOOKS SORTA LIKE A BIG GREEN COCK AND BALLS.  And regarding the ad many ideas..  .what other colors/sizes does it come in?  Does it vibrate or pulse if turned up loud enough?
And then sometimes the message is more direct and to the point.  Diamonds may be forever, but it's the man that sweated like a dog to purchase those rocks for his love.

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