Thursday, November 6, 2014

Vintage Bobby

Bobby Madison was a popular performer in 1980's gay erotica.  Bobby also worked as Brian Michaels and he appeared mostly for Matt Sterling and William Higgins productions. Known for his thick and bushy black hair, Bobby sucked, topped, and bottomed his way through pre-condom 1980's porn.  Among his films were Leo & Lance (1983), Brother Load (1983), A Matter of Size (1983), The Bigger the Better (1984), Pipeline (1984), The French Lieutenant's Boys (1984 with Doug Weston), and Below the Belt (1985).  He reportedly retired from the porn industry in 1986 following his last movie, In Heat.  
Of all the 1980's films that Bobby performed in, one that has becomesomething of a classic of the pre-condom fucking genre is Brother Load.  As the movie liner notes describe: "Brother Load focuses on the sexcapades of two sets of brothers and their buddies in a story that breaches the Pacific, from central California's farmlands to Hawaii's virgin shores. Sibling rivalry? There's none of that to be found here!"   The production values are good and the sex is hot.



  1. booby is hot and sex i love his hairy dick !
    please I wonder where are the pornactors Sylvain Racine and Karl Letovski from kristen bjorn ?
    they bth are gorgeous with massive glutes
    tx Setve

    1. fuck yeahh gluteos you have a good taste in men
      sylvian racine karl letovski are gorgeous and juice i also like massive bodybuilder Pietro Martinelli mmmmmm
      please Steve i wanna a special post about these guys
      i beg you

  2. great text about this pornstar omg he´s super sexy fuck like a rabbit
    where is he now?

  3. i love vintage guys hanging balls and hairy cocks


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