Thursday, October 2, 2014

Scool (part two)

Thanks to the magazine feature which was released at the same time as the movie was, we have this terrific color photo teaching another valuable lesson about playing with naked men: If you play with it, eventually, the male human penis will shoot out this sticky white stuff.  And thanks to their primal urges, men will feel compelled to get this into you or display it on you.  There's a reason it's called 'climax' because soon afterwards, they will get dressed and leave you to clean yourself up. 


  1. hey dude where is my comment about last post?
    well i´d love A Real Rimjob in that college Anus!! I Would love to sniff an rim both of those GLOBES glutes
    These scool guys oozes so much sex appeal with their bodies

  2. wow amazing fuckfest! a festival of cum ! our primal urges lead us attracted to this these guys fuck as rabbit
    great movie

  3. Posts can only be commented on within 24 hours of posting--sorry. Thanks for the comments and glad u like the vintage guys!


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