Monday, September 15, 2014

September 1981

According to the narrative that accompanied his photo spread, country boy Geof Helrich was 28 years old when he showed it all in Playgirl magazine back in 1981.  This was an era when uncut cocks were still the exception in male photo sets, as most young men of legal age to pose had grown up in times when they had been circumcised as infant boys.  With his treasure trail of dark brown hair leading to a nicely thick bush above his hairy cock, Geof was a true find.  The photographer did a nice job of capturing his masculinity in natural settings and not just showing off his dick (although that is very nice, too!). 
This was also a time when the magazine was offering Hollywood stars on their covers instead of a face shot of their centerfold model.  Of particular interest with this issue was a very successful nude spread of "Men of Harvard and Other Ivy Leagers" which was similar to their other "men of..." series which included Wall Street, sportsmen, and more.


  1. WOFFF Geof Helrich was pure masculinity back then uncut dicks were very rare in american but the thick bushes were a delight to behold
    amazing post as always
    please mate load vintage muscle bulls too

  2. fuck off jesus !! this guy has amazing big bulls and big hairy pubes it´s pure manhood
    here in italy men are obsessed with shaving their body legs asscracks balls
    Steve do americans guys are also obcesed about shaved body?
    i heard that you american have a lot of hairy in their asscracks

  3. this guy has huge torso's with FURRY hard pecs, tasty hard nipples, ripped abs, strong mighty male legs, beautiful Adonis lines, a firm full HAIRY hard ass!
    I just hate shaved pubes chest asses !
    I do not know what is this obsession for an Removal of Body Hair

  4. What a man ! I'd love to tongue lick Geof 's sweet, hairy pubes.. I would like to have his semen for lunch ...please steve pics of his anus too!!

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