Thursday, September 25, 2014


According to historic reports, Angela Douglas was a transwoman activist and member of the Los Angeles chapter of the Gay Liberation Front from 1969 to 1970.  This person was also an artist and created this poster advertising a rally/march.  "After participating in various protests and actions with the group – including a march outside Barney’s Beanery when it posted a sign reading Faggots Stay Out” – she left the Gay Liberation Front. She became frustrated with members’ apathetic and sometimes hostile attitudes in regard to transgender rights."

With regards to the beanery, it's Hollywood history and legend that Clark Cable and Errol Flynn got into fights there, a drunk young handsome actor from New York sent for a screen test won a bet by displaying his 11-inch cock on the spot, and Jim Morrison once peed on the bar.  It's reported that the manager placed a sign among the old license plates and other ephemera along the wall behind the bar that read "FAGOTS  – STAY OUT".  Although the owner was known by some locals to be antagonistic towards gays, even going as far as posing (in front of his sign) for a picture in a 1964 Life article on "Homosexuality in America" over a caption where he exclaims "I don't like 'em...", some historians think that the sign was probably placed as a response to pressure from the police who had a tendency towards discriminatory practices against homosexuals and consequently establishments that catered to the group, as in actors and other show biz types.  The misspelled "No Fagots" sign was taken down in 1984. 

In 1970, Douglas started the Transsexual Action Organization, one of only two national organizations devoted to transgender rights.

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