Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Vacation Fantasy

Maybe they told him 'make yourself at home' while he was taking care of their place for two weeks at the end of summer?  Some interesting things can sure be found in a pool house, and it looks like Doug found something that he's very interested in.  If only a double-headed dildo could tell us of the places that it has already been, but it looks like it's about to have a fun new adventure here at the poolside with Dougy.  Hey, it looks about the same size as his own cock, which is getting very aroused.  Three cocks (inlcuding his own), one mouth and a tight ass.  Time to have fun with this bad-boy dildo! 
Please stay tuned for part two of this summertime fanatsex


  1. woof i love his furry pubes! this guy knows how to have fun

  2. this guy has big balls and a large hairy bushe! i just love bushes 70s and 80s
    fuck Steve Why do guys nowadays shave their bodies pubes and holes?

  3. Hey zoltan, most credit it to when porn came to computers and became a part of most young men's entertainment in their bedrooms. Porn stars started the trend by trimming at the base to make their cocks appear longer. Then muscle men who shaved their torsos went all the way, and regular guys at home watching porn copied them.


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