Tuesday, August 12, 2014

George Payne circa 1976

George Payne plays a handsome construction worker named Charlie Dobbs in 1976's Kiss Today Goodbye who finds sexual opportunities everywhere that he goes, but in the process he cheats on his boyfriend.  Dobbs (Payne) meets a straight-identified businessman (Seager) and they form a bromance, thanks to how desperately unhappy each of them are with their respective mates back home. The storyline involves male sexual desires and a growing emotional dependence that each dude builds for the other's acceptance and understanding.  This was an era when porn movies were really trying to be films with connected plots, drama, dialog, and this one even included some special effects camera work!  Actually, reviews were mixed about this flick, but who cannot grin at a gay sex movie where one of the men in the credits is named Ben Dover?  
The scene of Payne and Seager lying on the floor next to a fireplace, as Seager sucks on Payne's cock, still remains sexy decades afterwards.  Bearded Payne is master of his cock as he guides its head into Seager's eager mouth. Then a horny Seager kneels with his back facing George, offering Payne to mount him. Payne positions himself behind his partner as his cock (hands-free) instinctively enters (this is pre-condom era sex) Seager's ass.  A methodical fucking session begins, much to the painful delight of Seager, until George releases himself.  It's worthy to note that this was before home videos and the action happening in the film was played on a large theatre screen for an audience sharing the erotic experience together.  The film had its world premiere in New York City on Broadway at a time when the area around 49th street was filled with adult shops and theatres.  Writer H.M. Mostersen once recalled going to the district after working hours and sitting next to Wall Street traders in suits, city utility workers in overalls, middle aged married men and street hustlers. 

This film starred George Payne, Lew Seager, David Savage, Michael Gaunt, Mark Hamilton , Kurt Mann, Firth Demule, Ben Dover, and R. Cansino.  


  1. I was already missing of the old vintage men! George Payne was one of the hottest guys from 70´s I loved this article with great wealth of information I love this blog
    kiss Steve

  2. WOOF a great movie with plots, drama, dialogs a gold era without doubt ! Payne is hot as hell and furrry as a beast oh bud you get a great collection of vintage pornstars Could you repost oldest posts once in a while?
    i beg you thank you very much

  3. fuck these golden guys fuck like rabbit ! they were so hairy and wild
    George Payne is So damn sexy. I would lick him up from head to toes and all the way around.
    i´m obcessed about hairy golden guys !!


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