Thursday, July 10, 2014

1988: A Tropical Heatwave Hits!

Luciano Perreira
Right now the world is focused on Brazil and in the ones that men play with during soccer competitions.  But back in 1988, many men were actually decades ahead of their time, for they were already big fans of watching macho Brazilian balls engaged in manly actions of sport... as in the 1988 wildly successful video Tropical Heatwave.   Kristen Bjorn kicked off his career in male erotic films with this movie which was a scintillating jerk-off extravaganza.  A good way to describe this video's content might be to imagine Playgirl-type beefy models---only these dudes are fully aroused and sharing themselves with the audience (this is masturbation soft-core stuff)---to the point of climax.  Bjorn knew that many gay guys were attracted to handsome men without giving a whole lot of thought about the model's sexuality in real life.  He effectively marketed the fact that many of this solo-performers were straight men doing it just for the cash and were not turned on by other dudes.  No problem for the models or the audience!  Before there was the 'Prague straight model' craze, there was Bjorn and his cash-strapped men from Brazil, Eastern Europe, and Australia.   The lush settings used to showcase his discoveries included dreamlike villas, sand dunes, and glistening waterfalls against dense jungle foliage.  The guys showed off their hard cocks by letting them throb and bob free of hands.  Their spermacous eruptions were pulsating, one after another: Scene 1 Roberto Ameida; Scene 2 Sylvio Braga; Scene 3 Luciano Perreira; Scene 4 Fabricio Silveira; Scene 5 Armando Santos; and Scene 6; Danilo Cardoso.

While the total film package of locations and poses may have appeared a little-too perfect for some tastes, the rough unbridled broncho spirit of the men shined through.  Not only did gay men rent the tape, many of them opted for the significant investment (oftentimes over $80) to buy a VHS copy: It was that good.  In addition to Champs, Kristen followed-up with Carnival in Rio which was hard-core and equally a big hit.
What made these first videos so popular remains easy to see, even when viewing them today.  It helps to keep it in the context that they were produced these films during a time when cheap-quality San Fernando videos had flooded both straight and gay erotica markets, and when many of the male models often looked like they were 'doing' the films between 'doing' street johns and 'scoring' their next fix.  Contrast this against Bjorn's non-California-looking, naturally athletic men sporting their bronze bodies for moolah and not giving a damn who looked or not.  One of the gentleman appearing in Tropical Heatwave was Luciano Perreira (also known as Brad Foreman) who would go on to star in Carnival in Rio.  Here are some photos of Luciano which were both teasers (hidden crotch) and explicit, probably for marketing campaigns aimed at different audiences.  According to his publicity bio, his nationality is from Brazil, Height: 5'10, Weight: 160 lbs, Penis: 7" and married after modeling.  He even made the August 1988 cover of Honcho!

Below: Boys will be boys as ripe bananas get unpeeled. 

Luciano Pereira, Braulio Duarte and Sergio Callucci.


  1. Steve thank you for this blog. I lived in Brazil until teenage years leaving in '91. Growing up gay there I know most straight men have the chavinst pig views against women and the gays. They have no guilt for using women and gays because the straight man is the center of the universe. The church is powerful and looks the other way when they beat, steal, rape homosexual because they are really haters of gay life. Many teenage boy leave the family shanty shacks and live together in thug groups. They don’t go to school and can’t find jobs in the favelas. favelas is what they call the slums all over the city. You see boys 12 or 13 who already fathered babies and brag about it. For fun they go to gay bars at night and beat up, rob homosexuals trying to go home at close time. Lots of police are corrupt and use the boys to work for them in drugs and theft and tourist gay sex hustle for the good looking ones. cariocas see it happen all the time to tourists. Don't get fooled by the heavy police protection for the games because that is not how it usually is there. It doesn´t matter if you are in Ipanema, downtown, or even Barra. Pickpockets and robberies are the most common but hustler crimes by young guys are big business and NOBODY admits it. The bait goes back to the tourist hotel and doesn't know they are followed by other thugs. At worst they are robbed and forced to humiliate themselves or raped because they know the victim usually don'twant the humilation of the police questions. Grupo Gay da Bahía found attacks on LGBT happen about once every 36 hours.

  2. Alvarez, Thanks for the kind words about VGMH and especially your personal history/thoughts about growing up as a gay man in Brazil. Your personal history is invaluable to those of us who have never been there. I wasn't aware of how horrible things are in that country for many gay people, so thanks so much for sharing. It sounds like things have not improved a whole lot since you left--I'm so happy you were able to get out! A news story in the Huffington Post from just last year reported "Rio de Janeiro police have detained a 14-year-old suspected of participating in the brutal gang rape of an American student inside a moving public transit van." It seems he was the fourth suspect to be taken into custody in the attack on the American and her male French companion, who were held for six hours, robbed and beaten before being dumped by the roadside. The other three suspects, aged 20-22, include the van's driver! Other reports of this crime suggest the male Frenchman was both beaten and then forced to watch as his friend was raped by the men.

    There are much less accounts of gay crime--which follows what you suggest about them going unreported. Unrelated, another story was about a gay man who was followed down the street and taunted by boys calling him faggot-type names. The victim tried to walk faster until he was was hit to bring him to the ground, where he was dragged into an alleyway and brutally attacked, robbed, raped and then urinated and spat upon. The victim reported yelling for help and seeing people looking but not helping.

    Again thanks so much and please feel free to comment more in the future!


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