Friday, May 30, 2014

Summer Kickoff: Bob Bishop

The Beach Boys are playing on the am radio station, the sun is beating down into our non-tinted windows, makeing the hard plastic dashboard and those vinyl seats hot to the touch.   And of course Bob Bishop is looking classically California Cool, all 5'10" of tanned perfection.  Bob was a model for Colt and Falcon studios and appeared in two films, 1981's "Hayride" and 1984's  "Ramcharger" where all that beauty was put to very good use by the likes of  Barry in "Hayride" and Ed Wiley in "Ramcharger."

Monday, May 26, 2014

Tom's Transsexual Porn Adventure (part three) and Trans-Porn's Audience

We wrap us our tribute to Tom Byron with some additional fun images from an early-career photo shooting of Tom having sex with a male/female.  Tom certainly looks surprised in the photo above when he discovers that his sex friend has a cock, too, and looks happy to see him!  As already noted, the primary audience for this genre of porn has traditionally been straight men and not gay men--something which confuses lots of straight people.   Trans-porn had been much more popular in Europe from the 1970s than it had been here, perhaps because attitudes about sexuality were more open-minded in many European countries. 
A Salon article from 2011explored why many straight men are attracted to 'chicks with dicks' smut.  They noted a series of studies on transsexualism including a paper out of Northwestern University in which researchers recruited 205 men with a sexual interest in trans-females for an online survey and found that 51 percent identified as straight, 41 percent called themselves bisexual and just six men identified as being gay.

Other studies suggest that 'chicks with dicks' porn may be considered by many straight men to be a culturally-safe way to explore their repressed desires to penetrate other males who they are attracted to.  Research discovered (by tracking hits to web sites) that trans-porn web sites are usually surfed by guys who also surf straight porn, and they are going to the trans-porn sites not by accident and they repeatedly return.  Search engines get lots of hits for "t-girls" and "she males" and these are not usually coming from gay men.  Interestingly, there seems to be a high correlation between guys who frequent extreme male sports sites and who play computer war games.  As one researcher quoted "[...] for some males there's a very strong need to win, conquer, dominate and show power and strength over other men.  It makes sense they'd enjoy being on top of other guys they view as competitors if only there wasn't the negative social stigma of being labeled gay."
In A Billion Wicked Thoughts, Ogas and Gaddam examined people’s Internet porn preferences through data from search engines and porn sites like PornHub.  The authors say “if you categorize the sites on the Alexa Adult List by the names of the sites, then T-girl sites are the fourth most popular category of adult Web site.” Also, “‘shemales’ is the sixteenth most popular sexual search on Dogpile, more popular than ‘butts,’ ‘threesomes,’ and ‘interracial sex.’”
For some men, the cultural stigma and fear that goes with the slur "fag" runs very deep and remains emotionally strong from adolescence onward in their sex lives.  In other words, these guys know if they are looking at a gay porn site, they are enjoying watching homosexual sex, which they do not want to identify themselves with.  On the other hand, with trans-porn they are watching a presumably straight man enjoying himself with what looks like an attractive female---behavior which they know is socially acceptable for a straight-identified man.  For other men, the attraction may be in the conquest of what that view as being kinky sex to satisfy their cravings for adventure.

It's not an accident that in most of the penetration photos on trans-sex sites, the female-partner's penis and testicles are clearly visible, just inches from the hard cock pushed deep up inside their ass.  If they wanted to, the director could easily avoid showing this angle.  But being able to view 'her' cock and balls with "his" cock doing her is an added turn-on for the viewer which doesn't require any homophobia guilt or shame because "she" is no longer a "he" in the strictest rules of straight manhood.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Tom's Surprise Blast From the Past (part two)

There seemed to be a lot of confusion and homophobic stereotyping going on in chat rooms and sex blogs when a vintage photo set resurfaced on the Internet showing images of vintage straight stud Tom Byron having sex with a transgendered partner (chick with dick).  And for many of Tom's straight male fans, there were a lot of ridiculous attempts to define masculinity and sexuality while slapping a label on this couple's sexual encounter.  Was it Gay Sex? Bisexual Sex? Straight Sex?  Was that a man or a woman sucking on Tom's bone?  And was Tom going down on another dude's cock? 
Here at VGMH we have known for a long time that the main audience for 'chicks with dicks' smut has been men who identify themselves as being straight.  In the opinion of this blog, human sexuality is rarely as simplistic as many try to make it out to be, and strict labels are totally unrealistic with how most people actually live the course of their lives.  Especially thanks in-part to his gay-oriented smut appearances (such as the solo erotic photo shoot images we enjoyed in part one), we know that Tom has maintained a loyal gay fan base over many decades.  And to his homophobic straight fans who were upset by these images, we have this simple advice:  Relax! Live and let live!


Please stay tuned for part three.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Always Hard and Horny Tom: 1982 - Present

It's reported the he first started performing for adult entertainment way back in May 1982, which would make this his anniversary month in the business.  Ever since his earliest days in erotica, straight Tom Byron attracted a loyal gay fan base, thanks in no small part to the explosion of VCR machines and video tapes at a time when the initial fears of AIDS drove many gay men to the safety of porn (both gay and straight genres).  Solo photo shoots (who was the intended audience for these photos?) suggest a slightly nervous skinny young man who appeared to be unpolished, and in physical aspects not your standard 1980s cookie-cutter model.
Tom looked like tens of thousands of horny teen aged guys, and many of his roles cast him as such.   He was oftentimes playing the virgin getting lucky instead of the stud selecting which babe to screw next.  In some respects his "average" appearance resembled many of the early smut models of the 1960s in that he looked like he could easily be the track team jock, the library book nerd, or the guy flipping hamburgers wearing a white paper hat at the local burger joint.  He also went by the names Tim Byron, Tom Byrom, Tom Bryon, Tom Bryan, and Tommy Byron.  It's been reported that between 1982 and 1990 Tom worked in nearly 1,000 films and videos.

Audiences were given the rare opportunity to watch Tom mature into manhood right on the screen.  The slightly awkward clean-shaven adolescent gradually made way for a cocksure, long-haired stud with a tan.  Along the way as he aged, his image gradually progressed to more of a mainstream business/working guy.  In 2002, Tom announced his retirement from performing to focus on his directing career.  By 2005, he had returned to performing.  It's reported that Mr. Byron continues to perform in select films and also works as an independent producer/media marketer.  Please stay tuned for a very interesting 'part two' to this story!


Sunday, May 11, 2014

Peter Gordon

Peter Gordon's practically bouncing right out of his big pouch with enthusiasm and sportsman gusto!  It's nice to see that those firm white buns have been gently protected from the California sunshine (courtesy of some swim trunks that were much more modest than what he wore for this photo shooting).  Reported to have served in the U.S. Air Force, Peter became an accomplished body builder who also went by the last name of Pendleton.  Interestingly, it's reported that his brother was also a physique model who went by the names of Sandy Gordon and Hugh Pendleton.  The brothers both posed for Spartan.  Gentleman from across the country who appreciated the sport of fencing could lick a stamp, drop in $2.50 and send it to Spartan Box 16905 West Branch, Los Angeles 46, California.  In return, they would receive twelve nifty borderless matt prints back in the mail.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

May Reading Guild

Published in 1968, this novel by Drew Austin offered up the misunderstood character of Lonnie.  Lonnie was a man starved for the kind of sexual relations that society didn't approve of.  Lonnie found the answer to his desires in prison, as well as the untouchable guard, Phil. This novel was actually part of their French Line series of books and is numbered "French Line 46."  The back cover has an image of Eiffel Tower.
This book, Queer St. U.S.A. comes courtesy of Century Books and sounds the alarm that "15% of all Americans are homosexual!" This "growing national problem" of men engaging in homosexual activities together is must-reading for the concerned citizen, as it includes a slang dictionary of the special words that these homos use!  Lucky we have Matt Bradley to share with us what goes on all over the country.  It's reported that Century Books published five titles between 1965-1967.
 Of course, what could be better than to put the 'eye-moves of desire' on those hunky men working out in g-strings and jock straps at the gym?  The blonde laying on the floor looks to have ideas about working out with that beauty in the black pouch. 

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Strap Smut

 It looks like the game is just about to begin and everybody is a winner!  This modern smut features old school athletic supporters in a starring role.