Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hot of The Press

Hot Off the Press was a 1984 release that has an impressive list of very famous stars but unfortunately, it is standard fare in terms of that era's smut offerings.  It's basically 6 loosely connected scenes which are tied to a printer's shop.  This makes perfect sense for a porno storyline, right?  At least the title pays homage to the longstanding tradition of smut movies utilizing parody in its titles.  Some all-time favorite smut spoofs include Shaving Ryan's Privates, Forrest Hump, and Jurassic Pork.  Longtime VGMH  followers will remember our complete series on a different movie with a similar title (Printer's Devils) which is a title phrase that actually has historical reference to the printing industry.

Clay / King
In Hot Off the Press, tall dark and handsome Clay Russell plays the assistant store manager and John King plays his customer.  Horny Dennis (played by King) arrives to supposedly buy a print machine but what he's really after is the stuff inside of Clay's pants.  It's a good scene with King delivering energy and Clay giving an equally satisfying performance sucking on King's cock.  King's boyishly lean body, lustrous thick black hair, intensely dark eyes and youthful excitement made him a star that continues to shine today.   Clay's larger frame, curly hair and more muscular physique provides a good compliment and contrast.  It's fun to watch these two men having sex.
Clay / King

As mentioned, there are many well-known names in this movie.  In another scene, Michael Cummings delivers a package to Matt Ramsey.  Then the landlord (Michael Christopher) takes the shop owner (Brad Mason) for a ride. It's a shame that we didn't get a scene with Clay and Michael Christopher bonding together.   Christopher was truly talented at performing sex scenes with the camera in mind as he positioned himself for perfect shots. And least we not forget David Ashfield who was in so many movies back then.

Clay / King

Clay / King
What's telling from the movie's jacket is how prominently Clay's torso is displayed on the backside cover.  Clearly he was a hot marketing tool.  Luckily, the movie provided a gem in the form of a hardcore magazine called The Printer's Apprentice that starred Clay with Jon.  Stay tuned for more about that magazine.

Michael Christopher
The movie Hot Off the Press stars Brad Mason, Clay Russell, David Ashfield, Jon King, Matt Ramsey, Michael Christopher, Michael Cummings, Rob Wright, Robert Vega, and Trent Washington. 

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