Sunday, January 5, 2014

January 1977

Hairy (and sometimes very opinionated) Hollywood actor James Caan may have graced the cover of the January 1977 issue of Playgirl, but it was the naked men inside that we're interested in.  For just $1.75 it was packed with lots and lots of goodies inside!  This was a time when the magazine was still trying to copy the successful Playboy and Penthouse model of offering a mixture of investigative news stories, celebrity interviews and nudity--reflecting their motto of being well-rounded "Entertainment for Women"--only for some reason the format never really worked as well as it did with the adult men's magazines.  In addition to an article about 'faking sex' in films, there was a story on the exploitation of women piece-workers.  As far as their nude male offerings went, their discovery gent for the month was bull fighter Bill Lucidi and their centerfold stud was a fur-covered Tom Gagen, beginning on page 65 (photographed by Norbert Jobst). Handsome Peter Scott was also featured.   Looking forward, it's interesting to note that James Caan would be on the cover of their March 1980 issue and Tom Gagen would appear in the October 1989 issue.
Super-jock Tom Gagen was selected to be a finalist in the Playgirl Natural Man contest which was held in Los Anegeles in the fall of 1977.  According to the brief story that went along with his photo spread, Tom was 28 at the time of posing, he liked his new VW (with sunroof), seafood, reading, antiques, and Marin County (where he lived). 

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