Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Here's wishing all of us a good new year.  This vintage erotica that we're celebrating the holiday with comes to us here in 2014, courtesy of all the way back from 1971.  Just by looking at what these two are up to, we can guess what the narrative might have been if they had included a storyline:  Rob has been bragging to his buddy Jim for years about the big snake between his legs.  We can see from the photo (above) that both men are sporting what looks like wedding bands, so it's a safe bet that their wives were probably out at the beauty parlour or something.  When Rob spread his legs open wide and started bragging for the millionth about his big thick dick, Jim decided that now was the right time and place for Rob to finally prove it!

Jim surprised Rob by pulling out a tape measure!   Rob didn't need any encouragement to strip off his clothes and show off his special pal to Jim.  Confident Rob told Jim to get between his legs and measure it himself if he wanted to.  And it looks like his buddy wasn't kidding about the size!  It really was almost 7 inches in diameter!  Jim looked to be not only impressed with its girth, but he was also tuned on and instinctively opened his mouth and put a vacuum seal on as much of that monster meat as he could wrap his lips around tightly.
Eventually the tape measure went down as Jim enjoyed licking and sucking his new favorite pass time.  Rob was no doubt enjoying it, too!

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