Thursday, January 30, 2014

Pledge Watchers (Part 5)

To recap where our story currently stands, it seems like no good deed goes unpunished for poor Mark.  After giving his frat elders oral sex and taking two sticky loads all over his face, now it looks like Mark's mouth is about to get an even greater workout, as he is put into blow job service for all of his frat brothers living in the entire house!  With lots of young men in need of relieving their sexual energy, this is one job that may be hard to swallow even for cock hungry Mark!  Looks like all those college loans have already paid off!  These smart college guys can spell, as one of them makes up a poster reading 'THIS PLEDGE WILL JERK YOU OFF-HE IS HERE TO SERVICE YOU AS YOU WISH!" while the other young man is tying up Mark in a handy position for servicing dick efficiently assembly-line style. 

Meanwhile, across campus, a couple of other guys are wondering what's going on, as the library men's room is vacant of its usual gents looking to suck boners.  Again, age markers are all over the place in this vintage artwork, from the old fashioned-style porcelain urinals that went all the way down to the floor (without privacy panels), to the plywood-panel divided toilet stalls (without doors).  The two men manage to slip their raging hard-ons back into their jeans and follow the crowd over to the frat house where they find a line of horny hunks enjoying their turn with Mark.
How can this sordid story ever end?  We all pretty much know the answer to that question, but please stay tuned anyhow!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

January 1984

His name was Glenn Morrissey and with him posing in their January 1984 issue, Playgirl magazine was doing one of the things that it always did very well, which was to promote the careers of handsome male celebrities and sports stars who were willing to share their physiques.  6' and hairy, Glenn was on the television series Emerald Point N.A.S. playing Lt. Don Griffin on CBS.  According to the story, Glenn was 26 back then.  No doubt that Playgirl readers took notice.  It's reported that Glenn would go on to appear in Thursday's Child (1983), Convicted (1986) and Force: Five (1981) among other projects.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Pledge Watchers (Part 4)

Sean the Artist's comic-style erotic drawing skills are on full display with the slide above.  The language is also perfect for the era, with their "dig" and "scene" and "hot trip" they could easily slip into a Brady Bunch episode!  Mike clearly understands his role as sex servant as he calls his frat masters "Sir" and they clearly enjoy using him for their pleasure.
There's an old saying, that the 'proof is in the pudding' and if it's true, then Mike's face, covered in white oooey- gooey puddin' proves his skills at milking dick honey!  With their jism still dripping out of their limp cocks and down Mike's face, they come up with yet more things for Mikey to do!  Sean the Artist gives Mike an inquisitive question mark nest to his semen-sprayed head as he ponders what is coming up next for him. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Pledge Watchers (Part 3)

What could be better than a sexy guy stroking his dick as another stud secretly watches him while rubbing his own cock?  Well, this is smut after all, so how about a third stud who comes to join in!  In this fantasy world, Mark is discovering that he hit the jackpot of frat houses--guys who dig playing with one another!
Showing the age of the strip, they use hair tonic to lube their dicks with.  No doubt the oils in that hair tonic left their pubes nice and shiny as well moisturizing their balls--oh these are ingenious young lads!  Mark comes clean about secretly watching them masturbate and, with two throbbing naked boners jutting up like skyscrapers in the air, his frat masters have a way for Mark to redeem himself.  Any guesses what happens next?
For those who may not know, hair tonic products were widely used in the 1950's and 1960's to style hair (and actually for decades before then as well) by men.  They were often freshly-scented and the oils made hair glossier looking, which men (and women) liked. The oils also helped hold the hair in place, making it easier to style.  Because it was greasy, men typically used it either naked after a shower or after getting fully dressed  so that it wouldn't get on their clothing.  In contrast to today's manscaping of pubic hairs, back then it made sense while just fresh out of the shower to dab a little extra in the palm of your hand and give your short curlies a hair treatment as well. 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

More Sean

Sean's comic books worked well because of his personalized drawing style and smart story lines.  In this comic series, Sean captures the nonstop lust of a young man who has been placed in a situation that is both heaven and hell for him--he's smack in the middle of a world of attractive men that he sexually desires but can't have.  It's a straight world, and poor horny Mike's been trained all his young adult life to understand that. 

In the slide above, Mark cannot control his excitement (nor hide his uncontrollable boner).  Here he is, in this macho-sweat-infused bedroom to clean up and pick up the jock's worn clothing to launder.  Mark can't stand it and reaches for his cock to masturbate.  Just then he hears one of the men returning to his room--this room!  Mark hides quickly so the room mate won't see him in his embarrassing situation with a hard-on.  And then to Mark's surprise and delight, the room mate decides that he has time to exercise his own dick and relieve a little stress. 
"Nothin' like a hot little book along with a nice slow hand job" the room mate tells himself as he pulls off his gym shorts and takes out some smut to enjoy.  Mark secretly watches from around the corner as the object of his desire firmly grasps his big hard cock to play with.  But wait!  This isn't porn with naked ladies that he's enjoying...the little book is called "Tail Trail" and as he reads aloud we discover that the ranger in the story is giving a back-packer a blow job.  Could it be that Mark's frat house has guys just like him? Stay tuned. 

Friday, January 17, 2014

Sean the Artist

It's refreshing to see a resurgence in adult gay comic artwork, originating from computer-generated media these days, compared to pencil and paper in the past.  The genre itself was very popular in the sixties and seventies of the last century, when gay magazines and gay newspapers were hungry for content and their readers for equally starving for media that was about people like themselves.  One of the artists of that era that seldom gets the acknowledgement that he deserves is John Klamik.   His talents in drawing were matched by his intellect and analytical skills when it came to political satire.  He was also a social activist, active in the fight for gay rights.   But most of his fans just recognized him as “Sean the Artist.”

It's reported that he was born in 1935 in Chicago and as a little boy showed both an interest and a natural talent for art.  He studied at the Chicago Art Institute and then like many before him, made the move out west--way out west to West Hollywood, California.   In 1961 he was working as an artist and display director for the Akron department store chain.   He was also an editorial cartoonist  for the original Advocate newspaper and would go on to contribute to many gay magazines as gay liberation flourished and new publications sprouted up.  John's drawing style was distinctive and his characters celebrated men enjoying their sexuality as a natural part of living their daily lives.  In interviews, he would say that his work was not picked up in the popular physique magazines, probably because he didn't care to draw naked muscle men just posing.  Instead, he wanted his male characters to be having sex with one another. 
Never was. I didn’t go for drawing muscled figures unless particularly requested, because I didn’t think that was too normal. My characters, I just wanted them having sex. I wanted to go in that direction because there were a lot of good muscle artists but [their characters] weren’t having sex. They were just posing. I wanted to go in the direction where we could show what really goes on. - See more at:
Never was. I didn’t go for drawing muscled figures unless particularly requested, because I didn’t think that was too normal. My characters, I just wanted them having sex. I wanted to go in that direction because there were a lot of good muscle artists but [their characters] weren’t having sex. They were just posing. I wanted to go in the direction where we could show what really goes on. - See more at:
Never was. I didn’t go for drawing muscled figures unless particularly requested, because I didn’t think that was too normal. My characters, I just wanted them having sex. I wanted to go in that direction because there were a lot of good muscle artists but [their characters] weren’t having sex. They were just posing. I wanted to go in the direction where we could show what really goes on. - See more at:

There were many flavors that John enjoyed in his artwork and these included men engaging in rough play times together, fantasy characters (including Bigfoot) and bondage.  One of his most popular comics was placed in the old west and featured a cowboy with a huge cock.  The dialog in this sketch is funny and the action is hot.  Some of his most-famous worked include legendary Nova Publications which published 18 of his fantastic sex-adventure stories.  He also worked with Nova Films as a set decorator, art director, and scriptwriter on some of those classic flicks.  His work has been exhibited by the Tom of Finland Art Foundation.  John's work has been especially prized in Spain, Germany and Japan.  The Palm Springs getaway home which once belonged to a Hollywood closeted star supposedly had wall-sized murals painted by John in one of the bedrooms, featuring an orgy scene with male debauchery suitable for even ancient roman times.  With handsome and very hung men everywhere in the mural (including caricatures of famous men for the era), it was sadly was later painted over.  His is inventory of artwork has been estimated to be over 10,000 drawings. 

For a sampling of his work, we have his great comic strip Pledge Watchers to enjoy, which delves into the seemingly forbidden world of straight horny fraternity men.   Newcomer to the frat house filled with swarthy hunks is Mark, who quickly finds out that sexy senior Steve is going to be his pledge duty instructor.  Steve quickly informs Mark that he has to clean his room daily.  Little does Steve know that Mark and a $3 bill have a lot in common, and being able to get personal with Steve and his roommate's personal belongings is actually a turn-on.  Only things in jocksville are not always what they appear to be, and Mark gets a nice surprise when he discovers that his frat brothers seem to like the same things that he does! 

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Poolside Zeb

Zeb Atlas took the time to pose for Playgirl's online magazine and thankfully we have these nice photos of him sporting a healthy hard-on as he shows off by the pool.  Everyone may not be a fan of body builders but most can probably agree that if one's lucky enough to own a fancy house with a beautiful swimming pool, having a handsome muscular hunk hanging around it adds to the ambiance.
In contrast to the photos above, Zeb did more than just pose solo alongside a pool when he paired up with popular porn bottom Christopher Daniels for Zeb's own website.  Chris is a pro at putting dicks in his butt and equally skilled at gobbling them down his throat, and has worked with lots of top cocks in the business.  It's reported that Chris actually started in porn when Atlas was filming his movie The Boyfriend in Las Vegas in fall of 2010.  The story goes that one of Zeb's models didn't show up and he needed a replacement.  Chris said yes, and a cock-hungry porn bottom star was born that same day.  
In the Atlas flick that these sample photos are from, Christopher works well in the nicely-filmed poolside smut, complete with sunglasses. There's Chris licking Zeb's balls as Atlas towers above him, Chris sucking on the muscle man's meat as Zeb relaxes in the wicker chaise lounge, and Chris getting screwed in several positions by Zeb in the warm sunshine.  If you notice, Zeb appears to be tattooed by this time in his career.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Marble and Flesh: The Male Physique

 Zeb Atlas
The Male Body as Art
Zeb (Andy Bick) began modeling for fitness and health magazines in the early 1990's, thanks to his powerhouse body getting noticed by the right people at bodybuilding shows.  Nude modeling and erotica followed.  

Sunday, January 5, 2014

January 1977

Hairy (and sometimes very opinionated) Hollywood actor James Caan may have graced the cover of the January 1977 issue of Playgirl, but it was the naked men inside that we're interested in.  For just $1.75 it was packed with lots and lots of goodies inside!  This was a time when the magazine was still trying to copy the successful Playboy and Penthouse model of offering a mixture of investigative news stories, celebrity interviews and nudity--reflecting their motto of being well-rounded "Entertainment for Women"--only for some reason the format never really worked as well as it did with the adult men's magazines.  In addition to an article about 'faking sex' in films, there was a story on the exploitation of women piece-workers.  As far as their nude male offerings went, their discovery gent for the month was bull fighter Bill Lucidi and their centerfold stud was a fur-covered Tom Gagen, beginning on page 65 (photographed by Norbert Jobst). Handsome Peter Scott was also featured.   Looking forward, it's interesting to note that James Caan would be on the cover of their March 1980 issue and Tom Gagen would appear in the October 1989 issue.
Super-jock Tom Gagen was selected to be a finalist in the Playgirl Natural Man contest which was held in Los Anegeles in the fall of 1977.  According to the brief story that went along with his photo spread, Tom was 28 at the time of posing, he liked his new VW (with sunroof), seafood, reading, antiques, and Marin County (where he lived). 

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Body Perfect: Paris Strong

Bob Paris (born Robert Clark Paris in 1959) has become a famous writer, actor, public speaker, and gay civil rights activist.  But before all of that, he had already become one of the most celebrated body builders of all time.  Since rising to fame in the early 1980's, Bob Paris has graced the covers of scores of magazines worldwide.  In an era of enhanced drug use with many sportsmen, Bob pushed for drug testing at the professional level. He retired from bodybuilding in 1991 at the top of his game.

“Every gay and lesbian person who has been lucky enough to survive the turmoil of growing up is a survivor. Survivors always have an obligation to those who will face the same challenges.” Bob Paris

Bob blended his artistic and athletic backgrounds to create a classic physique emphasizing the beauty of the male form over simply mass muscles. His workout books are considered among the best in the field because they apply common sense to the mechanics of exercise and diet, and explore the deeper aspects of true fitness and self-esteem.

In the July 1989 issue of Ironman magazine, Bob Paris came out to the media as a proud gay man.  He and his then-partner Rod Jackson (Jackson once posed for a Playgirl centerfold) had a Unitarian commitment ceremony in 1989.  He started successful non-profit companies, lectured on a wide variety of issues and topics, and made many television, radio, newspaper and magazine appearances. In 1995, the couple separated.  Today, it's reported that Mr. Paris lives with his spouse (were legally married after Canada equalized the marriage laws in 2003) Brian near Vancouver, British Columbia.
Below: Bob Paris today.