Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Young Physque November 1963

That looks like body builder Hector Ramon on the cover, November 1963.  This cover photo certainly shows off Hector's rock-hard chest and those amazing arms, but that blue towel or sheet or whatever it is covering his crotch area just doesn't seem very natural--with him posing out in the great outdoors?  But this was 1963, and magazines like The Young Physique were showing off men as best they could.  This issue would have put you back quite a bit-$2 back then.  It may have been a celebration of grand human achievement in bodybuilding, but here at VGMH we view it as a slice of mouthwatering beefcake.  Young Physique was from Body Builder Publications, who also gave us Muscle Builder, Demi-Gods, and Mr. America. Many of the models were straight guys accomplished in the field of bodybuilding.   The Young Physique featured male muscle beauty to the point of even including a centerfold (with a young model wearing a posing pouch).

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Basic Plumbing (part four)

It looks like Mr. Plumber has drenched his clothes in all the right places while working on Jim's pipes, which is probably as good of an excuse as any in the world of smut for him to strip down and expose his nicely firm chest and impressive bush.  That cock is uncontrollable as it flops about wildly in the air.  Jim's instincts kicked in as he dropped to his knees.  Whatever could happen next?  Please stay tuned.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

November 1982

Greg Scott appeared in the pages of Playgirl's November 1982 issue. It's an interesting posing of Greg in that they include casually-themed shots of him in everyday locations around the house, a design that had worked so well for the magazine in the previous decade.  Only these photos seem more posed than those of the previous generation.  No matter, Greg's manhood certainly didn't disappoint once the layered fashions of the era were removed. 

And the copy accompanying this young gent suggests that both of his heads were working "Studying psychology has helped me in a lot of ways.  Now I'm better able to tell how certain people will respond to situations, and I can figure out what it is they really want."  VGMH has a pretty good hunch what the readers of Playgirl really wanted  (even without studying psychology) when they looked at your pics, Greg.  Noticeable is his laid backwards semi-erection in the photo below (it looks like even his cock has a prefect tan!), another sign that the times were changing compared to the 1970's unaroused dicks that graced the magazine's men.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

1980 Basic Plumbing (part two)

Living the Southern California Dream in the 1980's.  The location for this photo shoot looks terrific.
Lots of men just seem to have a natural talent when it comes to fixing things.  Lots of other men don't.  In part two of our series, we see that our shower stud has put on his robe and gone outside to see what he can do to fix his pipes at the source of the problem.  When that doesn't do the job, he picks up the phone and calls for support: a professional to fix his pipes--the handy dandy plumber. 

There's some nice photo editing going on with this magazine.  The inclusion of inset pictures and close-ups, such as the model's hand on the railing, may not be sexual in nature but they certainly lend themselves to telling a more complete fantasy story.
For decades in both straight and gay erotica, the professional plumber has been a tried and true storyline vehicle for introducing the cock to its intended sucker.  Other common fields of employment that have lead themselves to casual fuckings in porn over the past 100 years have included the milkman, the landlord, the pizza delivery boy, the phone repairman (who morphed into the cable repair guy as home electronics changed), and the carpet layer.  But propbably none have had as many inside jokes as the plumber working/laying/cleaning pipes.  

It may be a porn cliche but it works.  Consider Josman's great illustrative series The Plumber where a hunky older plumber comes to fix a leak and discovers the younger adult son home alone.  It's a great storyline to bring them together.  By the time the plumber leaves, the son's tushy is no longer a virgin.  The faucet gets fixed, too!

As our storyline progresses, we get to know that our shower stud is named Jim Kennnedy.

Jim is calling the plumber via a 1980's telephone.  Fashion may change.  Technology may change.  The desire for sex always stays the same.
Luckily for Jim, a friend had already given him a business card listing a plumber who was the "best in the business for cleaning out your pipes" according to his friend. The magazine goes on to have a little fun with the storyline and with what we all know is about to happen once the plumber arrives: "Jim knew his pipes were in such bad shape that they were to take a lot of work...It had been much too long since anyone had given them a good going over."  Indeed, it sounds like Jim is about to get a real good 'going over'.  
 Please stay tuned all this month for more updates on Jim and his pipes.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

November 1980

This November 1980 offering just feels reflectively fun for a fall season.  We know that it's number four in a series of publications called House Calls and, as we'll get to appreciate with every turn of the pages, the theme of number four is Basic Plumbing.  What's especially pleasing about this magazine is that it has elements (such as a great opening solo shower scene) that were popularized in 1950's and 1960's homoerotcism in addition to elements exclusive to 1980 America. Before things start to get busy, we get nice views of Paul's backside and front in the shower in an everyday setting. 
And for those in 1980 who may have been concerned about such things, the magazine also tells us that it was published in the interest of "informing and educating the adult public on the various forms and means of sexual expression." Ironically, this retro magazine is actually IS informing and educating the adult public about an historic period for gay men that was only beginning to emerge when it was originally produced; a history that continues to have ramifications for gay men.

Fresh from the hard-fought successes of the 1970's for gay rights, by 1980 things had already begun to change in terms of the initial rise of the so-called religious right and conservative politics.  More trouble for gay men was to come in the decade with AIDS.  This publication helps to give us a little glimpse of things before the storm clouds, and please forgive the shower pun but, it's also 'good clean fun' in the classic style of smut that has entertained men throughout the centuries.
It seems that our handsome hunk is in the midst of taking a nice hot shower when... "A twist...then a harder twist...then...instead of the water stopping it comes out even harder, even stronger than it had before."  Whoaaa! Looking at his nice firm tushy with all this talk about twisting it and things coming out harder and harder, things are heating up into a virtual sauna of steamy desire!  

After trying to fix it himself, our damp dude decides to do the classic clique of porno set-ups--he calls a plumber to help him out!  We've all seen enough smut to know how this story of pipes and hunky plumbers is going to come to an end, but please join VGMH all November as we follow this vintage story.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Art Deco Eros

The ruggedly debonair gentlemen that are often found in Mr. Prevot's works are busy exploring the excitement of life and the seduction of the male body.  Strong wide shoulders and square jaws flow naturally down to muscled buttocks and throbbing erections ready to explode with excitement.  It's a world of alley speakeasy bars, cuff links on crisp starched shirts, and sexual desires.  

For many of his many fans, Benoit has taken the classic homoerotic undertones of J.C. Leyendecker's vintage work and opened the closet door for all to take a voyeur's look inside at the sexual desires and pleasures these men enjoy. 

Included in this exciting world of sex was the notorious culture of Harlem drag balls in New York. Between roughly 1919 and 1935, an artistic movement that would come to be known as the "Harlem Renaissance" transformed the culture of uptown Manhattan not only as a result of its establishing new trends in black literature, music and politics but also for its scandalous night life and party culture.  The lavish Harlem drag balls drew white men to come drinking and enjoy the carnivalesque parties where racial taboos were broken through sexual and gender nonconformity.

La Fontaine de Jouvence(The Fountain of Youth)