Thursday, October 31, 2013

1970's Gay Smut-O-Rama! Sons of Satan

Handsome Jonathan Trent goes in search of his missing brother Clark in this vampire horror/gay sex movie.  So where does he look for his brother?  Naturally, at the spooky old mansion that is occupied by the mysterious Mr. Natas and his collection of hot male servants.  But our blonde hero doesn't get anywhere after the servants open the doors.  Jonathan has a sneaky hunch that something is going on inside that house, and that his brother may be involved, and he's right!  We the audience get to discover that his brother Clark is indeed inside the mansion (of course) and he's preparing for the "hour of exchange" when dicks meet throats, resulting in a fancy silver cup being filled with sperm from all the servant dudes. They deliver their cum cocktail to the naked vampire Mr. Natas.  Both blood and seamen are the fluids of human life and it turns out that this vampire likes 'em both. 
Our hero Jonathan sneaks back into the house and discovers his brother in a bedroom after being freshly milked for his sperm and freshly-screwed by the vampire Natas.  The thought of his poor brother taking a vampire's nasty dick in his rear is enough to get Johnny really upset!  Only suddenly, Johnny has himself to worry about, as they capture him.  Johnny gets some classic 1970's bondage treatment before the Sons of Satan inititate him into the "hour of exchange" cock sucking and to his horror--his brother is one of them!  After they fill the silver cup, Natas arrives and then promptly gives Johnny a good screw.  SPOILER ALERT! The last scene is a delivery guy who arrives at the old house and the door is opened by---converted servant/slave Johnny!
The Sons of Satan script is so darn bad that it's fun. Their plastic vampire teeth appear to be the Halloween costume type that stores sell three-to-a-pack (back then they were dime stores and today at dollar stores) and the actors have a problem keeping the fangs in place.  Aside from classic 1970's men having sex with one another, this movie doesn't really have anything going for it, other than it was directed by Tom De Simone who went on to make mainstream movies like 1981's Hell Night. The actors are Ned Burke, Carl Ford, Bill North, Lee LeMay and Tom Paine.  Most of this cast had already worked together in the 1972 gay smut film Chained, which was also directed by Simone (using the name Lancer Brooks).

Monday, October 28, 2013

Remebering Lou

Musician Lou Reed sadly died this past Sunday.  Lewis Allan "Lou" Reed was a legendary rock musician and songwriter. After being guitarist, vocalist, and principal songwriter of the Velvet Underground, his solo career spanned several decades.  His personal life was a big part of his art.  He received electroconvulsive therapy in his early teen years to rid him of his "homosexual behavior". In his dark 1974 song, Kill Your Sons, he revisited the experience. In an interview, Reed said of the procedure:

"They put the thing down your throat so you don't swallow your tongue, and they put electrodes on your head. That's what was recommended in Rockland County to discourage homosexual feelings. The effect is that you lose your memory and become a vegetable. You can't read a book because you get to page seventeen and have to go right back to page one again."

Like David Bowie (who Reed directly inspired), Lou put-on and changed face masks many times in his life, always while expanding the vocabulary of rock into previously forbidden worlds for most straight, middle-class listeners: drug abuse, transvestites, gay life, and suicidal depression.

Although Reed achieved his greatest success as a solo artist, many believe that his most enduring accomplishments were as the leader of the Velvet Underground in the 1960’s. The four studio albums they recorded with Reed remain rock classics. "Heroin," "Sister Ray," "Sweet Jane," "Rock and Roll," "Venus in Furs," "All Tomorrow's Parties," and "What Goes On," are just some of the songs Reed wrote and sang with the group.

David Bowie and Mick Ronson produced his second solo album, “Transformer” which included his sole Top 20 hit, "Walk on the Wild Side," and other good songs like "Vicious" and my own favorite, "Satellite of Love." The album made Reed a big star in Britain, where listeners were quicker to appreciate the realities of gender bending topics in songs, and they also recognized the huge influence Reed had exerted on Bowie and other British glam rockers.

By the end of the '70s, many of his gay and bi fan base felt that Reed had gone too-commercially straight and was writing songs that would be comfortable for mainstream (heterosexual) audiences. He continued to perform but both critics and longtime fans were bored. All that changed with his release of “New York” (1989). Heralded both as a commercial and critical rebirth for Reed, he seemed to return to his oppressed beginnings. “New York” found Reed writing about the beautifully decaying heart of his beloved New York City, and perhaps most poignantly, the devastating impact of AIDS on gay men, which in 1989 the straight world preferred to stay as far away from as possible. For the haunting "Halloween Parade," he would later describe that the song was about friends who he realized were no longer alive to participate in the city’s famous gay Halloween parade. What had been a joyous celebration event for many prior to the plague had become, in the eyes of the artist, almost a death march. And many of those that were still alive were in fact mere skeletons of who they had been. Also on the album were songs that addressed the vicious circle of child abuse (Endless Cycle) and the plight of the homeless in (Xmas in February). "Dime Store Mystery" is a moving elegy to his former patron Andy Warhol.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Gods and Monsters


Every year when our logo begins to change it's a sure sign that Fall has arrived and spooky events are on their way for Halloween.  October is also the birthday month for a very talented film creator, who in 1998 paid tribute to yet another famous Hollywood film creator from another generation.

We have openly gay writer/director Bill Condon to thank for bringing Gods and Monsters to the movies. The film tells the story of the last days of James Whale, the gay director of Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein, The Invisible Man and Showboat. Mr. Condon was nominated for Best Director and won the award for Best Screenplay Adaptation (from Christopher Bram’s book). He also wrote and directed Kinsey, and wrote/directed the film version of Dreamgirls.  Condon was born October 22, 1955.  Happy Birthday Bill!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Mark Jennings

Mark Jennings remains an adult entertainment star decades after his final performance, and just one look at the photo above helps to explain why.  The legendary story of his entrance into smut goes that a young Mark (who was reportedly born in 1966) lived in Michigan and enjoyed hockey among other sports.  Getting friendly-jibed by his buddies in the locker room showers about the big horse meat between his legs, he took advantage of his manly assets by going to work hustling his cock in smut during the mid 1980's.  While there's very little confirmed biography existing about him, it's widely speculated that Mark was probably straight or bisexual; however Mark's actual sexuality remains unknown.  Standing 5'11" with green eyes and a solid 150 pounds, he had a masculine, "freshly scrubbed" attractive face.  
It's Mark work in both gay and bisexual films that made him a top box office draw.  There was a Dan Parks (in 1984 he preformed in The All-American Man) prior to Mark Jennings.  Indeed, he became a star twice--as both Dan Parks and Mark Jennings, largely performing in both gay and bisexual genres with a few straight roles.
Multiple stage names are common with male sex performers, but what's unique for that era is that he eventually began to use "Mark Jennings" for bisexual, straight and gay work.   
Dan Parks (aka Mark Jennings)
Not all types of bisexual porn are viewed in the same way in our modern society.  'Female-on-female' bisexual porn (which includes a man at some point in the picture) has enjoyed a long history of commercial success.  Many straight men (who purchase most porn) want to see this type of action and there's been no social stigma associated with men liking to look at naked women, especially when the women having sex together are also craving a stud to join in the party as well.  
Mark's ample manhood being enjoyed by a female friend
It's when there are two men getting it on, sharing one female, where things get uncomfortable for many self-identified straight men.   'Male-on-male' bisexual porn has often been thought of as an offshoot of gay smut, and oftentimes seen as just a cover for closeted gay men.  Unfortunately, this perception of the masculine bisexual male has often been reinforced in bisexual gay smut itself, thanks to the miscasting of effeminate performers in roles where they are playing masculine parts for which they are just not believable.    
Looks like this lucky girl gets to polish the Jennings family jewels

All of this helps to explain the popularity of a model like Mark Jennings, who effectively performs in both the straight and gay sex scenes.  In his work with other males, he's usually cast as a straight guy being orally serviced before penetrating his 10.5 inch penis deep into his partner (however, he did perform as a bottom as well).  In his work with women, he equally seems to be enjoying himself.  
Leo Ford getting bred by Mark, farm-style
Factor in his large cock and a star is born, no matter who he is fucking.  Fans of him performing as Dan Parks followed Mark over to bisexual smut.  
Mark Jennings performance in 1985's Best Friends with Jeff Cameron became a hit.  Reviewers noted that the situations and activities were much more believable than most male bisexual porn.  Cameron, who had real chemistry with Jennings, would not return Mark Reynolds’ sequel, Best Friends 2 in 1988.  As an interesting side note, Jeff Cameron appears to have only ever been featured in Best Friends and then retired from the industry.
Mark appeared in more than 28 adult films. Unknown is what happened to Mark after he left the business.  Please stay tuned for part two.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Horny 'Lil Devil

It looks as if Ron Teufel's found the perfect Halloween costume to wear, and it fits him perfectly! 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Harry Reems

Harry Reems passed away this year after living an interesting life, which included developing a huge gay fan base for his work in straight adult movies during the seventies and eighties.  Born in 1947, Herbert Streicher grew up in a Jewish family and was just a regular nice (kind of shy) boy, sincere with simple traits that Herbert maintained throughout his life.  He attended college at the University of Pittsburgh before dropping out to join the Marines, and after that he decided to become an actor.  

Herb was handsome enough, but it was probably that head of beautiful thick hair and those dense eyebrows that drew attention towards his way at first glance.  When he grew what would become his trademark moustache, it seemed that Harry would always stand out in a crowd.    Smart, easy to talk with and having a fun personality, young Herb got noticed by ladies.  “I loved sex,” he said later. “I was very promiscuous. And I loved acting.”
When swarthy Herb began showing off his man-goods in porn, it wasn't just the ladies who liked what they saw.  Young actors typically work numerous jobs to support themselves and this was also the case with Herb. The adult entertainment business has a long history of offering aspiring theatrical talent a way to pay the rent.  In need of some quick cash, Herb began working on sex films, both behind the scenes and as a performer.  It was good pay but it was also risky because everything was on the shady side of the law and there was the constant risk of a police raid.  He would later recall that these were still the 'underground' days of smut when they paid sex actors in cash from a steel box for that day's work on the spot, the fewer questions asked the better.  Herb was also a member of SAG [Screen Actors Guild] and this anonymous arrangement worked well for him and the others working on these sex loops.  He followed the time-honored tradition of developing stag film names for his performances, including Peter Long, Dick Hurt, and Dick Hard.  Ironically, it's reported that the stage name he would become identified with for the rest of his life was one that he didn't create himself.

Reems became world-famous for his role in the adult-film classic "Deep Throat," which drew middle class audiences to the theaters nationwide and became a forerunner of today's hardcore adult-entertainment industry. The production of Deep Throat began in Miami, Florida, in January 1972.  Mr. Streicher was originally hired to be part of the lighting crew, but the director was unable to cast one of the stud roles and asked him to play the part. He was paid $100 for one day of work.  Apparently, Streicher was unaware that the director had given him the stage name "Harry Reems" for the flick until he saw the movie credits.   

The 1972 sex comedy was directed by beautician-turned-pornographer Gerard Damiano.  Deep Throat was intended as a spoof of "white-coat" porn films and magazines, a genre that VGMH has already covered (porn presented as a non-erotic scientific study, socially redeeming by the inclusion of medical dialog.  Ironically, Harry had actually performed in some of these "white coat" porn loops in his first days of porn, of which he was now having fun with in Deep Throat!

It should be noted that Harry 's hairy physique was 'at the right place at the right time' in several important ways in history.  A lot of culutral elements collided to make Harry a star with gay men.  It was the breakout 1970s for gay liberation in major cities with adult theatres.  It was the 1970s breakout for sexuality in mainstream media,  a brief period of upper-middle class interest in explicit pornography, which Ralph Blumenthal of the New York Times called "porno chic."  And Deep Throat displayed the young charismatic Harry at a time when he was able to capitalize on similarities in appearance to athletle Mark Spitz (the Jewish diver owned the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich, winning 7 gold medals and getting mega sex-appeal publicity of him in a speedo).  Both handsome, young and hairy men also sported those thick trademark mustaches

Interestingly, Harry Reems became a draw in straight porn movies to the point where he was advertised alongside his female costars-very unusual in straight porn for that era.  This point is noteworthy in that Harry stands with John Holmes in this distinction, although Harry didn't have that extra-large penis to market as a novelty like Holmes had.  Reems may have received star treatment billing to sell movies in advertisements targeted to primarily heterosexual men, but perhaps discounted was the unrecognized reality that there was also a large crossover audience of gay men who were also fans of Reems. 

It's reported that in an October 1975 VIVA magazine interview he was asked if "homosexuals offer themselves" to him, to which Reems replied "Yeah. When I was looking for material for my autobiography, I put an ad for "fan mail" in one of the trade papers. Ninety five percent of the mail I got was from gays." While there have been suggestions that Harry performed in gay smut, VGMH has been unable to confirm that with any specific titles. If you know of any please share that information.

The film later served as the nickname for a source that helped Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein investigate the Watergate scandal that led to President Richard Nixon's resignation.  In 1976, Reems was convicted of obscenity for his role in the notorius film and faced a potential five-year prison term. Hollywood came to Reems’ rescue, helping to create a legal defense fund and hiring famed defense attorney Alan Dershowitz to represent him.  Celebrities including Jack Nicholson and Warren Beatty came to Reems' defense, and the conviction was overturned. 
After years of drug abuse, Reems began his recovery in 1989. He married and converted from Judaism to Christianity. "If I didn't put God in my life, I'd be dead now," he said. "I am not religious. I'm spiritual, 100 percent." He continued to identify himself as "Harry Reems," while he worked as a real estate agent. Reems died on March 19, 2013, at the veterans hospital in Salt Lake City from pancreatic cancer. He was 65. Reems was survived by his wife, Jeanne, and his brother. He had no children.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Hello there, Mr. October!

One of the most-requested things that I've heard from VGMH friends over the last few years
relates to the month of October and Halloween, and specifically wishes to see some of our previous special stories and the haunted logos, which progress in a ghoulish delight over time during the month and climax on October 31st with  smut we don't ever show otherwise.  This is also the anniversary month of our little blog here, and I'm happy to be able to fulfill such requests for blasts from the past, and thank you for asking.  I have not forgotten that we came to this place after another site had made it clear that queers like us were not welcome any longer with them.  We all keep pushing on no matter what, and you have raised me and I thank you.

But back to more important things...What little clothing Mr. October's wearing is certainly stylish for the period. He seems in very serious concentration, and maybe it's just me, but that jack-o-lantern's one eye opening seems downright naughty and nice at the same time. As with other months in this vintage calendar, we see the mysterious hand (notice the bird tattoo) offering suggestions of what perhaps is yet to come for our model? 

Dom (his real name was Dom Orejudos was) was 20 years old when he began using the name Etienne, when his work was published for the first time in 1953's "Tomorrow's Man" magazine, issue #8.

Born in Chicago on July 1st, 1933, Etienne was a dancer and choreographer with the Illinois Ballet Company for 15 years. In addition, he was a very respected businessman, famous for his male physique studies which became internationally known. He was the recipient of three National Endowment for the Arts grants and was nominated/received three Emmy Awards.
His artwork is understandably sometimes confused with that of Tom of Finland. Both men definitely had an appreciation for very masculine guys and both enjoyed creating intense fantasy worlds. It's been reported that both artists knew one another and liked and respected one another's work. We'll take a look at more of his work in the future.

One of Etienne's most-favored artistic styles was to show a charismatic character becoming the sexual brunt of a masculine joke, usually at the mercy of other men surrounding him. To some, his work pushes the envelope of aggressive machismo sex that's sometimes depicted, which the artist himself once described as trying to capture man's "fears, needs, and unapologetic raw power."  He died of AIDS complications in 1991.

Some of the adult games and sports that men like to play together can be confusing to onlookers who don't quite understand the rules of play.  It looks like this jock stayed in the locker room a little too long after the game, and now he's about to take one for the team and his own enjoyment (that strapped ass looks like it's been in this accommodating penetration position before).  As always, Etienne can't resist adding a bit of fun irony---A jockster in white socks is about to get a beefy fist 'rammed' up his tight ass while being constrained on a table marked PROPERTY OF RAMS. 

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Hatred, Fear and Intolerance: The Killing of Matthew Shepard

Shortly after midnight on October 6, 1998, Mr. Shepard met Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson for the first time in Laramie, Wyoming.  Matthew thought that McKinney and Henderson were going to give him a ride home, but instead they drove to a remote rural area and proceeded to rob, pistol-whip, and torture Shepard, tying him to a fence and leaving him to die. 

According to their court testimony, McKinney and Henderson discovered Matthew's address and intended to steal from his home. Still tied to the fence, Mr. Shepard, who was still alive but in a coma, was discovered 18 hours later by Aaron Kreifels, a cyclist who initially mistook Shepard for a scarecrow. 
Below are selected portions, said by Dennis Shepard (Matthew's Father) at the court trial related to the brutal murder of his son.
November 4, 1999

Ladies and gentlemen,a terrible crime was committed in Laramie thirteen months ago. Because of that crime, the reputation of the city of Laramie, theUniversity of Wyoming, and the State of Wyoming became synonymous with gay bashing, hate crimes, and brutality. Yesterday you, the jury, showed the world that Wyoming and the city of Laramie will not tolerate hate crimes.

Yes, this was a hate crime, pure and simple, with the added ingredient of robbery. My son Matthew paid a terrible price to open the eyes of all of us who live in Wyoming, the United States, and the world to the unjust and unnecessary fears, discrimination, and intolerance that members of the gay community face every day.

Yesterday’s decision by you showed true courage and made a statement. That statement is that Wyoming is the Equality State; that Wyoming will not tolerate discrimination based on sexual orientation; that violence is not the solution. Ladies and gentlemen, you have the respect and admiration of Matthew’s family and friends and of countless strangers around the world. Be proud of what you have accomplished. You may have prevented another family from losing a son or daughter. Your honor, I would also like to thank you for the dignity and grace with which this trial was conducted. Repeated attempts to distract the court from the true purpose of this trial failed because of your attentiveness, knowledge, and willingness to take a stand and make new law in the area of sexual orientation and the “Gay Panic” defense. By doing so you have emphasized that Matthew was a human being with all the rights and responsibilities and protections of any citizen of Wyoming.

My son Matthew did not look like a winner. After all, he was small for his age—weighing, at the most, 110 pounds, and standing only 5’2” tall. He was rather uncoordinated and wore braces from the age of 13 until the day he died. However, in his all too brief life, he proved that he was a winner. My son—a gentle, caring soul—proved that he was as tough as, if not tougher than, anyone I have ever heard of or known. On October 6, 1998, my son tried to show the world that he could win again. On October 12, 1998, my first-born son—and my hero—lost. On October 12, my first-born son—and my hero— died 50 days before his 22nd birthday. He died quietly, surrounded by family and friends, with his mother and brother holding his hand. All that I have left now are the memories.
 It’s hard to put into words how much Matt meant to family and friends and how much they meant to him. Everyone wanted him to succeed because he tried so hard. The spark that he provided to people had to be experienced. He simply made everyone feel better about themselves. Family and friends were his focus. He knew that he always had their support for anything that he wanted to try. Matt’s gift was people. He loved being with people, helping people, and making others feel good. The hope of a better world free of harassment and discrimination because a person was different kept him motivated. All his life he felt the stabs of discrimination. Because of that he was sensitive to other people’s feelings. He was naive to the extent that, regardless of the wrongs people did to him, he still had faith that they would change and become “nice.” Matt trusted people, perhaps too much. Violence was not a part of his life until his senior year in high school. He would walk into a fight and try to break it up. He was the perfect negotiator. He could get two people talking to each other again as no one else could. Matt loved people and he trusted them. He could never understand how one person could hurt another, physically or verbally. They would hurt him, and he would give them another chance. This quality of seeing only good gave him friends around the world. He didn’t see size, race, intelligence, sex, religion, or the hundred other things that people use to make choices about people. All he saw was the person.

I loved my son and, as can be seen throughout this statement, was proud of him. He was not my gay son. He was my son who happened to be gay. He was a good-looking, intelligent, caring person. There were the usual arguments, and at times he was a real pain in the butt. I felt the regrets of a father when he realizes that his son is not a star athlete. But it was replaced with a greater pride when I saw him on the stage. The hours that he spent learning his parts, working behind the scenes, and helping others made me realize that he was actually an excellent athlete—in a more dynamic way—because of the different types of physical and mental conditioning required by actors. To this day I have never figured out how he was able to spend all those hours at the theater, during the school year, and still have good grades.
 Matt officially died at 12:53 a.m. on Monday, October 12, 1998, in a hospital in Fort Collins, Colorado. He actually died on the outskirts of Laramie tied to a fence that Wednesday before, when you beat him. You, Mr. McKinney, with your friend Mr. Henderson, killed my son. By the end of the beating, his body was just trying to survive. You left him out there by himself, but he wasn’t alone.
There were his lifelong friends with him—friends that he had grown up with. You’re probably wondering who these friends were. First, he had the beautiful night sky with the same stars and moon that we used to look at through a telescope. Then, he had the daylight and the sun to shine on him one more time—one more cool, wonderful autumn day in Wyoming. His last day alive in Wyoming. His last day alive in the state that he always proudly called home. And through it all he was breathing in for the last time the smell of Wyoming sagebrush and the scent of pine trees from the snowy range. He heard the wind—the ever-present Wyoming wind—for the last time. He had one more friend with him. One he grew to know through his time in Sunday school and as an acolyte at St. Mark’s in Casper as well as through his visits to St. Matthew’s in Laramie. He had God. I feel better knowing he wasn’t alone.
 My son died because of your ignorance and intolerance. I can’t bring him back. But I can do my best to see that this never, ever happens to another person or another family again. As I mentioned earlier, my son has become a symbol—a symbol against hate and people like you; a symbol for encouraging respect for individuality; for appreciating that someone is different; for tolerance. I miss my son, but I’m proud to be able to say that he is my son.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Autumn Crisp: 1960's Kim Reed

Mr. Reed posed for Don Whitman's Western Photography Guild during the 1960's. A former U.S. Navy lieutenant, Don began his business in Denver, Colorado in 1947. Don founded the Mr. Colorado bodybuilding competition which was a great way to meet potential models. While the outdoor Rocky Mountains served as a stage set for the majority of his photographs, he also captured the masculinity of men in traditional studio settings, such as these with Kim Reed. Kim had the clean cut 'next door' young man look that made him a favorite for many.