Sunday, March 31, 2013

Springtime Fantasy Revisited

A Springtime Fantasy
Ĺ umava is the Czech name for the thick Bohemian Forest.  Ancient, the landscape is still dotted with small villages, impressive looking castles and hidden campsites.  And for centuries past, myths have abounded about this Celtic forest, which was rumored to be the home of witches, demons, devils, and German (or sometimes told as being Roman) giants who shepherded flocks of village peasants that they captured.   In actuality, the forest provided something of a buffer zone between armies and refuge to more than a few men who had good reason to not want to be found by the law of the villages.
We have  William Higgins to thank for supplying the photos accompanying this spring photo fantasy, so let's begin.  After a long winter's hibernation the two young men ventured deep into the dark forest in search of the mythical ram creature they had heard about.   The scent of the springtime flowers is intoxicating all around them and soon they drift off into slumber.  And just as the old folk stories foretold, in a clearing deep in the woods, they awake to discover a ram stud standing over them.  This creature was built of rippling muscles and desires for amorous adventure, and these two were very ready to be with him.
The bucks were both nervous and excited as they gazed upon this male beauty.   Carefully they touched him to see what his reaction would be.    To their delights, his cock sprang to attention and swelled in size. Talk about luck---it looks like they even discovered a bottle of oil! 

As the two male nymphs touched the mighty ram on the pedestal they heard some rustling in the woods and looked over to see another ram with one of the adoring bucks that he had sired last spring, as they watched the activity going on with delight. 

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Hi Tech Smut (retro style)

In the early 1980s, owning a VCR machine was a big deal.  The prices were still relatively high to purchase a playing machine, but that would change very quickly.  Suddenly adult movies were discreetly available for home viewing, and a boom in smut exploded as retailers of mainstream video cassettes realized they could make a lot of money renting (at the video/book/record store just down the street) and selling sex flicks tapes via mail.  Of special note is that these nifty gay vignettes were available on both VHS and Betamax, two competing formats.  The porn industry played a crucial role in the victory of JVC's VHS over Sony's Betamax.  Interestingly, one of the most collectible porn types of this era remains extremely rare to find--the x-rated video disc--probably because that record-looking format never gained popularity for enough smut to be produced for it.

Unlike vintage magazines, VHS tapes are not especially collectible and will likely fade away over time instead of becoming valuable, in comparison to reel-to-reel movies and photos.  Even with their mass popularity in the 1980s, the VCR never overcame certain flaws. For example, as the machine became dirty, it would often ruin any videotape cassettes inserted. Also, the thin magnetic tape of the cassette could be pulled and stretched.  The VCR was passed thanks to technology and the DVD player.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

On the pages of the Blue Boy magazine...

First published in California in 1975, the magazine was originally advertised in the 1970's as a gay version of Playboy or Penthouse. In addition to sexy nude guys, every issue typically included articles about male fashions, male sex, television and film reviews, and the secrets of finding that true male love. It would also often have some good articles regarding politics, homophobia, and gay rights. The magazine gained a whole new audience when Cyndi Lauper mentioned the magazine by name in the first lines of her 1984 song "She Bop." Lauper has stated that finding a copy of Blueboy lying around in the recording studio provided the impetus for writing "She Bop" song in the first place.  Here we get to enjoy Rick, who was both the cover model and centerfold for the March 1981 issue.

Monday, March 25, 2013

More Happy Nudes!

It's fun to exercise!
Thanks to vintage nudist magazines, we get to enjoy these folks taking a break from clothing in the sunshine!  It's nice that the photos seem to admire the 'Jacks' as much as the 'Jills'.
 Which one do you think he's serenading?
Not even a single drop spilled.  He's a pro.
What a handsome coupleIt says "Her performance may seem a bit stilted, but this is her very first attempt to use the things!  Now she can be taller than he!"  
We noticed that this magazine advertised it's all full-color content inside.
   Nature is so grand...just look at that bush!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Rich Koch

Rick (or Rich) Koch made news with Advocate Men in March 1998 and the Torso in April of the same year.  This Colt Studios stud has been quoted as saying "My first time posing nude was for Jim French in '95, and I was in the Colt Calendars. Before that, I was dancing across the country with the troupe First Class Male, and then went on to Chippendales in '96. One of my dancer friends who's also a Colt model turned my name over to Jim. Beside Jim, Maxx Studio is the only other time I've been photographed."  As one VGMH follower wrote to me "I didn't know his name but I knew his fine hairy bo was what I liked and I've loved hairy chested guys ever since."  Rick also has been reported as performing in two softcore videos for Campfire Productions, America's Hunkiest Home Videos 8 and Hunk Boat 2: Naked Ski School.   We'll leave him with yet one more pic from what is probably his most famous photo set--The Cop-and very rock hard at that.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

March Mystery Meat

Discovering this photo set while surfing on the Internet has become something of a rite of passage for generations of young men, resulting in untold (and uncontrollable) sticky eruptions at countless keyboards and monitors.  In a world of shaved twinks, who can blame anyone for shouting out loud "NOW THAT'S A MAN!" when they see him for the first time?  Standing a sturdy 5'9" and coming in at a solid 170 pounds, this gentleman carrying a big rod became an even bigger hit beginning around 1995.  If you can ID our cocky cop, please leave a comment below.  The answer this weekend (with more photos). 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring's a Poppin!

In the 1960s and carrying over into the early 1970s, one of the more popular ways to enjoy looking at photographs of naked men was via 'nudist' or 'natural' magazines.  There had been some publications prior to this time period, but by the mid-1960's nudist magazines were able to display male and female nudity without fear of strict government reprisal, thanks to court decisions.   Among the decisions, courts had reasoned that individuals could not be convicted of obscenity charges unless the materials depicted “patently offensive hard core sexual conduct.” This meant that many materials dealing with nudity, including magazines, did not qualify as legally obscene.
Health, vitality, fitness, and relative innocence (the models were typically posed in situations that were non-sexual in nature where the only thing missing was clothing) were the hallmarks of most nudity magazines during this period.  And while the vast majority of the publications that flourished in this window (between 1950s censorship and explicit hardcore pornography later in the 1970s) was of nude frolicking females, there were also plenty of images including handsome naked men showing their junk. Take for example the cover image for the naturist magazine HUMANA (issue 15, 1967).  The models may have been straight, but it's safe to assume that more than a few of the orders that flowed in for these types of publications were from gay men who ignored the ladies and concentrated on the gents.  The images in many instances certainly seemed to focus as much on the man as the lady, which makes VGMH aficionados very happy indeed.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Luck o' the Irish!

 Some vintage kilt cartoons and a few hunks to make the holiday a little more special!