Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Kurt Bauer, part two

 Kurt Bauer was truly a visual feast for men with an appetite for handsome hairy gents. Twenty year old college student Curtis in Texas emailed me to ask when I was going to get around to posting "part two" of this series on Kurt because he really wanted to see more, and he also made an interesting comparison of Kurt resembling Jake Gyllenhaal.  While I hadn't thought of it beforehand, I think I would agree they look like they could be brothers (from different eras of course)....what do you think?

Please stay tuned for more!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Kurt Bauer

Yesterday's post took a look at smooth Mike Gregory, so it's only fitting that today we follow up with one of Mike's costars from that era, hairy Kurt Bauer.  Kurt appeared with Mike in  The Big One and also in the 1987 Catalina Video classic My Best Buddy.  In My Best Buddy, Mike Gregory and John Davenport sneak on a bus and discover that its sexy driver (played by Kurt Bauer) has more in mind than just driving the bus.   Things happen. 
 Just one look at Kurt's chest and it's easy to see that this muscle man was something special. Hairy Kurt's 5'9" frame and his 7" cock were in big demand between 1986-1990.   In his roles, Kurt was more than just a masculine guy who liked to get his trophy polished in the gym locker room--he was also happy to bend over and take it hard.   Kurt also enjoyed success in bi movies, including the Bi and Beyond series. 

Greg Stevens
Filled with familiar stars of 1980's gay porn, My Best Buddy had lots of the era's favorite studs, including one newcomer who stole much of the show.  The movie features a famous scene directed by John Travis, in which Doug Niles gives Greg Stevens a slow and nasty fucking as he's bent over his motorcycle (pre-condom style).  With his old-school-style tattoos and that army barracks face, Greg Stevens appears to have been one of those gems who drifted into (and just as quickly back out of) the business, performing in just two movies: My Best Buddy and The Young Cadets while leaving fans drooling for more.

Greg Stevens reallly feeling Doug
Looks like Doug's really being a pain in the ass
Doug Niles takes a ride inside Greg Stevens


More of Kurt in part two!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Vintage Mike Gregory in Action

A versatile performer with thick dirty blonde hair and cold ace ice green eyes, Mike was a very familiar performer in gay smut between 1987-1990.  Mike and his 9" penis appeared in INCHES magazine in both 1998 and 1989, in addition to other men's publications during the same era.  But unfortunately for Mike, it seems that he wasn't offered enough parts where he really could differentiate himself from the dozens of other performers in the business who looked similar, who also had smooth swimmer builds and accommodating asses. He performed for Falcon Studios, Catalina, Rascal, and others.

One of his most famous performances was in Behind Closed Doors where he services Tom Steele.  Hunky football stud Tom gets his cock slathered and sucked (all while wearing a jockstrap and football gear) by Mike Gregory.  Tom plays with Mike's ass, spanks his cheeks a few times, and then decides to screw Gregory (this is pre-condom action).  Just in time, Mike Ramsey shows up wearing a black leather jacket and pulls out his own cock to get in on the fun.  Gregory loves dick and gets two big ones. Everyone leaves getting what they wanted.

The movie featured:  Jim Bentley, Joe Cade, Kevin Wiles, Mike Gregory, Mike Ramsey, Paul Coder, and Tom Steele.
Below: Steve Hammond and Mike Gregory perform together in The Pledge Masters.  A pre-condom film with a good dash of discipline thrown into the butt fucking and cock sucking, Mike is caught impersonating an upperclassman, and he nervously awaits his punishment in President Steve Hammond quarters. When Mike arrives, Steve begins by ordering Mike to worship every inch of this jock's athletic form…starting at the feet and sucking his way up…
 In addition, Mike performed in The Big One, Powerline, and Top Man.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Marriage on the Rocks

Newly married to Rock Hudson, Phyllis reveled in being married to a hunky major Hollywood star. Things were not only wonderful now, but the future could only get better for the couple as his star would continue to rise. It was a life of movie premieres, limousines, fur coats, A-list parties, and first-class everything. Not bad for a working gal who was a secretary for Hudson's gay talent agent until she was invited to meet, date and then marry Rock.

But after about a year, cracks began to appear in the "perfect" marriage. It seems the bride and groom had different ideas about how marriage would change Rock's previously wild lifestyle. Phyllis figured the marriage marked a turning point, where Rock had discarded his bachelor naughty ways. He had sewn his wild oats (and had plenty sewn into him) but was now settled.  From the viewpoint of the groom, Rock saw the marriage more for what it actually was...a smart and necessary career move.  Having a wife meant that those nagging questions about girls and his homosexuality were calmed (smelling blood, Confidential magazine once had put out a standing offer of $10,000 for dirt on Hudson, a LOT of money back then). With a beard in place to cover his true sexual desires, and after playing along for the press about their straight marriage, Rock was now free to be promiscuous once more, something Phyllis clearly did not anticipate when she said yes. Their sex life, Gates wrote in ''My Husband, Rock Hudson," with Hollywood chronicler Bob Thomas in 1987, was usually ''brief and hurried," with Hudson once telling her in disgust that ''all women are dirty."

It's  now well known that Hudson had an almost insatiable appetite for pick-up sex with other men, something that he had acted on during his entire adult life. Being tall and good looking certainly helped his abilities to attract men for these quick relations, including (it's been reported) cruising the Farmers Market at 2:00 A.M looking for guys.  But unlike most gay men in the 1950's, Hudson enjoyed sexual freedoms that were out of reach for the average guy (having gay sex for most men included the constant risk of going to jail or prison if caught), thanks to both a talent agency and movie studios which had invested too-much into Rock's career to let him destroy their financial payoff at the box office.

There are however suggestions that one change generated by marriage was that Hudson took fewer risks with public sex spots and utilized instead the opportunities that had less-chance of getting arrested and were easily at his disposal as a big movie star...the hunky extras and stage crews at the studios, the young models and actors in search of a career at his talent agencys' office, and the beefcake meat invited to the all-male sex parties of Hollywood's selected gay community.  According to Gates, she fielded phone calls from young men, whom Hudson dismissed as ''fans," before he would then disappear for hours and not explain where he had been.

The sham of living a lie eventually tarnished the perks of money, fame and shopping along Rodeo Drive. The other Hollywood wives figured out the real reason why Hudson had married, and Phyllis was treated by many as the prop that she was. It's reported that at parties she would be asked where Rock was since he was not at her side, knowing full well he was flirting with handsome young men elsewhere at the party.

Hudson, according to Gates, became capable of dark moods and sudden rages. She said that he hit her twice and once tried to choke her, and she began seeing a psychologist out of desperation. Rock Hudson, his wife wrote, had ''virtually abandoned" her for five months when she was ill with infectious hepatitis in 1957 while he was working on a film in Italy. Defiant, he refused counseling to save their marriage. Then Phyllis received word from one of her closest "friends"  that Hudson had been unfaithful to her with a cute Italian actor during the filming of A Farewell to Arms in Italy. Of course nearly everyone in Hollywood had already heard about Rock's supposed five-month affair with the actor before his wife did. Even worse, according to Phyllis, she found out that "The Italian had followed Rock to California but now Rock Wouldn't see him."  Afraid that the man would blab his story since he was now jilted, it's thought that Hudson's publicity team encouraged the man to get on a plane back to Italy.

Embarrassed, lonely and untouched, Gates filed for divorce in April 1958, charging mental cruelty.  Hudson did not contest the divorce  It seems Rock Hudson finally gave Phyllis a really good fucking, but not in the way she originally had in mind on their honeymoon...Gates received a relatively small alimony considering he was a movie star ($250 a week for 10 years).  After the divorce, Rock moved out from the two-bedroom rambler he had lived in with Phyllis and into a mansion at 9402 Beverly Credt Drive.  Ms. Gates, who never remarried, died at age 80.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

More 'HOMO action 2'

Those fresh tulips (this is Denmark after all!) in the photograph below look beautiful.  One of the big draws for Danish porn was their use of high quality color photographs throughout, instead of just using full color for the cover and then mostly black and white pics inside.  In the photo above, that sweet innocent face seems to be getting a real mouthful.  Some helpful hands hold him in place.  A few more inches and those balls will be slapping his chin, as he does his best to accommodate the hairy prick of their pal.   If our friend with the long eyelashes keeps this up for very much longer, he's sure to be rewarded with an explosive surprise in his mouth!
 In the end, a fun time was had by all.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

"HOMO action 2"

Here's a sports trivia question--What fun game requires six balls  and three sticks to play?  An afternoon sex orgy between three male friends, of course!  It looks like these young lads from Denmark didn't need much more than themselves to have a great time.  What a terrifically hairy ass and legs to play with and enjoy!
With warm candles lit in the background and fresh sheets on the bed, it looks like the snack being served would fall into the 'salty and savory' palate of taste flavors.  Never mind the occasional stray hair.  Soccer coaches always drill into their teams that hours of hard practice will eventually pay off, and that kind of dedication sure shows in the cock sucking abilities displayed here.  What pros!
This 1970 speciality erotica was produced by Color Climax from Denmark.  In stark contrast to the cheaply produced, often emotionless porn that would later become the norm in the smut business in the decades to follow, it's easy to see that these guys were actually having a good time doing their job with one another.  The all-color publication was edited by Jens and Peter Theander (Jens was also the photographer), with Valborg Jeppesen in charge of model content.

Please stay tuned for more from this great little gem, later this weekend.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Dear Abby, Gay-Friendly Advice Columnist, Dead at 94 |

By Trudy Ring for The Advocate
January 17 2013 6:29 PM ET
Pauline 'Dear Abby' Phillips
Pauline Friedman Phillips, who as advice columnist Dear Abby often advocated for acceptance of LGBT people, has died at age 94, the Associated Press reports.

Phillips, who had Alzheimer’s disease, died Wednesday in Minneapolis, and private funeral services were held today, her publicist said.

One of her most oft-quoted takes on gay issues came in a 1979 column, in which Dear Abby delivered a famously pithy response to a letter writer complaining about two men, apparently a gay couple, who had moved into the correspondent’s neighborhood. “They have all sorts of strange company,” the letter writer commented. Men who look like women, women who look like men, blacks, whites, Indians. Yesterday I even saw too nuns go in there! … How can we improve the quality of this once-respectable neighborhood?” Abby’s reply: “You could move.”
In a 1998 interview, Phillips noted that she took some criticism for her LGBT-friendliness. “Whenever I say a kind word about gays, I hear from people, and some of them are damn mad,” she said. “People throw Leviticus, Deuteronomy, and other parts of the Bible to me. It doesn’t bother me. I’ve always been compassionate toward gay people.” She frequently referred parents of LGBT children to Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays.
 She began writing the Dear Abby column in 1956; it first appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle, and it eventually became nationally syndicated. She began sharing the writing with daughter Jeanne Phillips in 2000, and Jeanne took over the column in 2002, after her mother’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis.

Pauline Phillips had competition in the advice business for many years from her twin sister, Esther Friedman Lederer, who wrote a syndicated column under the name Ann Landers. “Their relationship was stormy in their early adult years, but they later regained the closeness they had growing up in Sioux City, Iowa,” the AP notes. Lederer died in 2002.

Jeanne Phillips issued a statement praising her mother’s outspokenness on behalf a variety of causes. “My mother leaves very big high heels to fill with a legacy of compassion, commitment, and positive social change,” she said. She has continued her mother’s advocacy; among other things, in 2007 Jeanne announced her support for marriage equality. She was subsequently honored by PFLAG.

Dear Abby, Gay-Friendly Advice Columnist, Dead at 94 |

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Making Of A Straight Sex Symbol: Rock Husdon

This series tracks the gay history of Hollywood's heterosexual invention, Rock Hudson.  We began by first looking at the era and society, and what a troubling time it was to be living in as a gay man who wasn't deeply hidden in the closet.  We also looked at a special friend of Rock's who was also a gay actor, but who managed to life his lifetime love who came before his career.

So now, instead of going in chronological  order of  Rock Hudsons' life and times, VGMH will look at significant events that also often reflected on how gay men were treated and viewed during these periods. 


We know from U.S. government records made public that Rock Hudson was interviewed by the FBI on the Paramount Studios Lot on June 23, 1965 about his sexuality.  Although Hudson was never the subject of a specific criminal investigation, several FBI offices gathered information on him from informants going as far back as 1960, as reported by the Dallas Times Herald, which worked to get the FBI files released.   It looks like the govenment must go through a lot of thick black marking pens, based on all the data that they decided to keep classified in the Hudson reports (below images).  As one of Hollywood's top box office stars, the FBI apparently was concerned Rock might play a federal agent in movies.  Also included in his files is a report from the Hollywood Vice Squad that lists Rock Hudsons' name in relation to "orgies" and police raids involving other "prominent individuals" (pleasee see below image of the document).  Never mind that the FBI Director, J. Edgar Hoover, was a self-hating gay man who worked against other gay men (but that's another story).

From the FBI file on Rock Hudson:

  • June 2, 1965  Memorandum recommends Los Angeles be authorized to interview movie actor Rock Hudson for information about subject [redacted]. [...]

  • Los Angeles has advised that it is common knowledge in the motion picture industry that Hudson is suspected of having homosexual tendencies. [...]

  • In view of the information that Hudson has homosexual tendencies, interview will be conducted by two mature experienced Special Agents. [...]

  • Hudson was interviewed on June 23, 1965, and the FBI report on that meeting deals mainly with questions about his former wife, Phyllis Gates:

  • Mr. Hudson made a telephone call in the presence of the SAs, FBI, and confirmed that his divorced wife is reported to be in Europe, at an unknown address, and that her alimony checks are sent to the Swafford [advertising] agency. [...]

There was also a heavily redacted report to FBI director J. Edgar Hoover in February 1960 from the Hollywood Vice Squad:
  • Files of guests' names were confiscated during the raid and as a result, many prominent names have reportedly been revealed as participating in these orgies. Among these, according to [redacted] are the movie names [redacted], ROCK HUDSON, [redacted]. [...]

This excerpt appeared in an October 28, 1966, memorandum to a special assistant to President Lyndon B. Johnson in response to a request for information on Hudson:

  • Rock Hudson has not been the subject of an FBI investigation. During 1965, however, a confidential informant reported that several years ago while he was in New York he had an "affair" with movie star Rock Hudson. The informant stated that from personal knowledge he knew that Rock Hudson was a homosexual. The belief was expressed that by "personal knowledge" the informant meant he had personally indulged in homosexual acts with Hudson or had witnessed or received the information from individuals who had done so.

On July 16, 1969, just after the release of Midnight Cowboy and the Stonewall Riots, the Los Angeles bureau wrote a memo to the FBI director about Hudson (related to a new movie he was getting ready to film) and what the bureau found in the files on him:
  • There were several references to ROCK HUDSON, actor, alleging he was a homosexual and/or bi-sexual. After that sentence, someone hand wrote "SEX OFFENDER" on the memo.

Monday, January 14, 2013

More HOMO action!

Here we go with some more Great Danes in HOMO action with one another.  One of the interesting things about a lot of the gay-oriented smut from the 1960s and 1970s originating from Europe was the enjoyment factor of having sex together for pleasure, without the need to put the gents in gay-themed settings and situations (bars, alleys, gyms).  Some of this free attitude flowed into American produced gay smut for the era as well.