Sunday, November 10, 2013

November 1982

Greg Scott appeared in the pages of Playgirl's November 1982 issue. It's an interesting posing of Greg in that they include casually-themed shots of him in everyday locations around the house, a design that had worked so well for the magazine in the previous decade.  Only these photos seem more posed than those of the previous generation.  No matter, Greg's manhood certainly didn't disappoint once the layered fashions of the era were removed. 

And the copy accompanying this young gent suggests that both of his heads were working "Studying psychology has helped me in a lot of ways.  Now I'm better able to tell how certain people will respond to situations, and I can figure out what it is they really want."  VGMH has a pretty good hunch what the readers of Playgirl really wanted  (even without studying psychology) when they looked at your pics, Greg.  Noticeable is his laid backwards semi-erection in the photo below (it looks like even his cock has a prefect tan!), another sign that the times were changing compared to the 1970's unaroused dicks that graced the magazine's men.

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