Sunday, November 3, 2013

November 1980

This November 1980 offering just feels reflectively fun for a fall season.  We know that it's number four in a series of publications called House Calls and, as we'll get to appreciate with every turn of the pages, the theme of number four is Basic Plumbing.  What's especially pleasing about this magazine is that it has elements (such as a great opening solo shower scene) that were popularized in 1950's and 1960's homoerotcism in addition to elements exclusive to 1980 America. Before things start to get busy, we get nice views of Paul's backside and front in the shower in an everyday setting. 
And for those in 1980 who may have been concerned about such things, the magazine also tells us that it was published in the interest of "informing and educating the adult public on the various forms and means of sexual expression." Ironically, this retro magazine is actually IS informing and educating the adult public about an historic period for gay men that was only beginning to emerge when it was originally produced; a history that continues to have ramifications for gay men.

Fresh from the hard-fought successes of the 1970's for gay rights, by 1980 things had already begun to change in terms of the initial rise of the so-called religious right and conservative politics.  More trouble for gay men was to come in the decade with AIDS.  This publication helps to give us a little glimpse of things before the storm clouds, and please forgive the shower pun but, it's also 'good clean fun' in the classic style of smut that has entertained men throughout the centuries.
It seems that our handsome hunk is in the midst of taking a nice hot shower when... "A twist...then a harder twist...then...instead of the water stopping it comes out even harder, even stronger than it had before."  Whoaaa! Looking at his nice firm tushy with all this talk about twisting it and things coming out harder and harder, things are heating up into a virtual sauna of steamy desire!  

After trying to fix it himself, our damp dude decides to do the classic clique of porno set-ups--he calls a plumber to help him out!  We've all seen enough smut to know how this story of pipes and hunky plumbers is going to come to an end, but please join VGMH all November as we follow this vintage story.

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