Saturday, September 14, 2013

There's a New Kid In Town

Mandate, November 1979
Bull Dozier was without any doubt a true find for Target and Colt Studios.  The man was a total package (face, physique, persona) that could have easily persuaded the public to buy soft drinks, jeans, cigarettes, but in this case it was good 'ol fashioned smut.  
If you were looking for handsome machismo around 1980, then you hit the jackpot with Bull.  In his relatively short career in adult media, Bull worked alongside Nick Rodgers and Bruno.  And as often happens in this trade of work, he appears to have drifted back out as quickly as he arrived. Bull gave it good with his costars in Up Tight (Nick Rodgers) and Close Up.  In the movie Satisfaction Bull performed solo, showcasing his beautifully hard physique.  He also appeared in print media in magazines like Ramrod, Mandate, Stallion, and Honcho, as well as advertisements in the October 1979 issue of In Touch and the July 1980 issue of The Advocate.
Please stay tuned for more Bull

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