Thursday, September 5, 2013

Nick Rodgers (part two)

Nick was very popular in adult media, especially between 1977-1985.   VGMH's last posting with pictures from the magazine Buddies featured Nick enjoying the great outdoors, and now we get treated to yet more pics of him outside.   He graced the pages of Honcho magazine with photographs from Target Studios.  It's very obvious that Lou Thomas, the creator of Target Studios, appreciated masculine men and recognized something special in Nick.  Stage names for Nick Rodgers included Larry LeBlanc and Nick Rogers.  

Nick's good looks (without being a pretty-boy type model) and his low-key persona made him a natural to play the 'everyday man' who could easily have been that guy shooting hoops at the gym  or the car mechanic in greasy overalls.  In fact, he played the garage manager in 1979's The Grease Monkeys as well as an appearance in 1981's Jockstrap.

But one of his most famous roles was in 1978's The Idol, where Nick played the part of the dedicated athletic team coach.  It's a coming-of-age story that many young men who've ever played sports can identify with, only this is porn so of course things get nasty in a hurry.    In this film, sexually unsure of himself (and worried about the lack of interest in his girlfriend), young athlete Gary can't ignore his sexual attraction towards his coach, who he also admires and respects.   The Idol showcased Nick's acting talents as well as his buff physique and thick manhood.  Without a doubt, Nick masters a presence when he appears in a scene, both clothed or otherwise.  Unconfirmed, he may have tried his hand in mainstream entertainment, including as an extra in the 1979 hit movie The China Syndrome.

But it was probably earlier in his career, in 1977's Hot Truckin' (as Larry LeBlanc) where most fans first took notice of him in adult movie theatres.  The scene of Nick and Gordon Grant in the back of a truck was super-hot for audiences, as these two beefy guys get connected.  Nick also heads off to pay a visit to a public men's room in a park and does a glory hole scene with Johnny Dillon.   Nick's staying power in the business remained strong.  When Al Parker was looking to cast a couple of hunky forest rangers in 1984's Rangers, Al picked Nick (and Chris West) to make sure there was plenty of hard woodies in woods, with an assortment of outdoor men, including campers, fishermen, and loggers. 

Please stay tuned for part three of Nick.

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