Sunday, September 8, 2013

Nick The Dick (Nick Rodgers, part three)

Ever wonder what happens when one incredibly masculine horn-dawg hooks up with an even more-macho dude? It looks like Nick Rodgers  and Bull Dozier are about to find out.  From the 1980 hairy dickfest "Up Tight!" which was also released as "The Closesup" for Target Studios.   
Lucky Nick was working with someone special in this film and he sure looks to be enjoying his partner.  Nick seems to can't stop playing with Bull's cock.  Bull was one of those guys who seemed to drift into smut and just as mysteriously drift back out.  He didn't make a lot of films but the ones he did generated a lot of interest.  One look at that body and face and it's easy to see why. 
 Looks like Nick's getting bulldozed!  Please stay tuned for more on Bull. 

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