Saturday, September 21, 2013

Bull Dozier (end of series)

It's sometimes easy to dismiss, but the truth is that smut's bottom line is no different than any other merchandise being sold--it's about marketing a thought or desire or need within us all.  Actually, smut is oftentimes nuch more pure in its message, as many non-sexual mainstream products have used human sexuality in subliminal ways for centuries.  Sex is pretty easy when it's presented as such--either it turns us on or it doesn't.  And if you're like me, one of the hardest things about these two men is trying to decide which of them is sexier.  Bull Dozier and Bruno appeared together in a Honcho magazine photo feature and starred for Target Studio's  as well as the Bullet series of loop compilations.

Thanks to the copy text below, we get to know that Bull "hails from New Orleans" as the story goes on to compare Bull to Hollywood actor Bruce Dern with regards to facial appearance, and takes note that Bull "has a body like iron and the necessary equipment to back it up.  If his soft Southern drawl doesn't get to you, there are plenty of hard things that will."   
Indeed, it's easy to see that this man had the chops to be a mainstream print model. VGMH can only fantasize about what a Bull and Playgirl combination could have produced if they had only gotten together for one of their classic photo shoots.  

We'll leave this series with two of the men that it began with, Nick Rodgers and Bull Dozier together.  Bull's fingers prep a tight-assed Nick, as his hairy cock gets sucked by Rodgers in excited anticipation of getting a good manly fucking.  Way to go, Bull!

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