Tuesday, August 27, 2013

"When Evil Shows Its Face You Have to Answer"

For decades, one saving grace in the media who has not been afraid to speak his mind has been Harvey Fierstein. The gravel-voiced actor created the play and film Torch Song Trilogy, which he wrote and starred in.  The production won him two Tony Awards, for Best Play and Best Actor in a Play.  But he was only getting started.  Mr. Fierstein also wrote the book for La Cage aux Folles. During the horror that was AIDS as it ripped through society and created mass-homophobia, Harvey was a man with the courage to fight back against the hatred.  Recently, Fierstein completed the book for a stage musical version of the film Kinky Boots with music and lyrics by Cyndi Lauper.    And as we've seen this past week, he continues to be a beacon of common sense.  As already indicated, we're witnessing significant gay history in the making. What's a VGMH point to consider, is that even well-intended folks like Chris Hayes (story below) may have the best of intentions based upon the cozy straight shoes that they fill, but they miss the severity of what is happening. Have you ever been fired for being gay?  Have you gone to sleep worrying about getting outed?  Do you have to live a lie daily to keep you children from being taken from you?  Have you even worried about being attacked because you are queer?  What if people watched as you got beaten and took pics but didn't help?

Gay playwright calls out Chris Hayes for dismissing LGBT boycott of Russian Olympics (via Raw Story )

Tony award-winning actor and playwright Harvey Fierstein slammed MSNBC host Chris Hayes on Wednesday over the way “All In with Chris Hayes” dismissed proposed boycotts of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia over the country’s draconian anti…

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