Saturday, January 19, 2013

"HOMO action 2"

Here's a sports trivia question--What fun game requires six balls  and three sticks to play?  An afternoon sex orgy between three male friends, of course!  It looks like these young lads from Denmark didn't need much more than themselves to have a great time.  What a terrifically hairy ass and legs to play with and enjoy!
With warm candles lit in the background and fresh sheets on the bed, it looks like the snack being served would fall into the 'salty and savory' palate of taste flavors.  Never mind the occasional stray hair.  Soccer coaches always drill into their teams that hours of hard practice will eventually pay off, and that kind of dedication sure shows in the cock sucking abilities displayed here.  What pros!
This 1970 speciality erotica was produced by Color Climax from Denmark.  In stark contrast to the cheaply produced, often emotionless porn that would later become the norm in the smut business in the decades to follow, it's easy to see that these guys were actually having a good time doing their job with one another.  The all-color publication was edited by Jens and Peter Theander (Jens was also the photographer), with Valborg Jeppesen in charge of model content.

Please stay tuned for more from this great little gem, later this weekend.

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