Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Steve Lewis and Dick Saley

How many dicks do you see in the photo above?  The answer depends on what you're counting.  In terms of names, that's Steve Lewis standing and that's Dick Saley on his knees, so the answer would be just "one" Dick.  But here at VGMH we also count the kind between their legs!  Both men appear to be having a good time horseplaying and it's nice to see Steve sans the posing pouch-nice bush, Steve!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

More Steve

Museums know that the best way to display art and let it be appreciated is to give works their own space.  Steve Lewis is certainly a classic work of male physique art, and so we're going to enjoy him a few photos at a time.  In the first set last Friday, we appreciated his beautiful buttocks, round and minus any tan from the sun that the rest of his California-kissed body displayed.  Today we enjoy some more of a Bruce of LA Studios photo shoot.  Perfect for this time of year with Mardi Gras, Steve Lewis graced the cover of the Male Figure with that eye-catching red background.  What a great smile he has. 

Monday, February 27, 2012

Lawrence Poirier

A big thanks goes out to Bob in Toronto for sharing information on another vintage gay comic character!  It's telling (and very sad) that between 1976 and 1993, almost 20 years had passed and yet gays portrayed as normal people in mass media was still controversial.  Readers of the strip For Better or For Worse were treated to one of the characters, Lawrence Poirier's coming out in 1993.  People who had followed the newspaper comic strip for years were opposed to openly gay characters and threatened to cancel newspaper subscriptions.  It's reported that the strip's creator Lynn Johnston received hate mail and death threats against herself and her family.   One group that protested tried to suggest that the comic page was "one place in the newspaper that should be safe from unhealthy agendas. Cartoonists and newspapers have a responsibility to ensure that the comic page is available for safe, healthy, enjoyable entertainment." and that it should not be used "as an indoctrination tool for the homosexual lifestyle"
What would cause people to react so terribly and violently to a simple newspaper comic?  It offered an understanding portrayal of a young man who’s scared to talk to his friends/family about being gay, but eventually he decides that he has to be honest to them and especially honest to himself.  The reactions included being thrown out of a home and suddenly hated by people who had liked you before they found out you were gay.  Over 100 newspapers ran replacement strips or cancelled the comic. Three years later Lawrence introduced his boyfriend.

A positive result of the gay storyline was that Johnston became a "nominated finalist" for the Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Cartooning in 1994. The Pulitzer board said the strip "sensitively depicted a youth's disclosure of his homosexuality and its effect on his family and friends."

In 2007, when she was asked about why she did the storyline, it's reported that Johnston said "Because it was such a good story. For me Lawrence had always been particularly [long pause] I don’t know: gentle, unique, sensitive. It just seemed right — he just always appeared that way to me. Plus, I’ve had a number of friends who were gay, and what made me decide to do this story was that one of them [Michael Boncoeur] was murdered. Michael was a wonderful comedy writer for the CBC, and I had known him since we were in about Grade 8, and when Michael was murdered the authorities in Toronto reacted to it in a very cavalier manner — like “Well, that’s one more of them off the streets.”

Here's Bob in Tornonto's link to Lynn's story of what happened when she wrote the story line:

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Spunk Worthy Style

According to Jason, this tall model came into posing for him "through a mutual friend who he told that doing porn is something he's thought about for a long time. The opportunity had just never presented itself. Until now."  As we know here at VGMH from enjoying decades (heck even centuries!) of naked men posing as sexual objects of desire, it takes the right combo of physique, face and penis characteristics working together, in addition to having a personality that shines through.  Do you think this guy has that combo?  A sample video of him can be watched over at Jason's Spunk Worthy.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

One Tall Boner

Craig is a straight cocksman from South California who looks to be in need of a shave.  He also has a throbbing cock that looks to be in need of some friendly service.  He's 27 years old and stands up at a very tall 6’ 6’’. According to Jason over at Spunk Worthy, Craig says he jerks off 3 times a day (at least) and he’s been thinking about doing porn for quite some time. "Craig had a very nice wankoff session and eventually shot a huge load, which covered all his chest with gooey sticky cum. I hope we’ll be seeing more of this hot straight man in the future!"  Stay tuned for more pics of him in part two!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Steve Lewis Beefcake

Just in time for the weekend, we have this tantalizing pinup shot of Steve Lewis, looking backwards at us--as we admire his ass-ets.  This photo would have been perfect tacked on the garage wall studs, alongside a shelf of some Lubroil tin cans and maybe an old rusty saw or wrench or two.  In reality, back in that era, it probably would have been safely hidden someplace in the garage to enjoy only when the door was locked and the viewer's pants were hanging down around his ankles.  Being able to see these handsome models in living color is always a real treat.  These physique model photos of Steve are credited to Bruce of LA. 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Jake Andrews Wears 'em Well

We started this month looking at the early 1970s, an era that was the birthplace of the "fashion" underwear boom for men. So it's only "fitting" (hehehe) that we end the month by viewing some modern pouches. And by viewing the photo above. Based on personal experience, VGMH suspects that this is how most men would prefer to wear their shorts, with one hand planted firmly inside the pouch, busy juggling the twins, enjoying a nice scratch, or giving the head a pleasing rubdown. Jake Andrews (pictured) is a model for Andrew Christian underwear. He's also an adult entertainment performer. It's reported that the 6' 1" tall Jake was born in 1965. An adult-viewing-only video of Jake during his modeling session can be found by clicking here. It includes some funny scenes of an assistant watering down Jake's shorts and butt to get just the right effect for the camera.  Jake certainly wears his manhood well.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

"I'm Gay" circa February 1976

This month back in 1976, Andy Lippincott, a young man in the comic "Doonesbury", became the first character in a major U.S. strip to come out, when he tells a friend that he's gay.  This storyline led to a Pulitzer Prize nomination for Garry Trudeau, but some newspapers refused to publish the storyline.
Andy would go on to play an important role during the nightmare that nobody first imagined in the relatively innocent world of 1976.  In later years, as millions of mainstream readers discovered, Andy had AIDS.  President Reagan sat silent in the Oval Office as gay men were viewed by millions as having a plague they had brought upon themselves for being immoral.  In May 1990, Doonesbury depicted the final moments of Andy Lippincott, dying of AIDS.  Andy is shown dying to the sound of the Beach Boys’ song Wouldn’t It Be Nice, on the first release of the CD version of  Pet Sounds.  Millions mourned, and not just gays.  It's reported that to this day, Andy is the only fictional character with a panel on the AIDS quilt. His citation on the quilt reads "In Loving Memory: Andy Lippincott 1945-1990. Community leader, conservationist, author, Olympic medalist, and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize!"

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Kip the Thinker

Today we have Kip Leonard looking very deep in his thoughts.  Sitting on the very edge of that thing wrapped in fabric looks a little uncomfortable personally, but perhaps it's just the angle.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Lincoln (end of series)

Because the definition of being a "man" and the topic of same-sex attraction remains so heated today, any truly objective historical analysis of the personal life of Lincoln probably remains decades away. For whatever flaws the Tripp book included, it at least finally brought the topic out in the open for the general public. In that context, most respected historians do not argue about these facts, which have been well-documented for decades:

  • In 1831 at the age of 22, Lincoln moved to New Salem. There he met Billy Greene. Greene coached Lincoln in grammar and shared a narrow bed with him. ''When one turned over the other had to do likewise,'' Greene said. Bed-sharing was very common in settlements, but documents show that Greene's memories of Lincoln's physique were very detailed: ''His thighs were as perfect as a human being could be.''
  • Six years later, Lincoln moved to Springfield, where he met Joshua Speed (photo, right) who became his best friend; John G. Nicolay and John Hay, two early biographers, called Speed ''the only intimate friend that Lincoln ever had.'' Lincoln and Speed shared a bed in Speed's store for four years (for two of those years, two other young men also shared the room, though not their bed). Perhaps more important than their sleeping together was the tone of their friendship…Lincoln's letters to Speed, before and after Speed's wedding in 1842, remain open questions as both men discuss their insecurities about marriage and women. Several of them are signed ''Yours forever.''   Consider this letter to Speed from Lincoln:' 'The sweet violet you enclosed came safely to hand, but it was so dry, and mashed so flat, that it crumbled to dust at the first attempt to handle it.... The juice that mashed out of it stained a place in the leteter, which I mean to preserve and cherish...'' from Lincoln's March 27, 1842 letter to Joshua Speed.

Speed was the first to marry, something that Lincoln coached his friend through with tender but not altogether convincing letters of encouragement. It seemed that Speed was on the verge of a premarital meltdown similar to Lincoln's: "If you went through the ceremony calmly, or even with sufficient composure not to excite alarm in anyone present, you are safe, beyond question." Later letters from Lincoln inquired whether Speed really was "happier or, if you think the term preferable, less miserable."

  • For nearly eight months between 1862-1863, Capt. David Derickson led the brigade that guarded President Lincoln at the Soldiers' Home in the District of Columbia (the Camp David of the era). Derickson, in words taken directly from his regiment's history published three decades later, ''advanced so far in the president's confidence and esteem that in Mrs. Lincoln's absence he frequently spent the night at his cottage, sleeping in the same bed with him, and it is said, making use of his Excellency's night shirt!''

Why does all this matter?  I'll take a chance and go full-circle to my first post about Abe, and revisit the first Walt Disney presentation of him at the 1964 World's Fair, which I think answers why it matters if this man had gay feelings.  The presentation script follows:

Show Narrator: We pay tribute here not to a man who lived a century ago, but to an individual who lives today in the hearts of all freedom-loving people. His prophetic words are as valid for our time as they were for his. And now the skills of the sculptor and the talents of the artist will let us relive great moments with Mr. Lincoln.

Voice of Lincoln figure:"The world has never had a good definition of the word liberty, and the American people, just now, are much in want of one. We all declare for liberty; but in using the same word we do not all mean the same thing.

Let reverence for the law be breathed by every American mother, to the lisping babe that prattles on her lap. Let it be taught in the schools, in the seminaries, and in the colleges. Let it be written in primers, in spelling books and almanacs. Let it be preached from the pulpit, proclaimed in legislative halls, and enforced in courts of justice. And in short, let it become the political religion of the nation. And let the old and the young, the rich and the poor, the grave and the gay, of all sexes, and tongues and colors and conditions, sacrifice unceasingly at its altars

And let us strive to deserve, as far as mortals may, the continued care of Divine Providence. Trusting that, in future national emergencies, He will not fail to provide us the instruments of safety and security. Neither let us be slandered from our duty by false accusations against us, nor frightened from it by the menaces of destruction to the Government nor of dungeons to ourselves!  Let us have faith that right makes might, and in that faith, let us, to the end, dare to do our duty as we understand it."

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lincoln, Part Two

Before C.A. Tripp died in 2003, he was a well-known sex researcher, associate professor of psychiatry at State University of New York, a protégé of Alfred Kinsey and the author of 1975's The Homosexual Matrix. After 13 long years of investigating Lincoln's relations with men, Tripp's book was published in 2005 after his death at age 83.
To argue his case that Lincoln was bisexual or gay, Tripp put together: biographical texts from Lincoln's era, private correspondences from people who knew Lincoln, and more than 600 documents at the Lincoln Institute in Springfield, Ill.  Mr. Tripp also used his training in the field of human sexuality to draw assumptions, and those assumptions created a lot of disagreement when the book was released baCK in 2005.

Understandably, many groups wanted Lincoln as "their" hero, on "their" side of what is sadly known today as "culture wars" where opinions run strongly and intelligent debate is often weak. Loudmouths on both sides couldn't contain themselves as they ranted their "Lincoln facts" to further their personal agendas. The mass media jumped on the bandwagon as well with news reports, interviews, and editorial cartoons.  Historians, already long familiar with the suggestions about Lincoln's sexuality, were mostly unchanged from their existing thoughts on the subject.  Gore Vidal, in his comments on the cover of the book, states that "the argument is irrefutable."
It was reported that Jean Baker, a professor at Goucher College and biographer of Mary Todd Lincoln, said; "We need to have these kinds of perhaps unpopular views of a major American icon presented to the public." According to a January 14, 2005 CNN interview, Baker (who wrote the introduction to Tripp's book) believed the complexity of the man's life leaves open at least a possibility that is worthy of thought.

From The Washington Post Book Review:
“For years, there have been rumblings about the sexuality of our greatest president. Almost 80 years ago, the biographer Carl Sandburg saw in Lincoln "a streak of lavender and spots soft as May violets." Now, in The Intimate World of Abraham Lincoln, the late sex researcher C.A. Tripp presents the most sustained argument yet that the Great Emancipator was a lover of men. In the end, however, the book reveals more about modern obsessions than it does about Lincoln. We live in a highly sexualized culture, but Lincoln did not. The modern concept of homosexuality did not exist in Lincoln's day..."

Let's close today with a poem Lincoln wrote (about two gay men getting married) when he was a teenager.  It's reported that the poem was first published by William Herndon.  Following Lincoln’s assassination, Herndon collected stories of Lincoln’s life and aspired to write a faithful portrait of his friend and law partner, based on his own observations and on hundreds of letters and interviews he had compiled. It seems that Herndon was determined to present Lincoln as a man, rather than a myth, and to reveal things that the prevailing Victorian era conventions said should be left out of the biography of a great national hero. According to Wikipedia, this poem was included in the first edition of Herndon's Life of Lincoln, but was edited out of later editions of the book until 1942, when editor Paul Angle reinserted it:

"I will tell you a Joke about Jewel and Mary
It is neither a Joke nor a Story
But Billy has married a boy
The girlies he had tried on every Side
But none could he get to agree
All was in vain he went home again
And since that is married to Natty
So Billy and Natty agreed very well
And mama's well pleased at the match
The egg it is laid but Natty's afraid
The Shell is So Soft that it never will hatch
But Betsy she said you Cursed bald head
My Suitor you never Can be
Beside your low crotch proclaims you a botch
And that never Can serve for me"

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Great (Gay) Moments with Mr. Lincoln?

The tall 28-year-old man had big rough hands, a chiseled jaw, and dark, deep-set eyes. He carried his few worldly possessions in two battered and worn suitcases. Lincoln stepped into the general store and asked the handsome 23 year-old merchant about buying some bedding, which he quickly found out he couldn’t afford.  But the merchant made an instant connection with the man he had never seen before, and invited Lincoln to sleep in his own bed, free of charge (which happened to be just upstairs). The weary and lonely traveler inspected the bed, looked into the merchant's kind blue eyes, and agreed right on the spot.  For the next four years the two men shared that bed, along with their most private fears and desires.

Today and everyday of the year, people on vacation at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World come to see attractions that highlight Abraham Lincoln (and at WDW other American presidents). Aside from his monuments in Washington D.C. and other locations noting milestones in his life, these hi-tech vacation playgrounds are where millions of people get their strongest impressions of  who Mr. Lincoln was; The technology of audioanimatronics remains cutting edge, the words “spoken” as important as ever in history, and for the most part, audiences give these shows the proper amount of respect they deserve... noting that Mr. Lincoln was a special man as well as a unique leader in American history.

In fact, the new Disneyland Lincoln figure is said to be state-of-the-art (and one of the most expensive ever created) of any audioanimatronics that the Disney company has ever designed. Which leaves open an interesting question:  Would the positive public/corporate image of Mr. Lincoln change, should historians edge closer to suggesting that the private Lincoln was probably bisexual, or at least had one gay love interest in his life?

In his book ''The Intimate World of Abraham Lincoln,'' C. A. Tripp contended that Mr. Lincoln (from his youth to his presidency) had his most loving partnership with another man. But Mr. Tripp wasn’t the first to suggest that maybe Lincoln was gay or bisexual…for decades respected historians have quietly pondered Lincoln's close attachment with Joshua Speed, the young store owner he lived with after moving to Springfield, and the loving memories of which Lincoln seemed to cling to for the rest of his life.

Please stay tuned for part two.

Friday, February 17, 2012

TGIF with Vintage Steve Henson

Steve worked in adult entertainment back in the 1980s and made quite a splash in both print magazines and movies.  He was good looking and had a perky butt that always seemed to be ready to offer plenty of pleasure.  In an era before condoms in most sex films, Steve acted in hits like View to a Thrill, The Other Side of Aspen II, Like a Horse, The Pizza Boy Delivers, and Young Cum Pumpers.  Standing at a reported 5' 10" tall, his model-perfect smooth body was in hot demand.

In the classic Other Side of Aspen II, Steve, Jeff Turk and Eddie Marks return to their cabin from skiing.  Steve and Eddie hit the shower and hot tub while Jeff hits the bedroom to milk his cock. Steve and Eddie join in for some sucking and fucking among buddies.  In the movie Inch by Inch, Tony Stefano comes home to shower up, unaware that Steve Henson is hiding under his bed to secretly get a view of Tony naked (and maybe swipe a pair of Tony's worn underwear).  Bick-dicked Tony discovers Steve and decides to let him enjoy his dick by doing more than just looking at it.  Tony Stefano isn't amused and works his aggressions out, as he takes off his towel and gives Henson a solid workout...pummeling Steve down his throat and then very hard right up his ass.
There seems to have been some promotions that suggested Steve was the younger brother of another adult film star, Bill Henson, although most sources believe that the two men were probably not related.