Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Cory Evans (part two)

Cory is reportedly 5'11", 185 pounds, with green eyes and an 8 inch pleasure stick.  Cory Evans appeared in numerous movies around 1993-1997 in which he was often cast as the top gent to be serviced by other guys.  Compared to previous eras where options were limited, it was a time when thousands of movies were available, yet customers were growing increasingly tired of the deluge of cheaply made videos being marketed to video rental stores and on the Internet.  Cory enjoyed the good fortune of working for some quality name brand producers in adult entertainment. 
One of his more popular films was 1996's My Sister's Husband.  It was a product of All Worlds Video that was directed by Chi Chi LaRue.  The tantalizing movie title was just the beginning.  Adam Wilde starred as a gay man who is infatuated with his handsome macho brother-in-law, perfectly played by Cory Evans.  Those who have been with VGMH since the beginning may recall a few years back when we conducted  a blog reader survey about 'first time' sexual experiences (including the first type of smut enjoyed) in which several respondents shared that  their experiences had been with their brother-in-law. 
Cory headlines a crew of attractive studs in My Sister's Husband that make the sex scenes still enjoyable to watch after all these years.  In a nut shell, this movie is standard production porn with the exception being its somewhat witty script, offering a tease-up of sexual tension and desire playing out between the two brothers-in law--one straight man (married to the gay man's sister) being the forbidden fruit, so to say.

In one of the tease-up situations, Adam catches Cory shirtless while washing his car.  Cory's rippled and perfectly toned muscles are on full display.  Cory moves with confidence as he casually washes his vehicle without giving any thought that he's an object of desire for another dude, who is secretly ogling him.  Things intensify for Adam, when Corey decides to pull down his shorts and take a nice piss in the driveway instead of going inside to use the bathroom.
Later on, Adam accidentally walks in on his sister and Cory making out.  As hubby Cory quickly adjusts himself, he's owning a visibly erect penis which refuses to cooperate.  It's an embarrassing situation most men can relate to at one time or another in their lives-- It's as if there are not 3 but 4 players in the room--Adam, his sister, Cory and Cory's boner.  Everyone pretends to ignore the boner in the room, which is not so easy for excited Adam to do.  Then later Cory takes a bath as Adam finds a way to sneak into the bathroom and try to get a look at him.  All soaped up, the masculine beauty of Cory is captured by the camera through the eyes of Adam as he is worshipped and adored by his brother-in-law.

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