Friday, November 30, 2012

Vintage Hunks for the Holidays


There  once was a time when thick paper catalogs from department stores (called "wish books" because you wished for the things you wanted) were staples in millions of homes for the holidays.   In our VGMH fantasy version, every page of our Holiday Wish Book is filled with things that we're especially interested in...including those wonderful naked men of retro smut! And here at VGMH, the more naughty you've been, the better our resident Santa likes it!  Above photos: By the looks of our latest vintage four studs, it's going to be a very bushy holiday.  But sometimes a retro guy also has to get dressed:

No-iron groovy pants, with flared legs, a tight crotch and wide black belts.  At just $10.99 a pair, they are a deal!  But wait--buy them and the nifty shirt for only $17.99!  When ordering, they want waist size and inseam length...anyone have a tape measure handy?


  1. Steve, I really like your version of the Wish Book!

    And I am really glad those scary plaid slacks will remain in the past!

    Lots of wishes to you for all the best of the holiday season, bud!

  2. I love those shoes - the ones that don't go with either outfit and make me think of catholic boys. Something tells me that they would shatter in our Minnesota January weather. Plastic? Fantastic. Great post. - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

  3. Hey Bob--so good to hear from you again my blog friend. All my best as well.

    Upton-Thanks for the great comment--I hadn't even noticed their shoes!


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