Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Fur Traders (part three-end of series)

The French traded European manufactured stuff in return for their prized beaver skins. In exchange, firearms and booze were highly desired by the native men. Personal relations between the French fur traders and Native American men were sometimes very good and sometimes very bad.

Both the British and French colonists were confronted with the fact that in many Native American cultures, it was normal for men to have sex with other (female-acting and dressing) males. and they were welcomed and respected by their tribes.   It's been widely recognized that the French coined the term "berdache" to label these men who lived in female roles.  

Throw into the mix the ultra-homophobic missionaries and it must have been quite a time. No doubt that Etienne saw the potential for sexy male escapades in the wilderness when he created this great fantasy work.  By the end of the series, once again our artist displays his sense of humor, with the studs sexually spent and another couple of notches added to his list of male conquests.  

End of Series

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