Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fur Trappers (part one of three)


VGMH's already reviewed famed gay artist Etienne's life numerous times, so in honor of Thanksgiving we'll shift the focus to one of his series rather than the man himself.  This art portfolio is simply known as Trappeurs.  Like all of Etienne's work, there's so much more going on in addition to the obvious...and in this case the French men who are the trappers are rooted in real American history that's often overlooked.  More on the actual history behind these wonderfully sexy fantasy drawings in parts two and three.


It looks like our French fur trader is busy chopping himself some wood when, let's just call it fate, a canoe carrying a sexy blonde frontiersman arrives at the shore, looking eager to barter while cautiously carrying his rifle.

From the looks of things, they've made these sort of deals before, as the campsite visitor goes right to business and helps our trapper remove his European black boots. Looks like that beautiful buck skin jacket with fringe is coming off, too. Those moccasins look comfortable enough to leave on during their "negotiations."  So, what's being traded between these two men? Please stay tuned.


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