Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Bo Richards, 1982

In addition to appearing in Nova Studios' 1981 movie The Main Attraction, Bo was one hot man back in the early 1980's.  He graced the pages of January 1982's Honcho magazine in a photo spread called Snowplow.  It's reported that the 5' 10 inch muscular buck had previously appeared in the magazine's November 1981.  Nova Studios and Honcho magazine would have been a perfect fit for a man like Bo, as both media specialized in presenting masculine settings such as military bases, factories, garages, locker rooms or barns.
Please stay tuned later this week for more Bo and other surprises.


  1. I don't remember this guy, but wow, what a hottie! Just his face alone in the 3rd picture is enough to catch your eye! More please!

  2. Hi Bob!
    Nice to hear from you (and nice to be back) again. I was surprised at how different Bo looked in various roles/photo shoots. More coming of him :) Steve


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