Tuesday, April 10, 2012

More Bill

It's fun to see Bill Cable modeling underwear, but it's even more fun to see what's resting inside of those shorts.  Bill was born in May 1946 in Indiana.  It's widely reported that in the 1970s he joined the Colt Studios stable of masculine beefy models and also caught the attention of advertising people.  He appeared in After Dark magazine as well as posing for photographer Kenn Duncan, who created some of After Dark magazine's best images. There was no doubt that Bill was magic in front of a camera.    Mandate magazine made its debut with its April 1975 issue displaying Bill (as Stoner) on the cover.   The bearded Colt stud became an instant hit with thousands who saw him at newstands for the first time, and also helped to draw attention to the new magazine.  Quality copies that remain of this issue have become somewhat rare and can go for between $85-150. 
In October 1996 bill was involved in a motorcycle accident in Laurel Canyon and remained seriously ill until his death in March 1998. 


  1. totally love him!!! a terrible tragedy that he had to go so soon ... !

  2. Thanks for researching and presenting the story of Bill Cable. He was indeed a very handsome man, and it is a real shame his life came to a tragic end when he was still so young.


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