Monday, April 2, 2012

Ah- Spring!

Last February VGMH presented a series on vintage underwear, and Bob in Toronto was kind enough to share some additional retro clothing companies that I'd never heard of, including Ah-MEN.  Thank you Bob! 

It was their March/April catalog in 1973 and the model showing off that lo rise boxer swim suit is identified as David.  Made of fast drying nylon tricot, for just $7.95 all eyes at the pool or beach were sure to be following the wearer--especially if he's as dreamy as David with that perfect hair and treasure trail!  And what to wear when away from water?  How about the double knit Orlon (a nifty synthetic, acrylic textile fiber that was light weight and wrinkle resistant) jumpsuit, complete with patch pockets and front zipper?  The model in the upper left corner is showing it off nicely.

According to reports, Ah-Men began as a West Hollywood clothing store in the early 1960s.  The flagship store was on Santa Monica Blvd, which we've already explored here for it's rich gay history.  The catalogs became very popular, especially with fashion-conscious gay men.  If you've ever seen one of their catalogs, please share you thoughts with the rest of us!


  1. I had a picture from one of these companies that was hilarious, if I find it I'll certainly send it. I think it was from European Male [?] and it was a photo of a Bobby Goldsboro type looking guy in this weird-ass leisure suit thing-- totally stretch polyester with lots of belts and buckles, and the print shirt he wore had collar points that had to be at least 10" long. Although it sounds like something from a costume set, it was an authentic ad. I can't imagine anyone buying it--Elton John would have turned it down in his Caption Fantastic days! Thanks Bob in Toronto, you brought a smile to my face! Who knew you were such a slave to fashion, you rascal you!

  2. …and by the way, this guy David is a perfect cutie. During that time, he was the type I would just swoon over. It's sad what happens. Today, I have to cross the street to catch their eye, and that's after pointing and waving at them:(

  3. Yup, that model is a firecracker for sure!


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