Saturday, March 31, 2012

April Fool Fun!

Actually, there's nothing 'gay' about today's post, which makes it a fun April Fool's item. This is about an interesting (and sometimes very confusing) category of smut's often-forgotten history: The "shemale" genre.  Vintage erotica of men having sex with other men (dressed as women) dates all the way back to the early 1900s--but that's different--because when the clothes were off they were both still men.   It wasn't until between1967-1969 that this new category of smut first came onto the porn scene in a big way.  Even a definition for people in the process of transgender remains open to individual interpretation, but "shemale" is a term often used (but not exclusively) to describe people having male genitalia, female breast augmentation, and sometimes taking gender-changing hormones.  Usually the action is the same as straight porn, but occasionally may include the straight male fondling or sucking his partner's penis, which can further blur definitions (is it still a penis or just a very large clitoris?).   What's especially interesting is that this category of smut has had such a longstanding acceptance within much of the straight male community, and that prior to the internet explosion of "chicks with dicks" the category was dominated by Danish shemale porn.

Not totally by coincidence, it was during the period between1967-1969 that Denmark legalized the production of all kinds of porn, which was also the country where a great deal of this new category of smut was being produced within.  But the acceptance of Danish shemale porn probably began over a decade earlier.

In 1952, American Christine Jorgensen became a media sensation around the world.   Mr. Jorgensen had become the first mainstream media “sex change” of a man into a woman, and it happened in Denmark.  Headlines proclaimed  Ex-GI Becomes Blonde Beauty and others declared that she was 100% woman.  Men understood what that implied.  According to Publisher's Weekly, Jorgensen was the most written-about person in the press in 1953. The curiosity of what it would be like to fuck a woman who used to be a man was understandable. Years later in the 1970s, when Danish porn offered images of such activities, it developed a strong straight audience that again saw huge growth in the 1980s with home video rentals and a second growth with internet porn.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Fantstic Foreskin's Cole

Let's all welcome 20 year-old Cole Mathews to VGMH.  Don't recognize him by the photo above?  That's okay.   As the additional pictures below suggest, Cole looks like a nice young guy.  Our blog pal Robert Chandler (the man behind Fantastic Foreskin) noted about Cole: "The boyish Southerner was nervous when he showed up to get naked on camera for the first time. But he was also excited. His big, intact dick was already hard when his underwear came off and the pre-cum was already dripping off his foreskin. Cole has an impressive dick with a sizable cock-head covered by his smooth foreskin. He plays with his skin, stretching, pulling and stroking, getting harder and harder (and wetter)."
Please stay tuned for more of Cole!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bob (fourth and final)

Bob wearing a classic pair of bell-bottom sailor pants.  It's reported that handsome Bob was 21 years old when this early 1950s photo first became available to Physique Pictorial patrons.  But why the tight-crotched wide-legged pants for sea men on ships?  The wide leg on bell-bottomed Naval trousers were not designed to show off their manly features (although they did and still do).  Instead, the flare at the bottom allowed sailors to pull their pants over boots while also allowing him to roll the hem up high (or even to cut them off easily) in emergencies.  Sailors could also use the pants as a life preserver, tying the wide legs in knots and filling them with air.  Of course it didn't take sailors long to realize that the crotch-loving pants (they were in both dark and white colors) were an asset to wear on shore leaves.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Quaintance and Bob (part three)

Spartan Soldiers Bathing, 1956
George Quaintance lived and worked in Los Angeles, California during the mid-to-late 1940s, where he specialized in painting and photographing male athletes.  One of his favorite models has been reported as being Bob Spahn, who was inspiration for some of the figures in his classic-style paintings.  In the early 1950s George created his own studio/paradise in Phoenix, Arizona.  The property (named Rancho Siesta) and its relative seclusion allowed George the freedom to create many of the works of fine art that he is best recognized for today.  By 1956, George decided to sell Rancho Siesta and move back to California.

As the book The Art Of George Quaintance (Dian Hanson, Reed Massengill) noted: "[...] His highly prized paintings—numbering just 55—rarely come to auction, instead selling privately for undisclosed sums. As the preeminent 'male physique' artist of the 1940s and early '50s, his work for Physique Pictorial, Demi-Gods and Body Beautiful inspired a generation of artists like Tom of Finland, Harry Bush, Etienne, and other, lesser stars in their constellation."

 According to the artist himself "I paint the world I see, while overshadowing and overlaying it with my emotions, my beliefs, and my culture."  It's very clear that George used the same eyes to photograph as he did to paint, with equally beautiful results.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

More Bob (part two)

This photo (above) gets so many things right.  Photographer George Quaintance captured the beauty of this athlete first and foremost.  Bob's muscular arms and strong hands come from his sport--gymnastics.  Then there's the more subtle enjoyment of seeing Bob's rounded buttocks and just a glimpse of his loins in front.  According to equally vintage narrative, "His massive physique is the result of hand balancing and stunt gymnastics." 

Monday, March 26, 2012

Bob Spahn and The Art of Quaintance (part one)

An interesting tidbit about vintage gay art involves an artist and his human inspiration--in this case Bob Spahn, one hunky athlete who became immortalized in art.  Proudly billed as an exclusive model of Quaintance, the text that went along with some of Bob's magazine photos probably said it best: "Bob Spahn is a stalwart, statuesque young model who has recently posed for three new Quaintance paintings: Baths of Ancient Rome, Spartan Soldiers Bathing, and Noise of the Night."  George Quaintance has already been featured here at VGMH.  George became famous for his artwork of sexy men in physique magazines, often using historical or western settings as a backdrop for homoerotic situations. 
The Baths of Ancient Rome was painted in 1956.  Like all of his work from that homoerotic era, Mr. Quaintance’s fantasy world is a masculine dreamscape where naked men interact with one another.  The sexual tension was never acted upon, but so thick that it could be cut with a knife. 

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Tommy Looks Very Happy to See Us!

There's lots of candid photos on the internet of young guys goofing off for their buddies, posing with a towel and what looks to be their hard boner tenting it, but as often as not it's a hair brush or something else actually under the terry cloth.  Well that is obviously NOT the case with Tommy! According to the folks at Island Studs, Tommy has done three photo shoots for them and he's also been a model for Corbin Fisher's Studio (using a different name). 
Tommy is very popular in adult entertainment for obvious reasons--all anybody has to do is simply look at him.  Not only does he have a fantastic lean physique, but lots of his energetic personality shines through in every photo he takes.  Of interest to VGMH fans, Tommy posed alongside a California beach location that has a long history of men dropping their pants for the camera that goes back decades.   As Island Studs proclaimed recently to their members "Sexy Tommy, the Hollywood muscle stud with the furry ass, ripped abs and the permanent erection is back... this time in his home state: California!  He has returned to the West Coast for the holidays to see his family and we shot him there, on a public beach -   fully nude for ALL to see!"  Tommy seems to really enjoy posing nude outdoors.  A sample video of the naked man enjoying himself with nature can be viewed over at Island Studs.
Please stay tuned for more pics of Tommy right here!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Howard Efland

 It's reported that in March 1969 (some reports list 1970), Howard Efland was a black gay man who checked into the L.A. Dover Hotel under the pseudonym of J. McCann.  By many opinions, the hotel was not in the best part of town and had a questionable reputation.  Three plainclothes vice officers with the Los Angeles Police Department entered the hotel and attempted to arrest Howard.  Mr. Efland died from massive internal injuries related to the arrest, which the coroner ruled an "excusable LAPD homicide" because Howard was resisting arrest.  Some accounts of witnesses were that Howard was held on the ground and beaten and stomped on.  Back then, news stories in major papers about homosexuals were typically only reported on when the homosexual could be cast in a negative manner (such as being arrested for theft, sexual acts in public places, etc...) and gays as victims were rare.

In the book Gay L.A.: a history of sexual outlaws, power politics, and lipstick lesbians (by Lillian Faderman and Stuart Timmons) Howard is described as being as a "slight-of-stature male nurse" and that the Los Angeles Advocate was the only paper that recorded the outrage at the "law enforcement official's patent lie."

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Keith Fisk

 Looks like these seaworthy lads may have gone for a swim and then their shorts shrunk--they sure are tight!   That's Fisk on the left and Keith Erickson on the right.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Vince Shoots and Scores!

THE POINT OF NO RETURN FOR MEN: A guy's belly muscles tighten, the head of his cock mushrooms in size as it becomes extra sensitive, just as his face suddenly begins to cringe and looks almost pained...Huston we are ready for lift off!  In the case of Vince, it's especially a treat to watch him stroke-out that white opalescent elixir of life, dripping off his cock head and making a mess on his tummy hair.  If you haven't checked out the free sample video over at SpunkWorthy yet, doing so would be a nice way to say thanks to Jason for sharing his model with us here at VGMH.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Vince is a good example of why VGMH gave SpunkWorthy a very high rating when the site was reviewed here last year.  There's lots of cookie-cutter men posing on countless adult entertainment sites, but few sites offer up the kind of average-guy gentlemen that are truly "finds" in their own right such as Vince, along with the quality camera work and filming that Jason does behind the scenes. 

Thanks to the folks who took the time to email me their thoughts about Vince and similar-looking men that they've known in their own lives- and with that idea I'd like to personally encourage everyone to share their comments right here on the posts as much as possible so that we all get to learn from one another's experiences.  My favorite (and funniest) comment so far came from Wilson who wrote about very hairy Vince "Can I please please keep him?  I promise to groom him everyday." Tomorrow--Vince cums!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Natural Man Vince

The VGMH response to Vince has been great--some guys seem to be gaga over Vince--from his basic everyday-guy non-designer underwear, to the way he stands relaxed and self-confident with his hands at his waist.  As one emailer noted, Vince reminded this VGMH follower of a guy he had an unexpected encounter with who "was my best friend's husband.  She was out of town.  He was drunk and called me to watch tv at their place.  He was so hot and looked a lot like Vince."  Fans aside, the first time that Vince posed for SpunkWorthy was about two years ago, and it looks like he was shaving his chest back then.  Luckily he's showing off his man rug these days!  More to come of Vince in part three, right here!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

March Madness! Sexy Vince


 If you're a fan of hairy chests (and treasure trails and hairy butts and scruffy faces), then feast your eyes on Vince's body fur.  Jason over at SpunkWorthy says that Vince first dropped his pants almost two years ago for his site, caused something of a sensation among fans, and then "fell off the radar" as people often do in smut as they move on to do other things.   Only Vince is back and clearly he's looking very good.  "The idea of showing his cock to the world might have taken a while to surface again, but he was clearly getting turned on having the cameras pointed at him" says Jason.  The sample video of Vince playing with his cock until he cums can be viewed here.

 More Vince to come!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Can You Hear Me Now?

Looks like porn star (including gay smut, although it's rarely mentioned in mainstream media) John Holmes is trying to reach out and touch somebody on his nifty colored dial phone.  Make sure that cord doesn't get wrapped around your cock, John!  The Western Electric model 500 telephone series was the standard desk-style domestic telephone set issued by the Bell System in North America from late 1949 through the early 1980s.  Colors were available to the mass market by about 1972, at an additional  price of course.  VGMH thinks the famous Holmes penis would have looked especially tasteful snaked alongside a standard basic black phone, and probably would have been more prominent in the photo by contrast. Anybody who watched the 2003 Hollywood movie Wonderland knows what eventually happened to John would be interesting to know where that particular telephone is right now...and if it's not in a land fill if anyone could possibly know it's special place in smut history.

Friday, March 16, 2012

How to Get A Head in Business, 2003

This art is titled Climbing the ladder of success by the talented artist Marc DeBauch.  His visions are topical and often quite visually erotic.  Like many gifted talents, the more you look at one of his works the more detail you are sure to discover.  Firemen, Native Americans, Leather Dues, Cowboys, and Beach Boys have all been captured in his paintings.  As his website at Marc Debauch notes, he creates erotic art "to illustrate the mysterious, occult, sensuous, educational and (sometimes) humorous aspects of sexuality."