Monday, January 30, 2012

International Male (part three)

In 1977 the first International Male store opened in San Diego (at 2802 Midway Drive).  Just a year later in 1978, a second store in West Hollywood was started (at 9000 Santa Monica Blvd).  Meanwhile their mail order catalogs were chock-full of hansome men in sexy clothing and became a mainstay for gay audiences everywhere, offering "a distinctive look for fashion-conscious men" of the era.  Simply put, their catalogs were a great place to look at men in underwear--including very skimpy shorts.  Almost a decade before the big brands joined the fashion underwear marketplace, International Male was offering every conceivable style and color of cock holders, complete with lace-up bikinis, leopard prints, mesh knits, and more.  The founder of the company (who had created the original Jock Sock) retired in 1987 and sold it to Hanover House.   It's reported that their last paper catalog went out in 2007. The company still operates a thriving business on the internet.


  1. i discovered them in 1990 when i left small town al and moved to fl. i was very smitten i actually had an international male credit card! lol and if it was in there i wore it good or bad VERY VERY bad, can we say poet shirts anyone?

  2. just a follow up fyi since i got curious after reading this, as i thought IM no longer exists even as a web site it was swallowed up and now operates as part of the undergear brand so many of the clothes options are now simply undergarments

  3. I can't tell you the number of times I jerked off with an IM catalog! Thanks for the memories!

    XO FFB


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