Thursday, June 30, 2011

An Officer (Who We Hope Isn't Too-Much of a Gentleman)

It was May, 1996 and on the cover of a special military issue of Men magazine was Chris Champion dressed as a Marine.  There's something about those uniforms.  

The sexy Canadian had burst onto the adult entertainment scene a few years earlier and became a star, courtesy of his big fat 9" dick with its nice downward curve.   If he looks familiar, maybe it's because he also appeared in the August 1995 issue of Playgirl (as Donald Gutterman).  The 6' hunk performed in gay movies and lots of print, but it's reported that this "top" straight gun performed accordingly in his roles, deploying his missile and delivering lots of friendly fire, but not taking any incoming.  


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Frank Kameny, WWII Gay American Hero

Today, his gay rights buttons and picket signs are at the Smithsonian Museum. In the 1940s, he joined millions of other American young men and fought Nazis with courage--but unlike the majority who were drafted, Frank enlisted on his own.  He served as an 81mm-mortar crewman in an armored infantry battalion in the Eighth Armored Division. They encountered combat in Holland and the Rhineland.  And like many other men all around him, there were things he thought of sexually that he didn't let the military know about:
"When I enlisted, I was asked whether I had homosexual tendencies. I did, and I was well aware of them. As a healthy, vigorous 17- or 18-year-old, things had gone somewhat beyond mere tendencies. And I lied, as everyone did on this subject in those days."
For this series, we're looking at World War II through the straight perspective, which as far as the military was concerned included Frank.  Looking back, Frank would recall that there were 
same-sex passes made towards him, which he didn't recognize as such at the time. And then there was a special man who was New Hampshire. It happened in a garden behind a house. Frank would say that it was a one-time event that was the only actual gay experience he would have in the military.
Without a doubt, there were  countless similar events shared between men who were lonely and afraid in a brutal war.  Most of the others would keep their encounters private their entire lives.  But Frank, as one of the first gay Americans to refuse -- very publicly -- to be ashamed of his sexual orientation, Kameny has played a monumental role in changing the playing field in favor of gay people.   

After years of struggle, he forced the Civil Service Commission (whose investigation led to his own firing as a government astronomer) to stop discriminating against gays. He was one of the leaders of the first gay rights demonstrations at the White House, State Department, and Philadelphia's Independence Hall—four years before Stonewall. He founded or cofounded the DC chapters of the Mattachine Society and Gay Activists Alliance, and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force. In 1971, he was the first out gay man to run for Congress.
"I will define myself to my government. I will not allow my government to define me to me."

In the photo above, President Obama shakes hands with gay rights activist Frank Kameny after he signed a memorandum on federal benefits and non-discrimination.   Vice President Joseph Biden, Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA), and Sen. Joseph Lieberman look on in the Oval Office of the White House June 17, 2009 in Washington, DC. as Mr. Obama signed the memorandum to extend benefits to same-sex partners of federal employees. 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sexual Hygene and the WWII Soldier

The same traits that create good warriors also produce testosterone-enriched male fertilizing sex machines.  And new 'virgin' recruits pushed into national war factories need to be taught some basics about sexual health.  In ancient Rome, some legions claimed to their men that inserting torn leaves from the laurel, tucked up into the folds of their penis skin, would give them courage and strength.  Those claims may have been wishful thinking,  but it's a fact that both the ancient Greeks and Romans used laurel leaves to crown their victors, improve appetite, calm digestion, and (especially important for men using their dicks for sex on the road to empire building), antiseptic properties that ward off infections.  

Health messages designed for warriors media had improved  a whole lot by the time of WWII.  Sex Hygiene was a 1941 documentary film directed by Hollywood greats John Ford and Otto Brower.   It's important to remember that millions of young men who had never been away from home (and had not had sex yet) were going into the military branches and then out into the non-puritan world.  This movie was one of the instructional 'social guidance' films designed to educate large populations of guys all at once.  

As the image from the movie shows (see below),  STD transmission occurs during vaginal, anal, or oral sex. 

And the movie offered a nod to the folks back home with some morals thrown in.  Interestingly, it warns young soldiers to not be talked into having sex by their buddies: "Do not be so weak as to let some ignorant individual persuade you that you must seek sexual relations to be a good sport."  Of significance for Hollywood history buffs, this film was directed by Darryl F. Zanuck.  It was distributed by the U.S. Army Signal Corps.

In this movie, several servicemen relax by playing pool, until one tall dark and handsome soldier heads off to get himself some snappy pussy via a prostitute.  The surroundings may have been classy enough, but the dame sure wasn't.  Later, he discovers he has contracted a venereal disease from sticking his unwrapped rod into this infected whore. That filthy dirty bitch!   She took his money, took his seed, and gave him a nasty souvenir growing on his dick that he sure as hell doesn't want to show the folks back home.  A very serious, graphic and frank presentation of the types and treatment of venereal disease follows.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Vintage Sailor Sex (end)

Well, it looks like these two have moved indoors to finish things off.  Again, there's open mouths but it sure doesn't look like any actual sucking going on here...or anything else that's visible from these photo shots.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

War and Cocks

As VGMH has already presented, most of the VD prevention emphasis during WWII was via condoms, penis washing kits for men who didn't resist the urge and didn't use a rubber, and those wonderful anti-sex posters.  VGMH follower Schweigsame was nice enough to share these personal comments:

"The war affected men's sex lives in another way, too. My father was in the Navy, in the Pacific, and he said a day or so out of San Francisco port, the non-officers were all lined up on deck and told to drop their pants. As several hundred young men stood there, bare-assed in the sun, medics went down the line inspecting each man's dick. Any who were not circumcised were ordered to report to the infirmary for the operation. A couple men protested, but were told they had no choice in the matter, the Navy had decided it would help them avoid getting VD."    

Then Studio City Mike came to the rescue and researched some very interesting history related to circumcision and World Wars I and II: 
"During World War I, the military led a concerted effort to circumcise soldiers and sailors because it was believed that this would make them less susceptible to venereal disease; military discipline forced men to submit to a procedure they would never have agreed to had it been left to their own decision. Thousands of men were circumcised in their late teens and early 20s. When these men returned home and became fathers, doctors began asking whether they wanted their newborn sons circumcised. Many, remembering the pain that they or their buddies endured from the operation as adults, said yes, thinking it would avoid having to do it later, when the pain was thought to be worse than in infancy. Most babies, however, continued to be born at home and were not circumcised.  By the outset of World War II, the USA had circumcision rates of about 40-50 per cent and Britain 30 to 40 per cent. Most sources agree that circumcision in the UK continued its climb until just about the outbreak of war. After the Second World War, there was a remarkable split in circumcision rates in the USA and Britain. The UK was absolutely ravaged from war – there were no spare resources anywhere. [...] While circumcision was theoretically "included" in the free procedures, most physicians had real trouble justifying it in the climate of near-poverty. There was thus no financial incentive for unnecessary surgery." The reverse was the case in the United States.

Other historical records suggest that a distinction needs to be made between being: 1) Intact, and 2) Unable to retract the skin for cleaning (to prevent diseases and infections).  A U.S. Army report by General John Patton stated that in World War II 150,000 soldiers were hospitalized for 'foreskin problems' due to inadequate hygiene, leading to the statement: Time and money could have been saved had prophylactic circumcision been performed before the men were shipped overseas” and “Because keeping the foreskin clean was very difficult in the field, many soldiers with only a minimal tendency toward phimosis were likely to develop balanoposthitis [Patton, 1987b]. Army urologists believed that “Had these patients been circumcised before induction [into the Army] this total would have been close to zero”.   

Saturday, June 25, 2011

WWII and Tom of Finland

He's one of VGMH's favorite artists, and his personal experiences living through World War II greatly impacted his viewpoint of male sexuality.  The son of middle-class schoolteacher parents, Touko Laaksonen (his real name) moved to Helsinki in 1939 (at the age of nineteen) to study advertising when World War II changed everything.  Touko was drafted into the army and served in an anti-aircraft division.  Finland formed a pact with Nazi Germany and attacked the Soviet Union, and Laaksonen was involved in military fighting on the eastern front.  Biographies have reported that it was during the blackouts (no lights allowed at night to help prevent the enemy from seeing where to bomb) that Touko discovered how quickly heterosexual men could take advantage of situations without ever a word being said. Finland surrendered to the Soviet Union in 1945, and Laaksonen resumed his art studies in Helsinki, but he would never forget those wartime years or the images of all those young handsome soldiers.

Already by the end of WWII, Laaksonen had begun drawing men in military uniforms, from both sides of the battle.
Laaksonen observed the men in their formal roles and also as they relaxed.  Fantasies of handsome muscular soldiers wearing knee-high boots, skin-tight trousers displaying penis outlines (for anyone with the guts to look down there), and of course the classic officer’s cap would captivate his art for the rest of his life.  In the years following the war, he worked as a freelance commercial artist and cabaret pianist.  While Laaksonen had been making what he described as his ‘dirty drawings’ since the 1940s, it was only in the late 1950s that he began publishing these naughty gay pictures, and this was also when his sexy soldiers began to morph with what would become his leather/biker men.  The photos below are actual WWII soldier uniforms, similar to those shown in Tom's artwork.  In 1957 he became known as Tom of Finland.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Vintage Sailor Sex (part two)

Somewhere between these two guys first meeting near the bus stop, and what looks to be a sandy wooded area, the sailor decided to get himself some booty.   Well..sorta ...these photos are skimpy on showing any actual penetration. 

Stay tuned for the final post of this seaworthy series!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Vintage Sailor Sex!

It's obvious that these two salty sea sailors set sail many years after WWII (yes, I tried to work as many "S" words into that sentence as I could!).  In what looks to be a late-1970's compilation magazine of previous smut photo sets from the very early 1970's (and maybe even a movie?), Sailor's Lay-Over was just one of several man-on-man themes.  Others in this magazine included a hung cop who cock-whips his suspect, a lumberjack who gets downright nasty with his friend in the woods, and a pair of hard hat construction workers taking a sex break.  But none are as sexy as this sailor on leave, and the man who services his member!

Stay tuned for more from this photo spread!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"This is the Army" 1942

The events of World War II would have a profound impact on how straight men and gay men later interacted together in society right after the war, and even more so how conservatives would once again use gay threats and scares as a weapon to gain power in America.  
Above: From the play version
Wartime often offers a loosening of sexual conventions, and World War II was certainly no exception.  Gathered from across the country to fight and possibly die for the cause of freedom, a new generation of young men discovered that there were other men similar to themselves...not always gay, but open to taking advantage of human tenderness and lust in whatever form happened to be available...and that their desires could be met with similar feelings from other guys serving their country (even if such relations were a secrethat they would eventually take to their heterosexual graves).  


Initially at least, Irving Berlin's all-serviceman musical revue This Is The Army (1942) was intended as a fundraiser for armed forces charities.  It turned out to be a huge hit, and after an extended Broadway run, it toured the world, raising millions of dollars. Irving Berlin wrote two wartime stage revues from two world wars, Yip Yip Yaphank (1918), and This is the Army (1942), that were combined to make the 1943 movie.  And what is so special about a wartime movie with servicemen performing?  What makes This is the Army particularly at odds with later 1950's views is that the movie features, not 1, but 3 drag numbers... and much of the cast (of the original revue, play and movie) were real-life gay men drafted into the military.   

By the time the U.S. government realized it had a cast riddled with those darn "homosexuals" the show was already so popular (and made so much money for military charities) that no one would have dared to shut it down.  It was a hit with both the general public and soldiers!  Most of the stage cast also appeared in the 1943 film version co-starring future U.S. President and homophobe, Ronald Reagan.

Alan Hale Senior (his son was the skipper on Gilligan's Island) is among the cross-dressers in the movie.  Female impersonators don full makeup and gown, but leave ample chest hair showing.   So why hasn't this great movie been seen on TV?  Most critics agree it's because it would offend African Americans.  A blackface minstrel routine serves as one of  the "big" numbers with a lot of men dressed as bandanda'd mammies & the other half in tacky powder blue suits and white gloves.  
If you like seamen and big guns you will love these clips from the movie.  

Monday, June 20, 2011

Tracy Morgan Update

VGMH was one of the first blogs to begin tracking (and complaining) about Tracy Morgan's homophobic rants over a year and a half ago, so it's only fair that Tracy gets recognition here for what he has just done---reached out to the gay community and listened to real gay youth and their families to hear accounts of the horrors that gay bashing causes in the lives of so many.

Progress was made this week:
Tracy Morgan has kept his promise to meet with LGBT youth as part of his apology for his homophobic rant. On Friday, June 17, he sat down and spoke with Jayden Love and Raciel Castillo, two gay teens from New York City's Ali Forney Center, who were left homeless by their families.

In a statement released after the meeting, Jayden and Raciel said, "We really appreciate that we were able to meet with Tracy Morgan." They added, "Our parents' inability to accept us changed our lives for the worse. We hope that our stories have the power to change not only Tracy's perspective, but those of any parent who may be struggling with accepting their child."

During the meeting, the 42-year-old comedian also met with Elke Kennedy, whose 20-year-old son Sean was killed in an anti-gay hate crime in 2007. Elke said, "I feel like he made a commitment during this meeting to make a difference. He said that he was going to use his talent as a comedian to be an advocate for the LGBT community."

Jarrett Barrios, president of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, has also released a statement regarding Tracy's first major project with GLAAD to combat anti-gay bullying: "Today, Tracy saw firsthand the toll that homophobia and anti-gay violence can take on a person's life.  By meeting with gay and transgender teens left homeless because of who they are, we hope that Tracy has come to understand that so-called 'jokes' about gay youth are not just irresponsible, they are damaging."

Tracy, who was accompanied by his fiancee to the Friday's meeting, announced he will return to Nashville, Tennessee on June 21 to apologize to the audience members he offended during his June 3 stand-up act in which he joked he would stab his son if he were gay. While there, he will also meet with the Tennessee Equality Project and local advocates.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fathers who don't Approve of their Sons Being Gay

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads and their Sons out there.  Back in 2002, The Green Lantern comic book addressed the topic of parents who don't accept their son's as being gay, which is a situation that sadly man guys have experienced. 

Issue 154 of Green Lantern met homophobia head-on, when the Lantern's buuddy was gay bashed in an alleyway, right  after two gang members saw him kiss his boyfriend.  This issue was a groundbreaking moment, not just for gays in comics, but for the comic industry.

Terry Berg is the name of the gay character, and eight months after introducing Terry into the DC Universe, he came out as gay. His parents were not fully accepting of the young man.  A couple of things were especially unique with this storyline.  First, the fact of Terry being gay was never a big issue, it was just part of who he was as a man.  Secondly,  the two-part storyline (that occurred in September of 2002) was the first in a DC comic to feature a central gay character.

After being spotted kissing his boyfriend (David) outside of a club, the two are chased by gang members, who eventually catch and severely beat Terry in an alleyway. The bashing results in him going into a coma and sparking national media coverage and even commentary on the barbaric treatment from President Lex Luthor.  Terry remained in a coma for a few days before finally regaining consciousness, and with the help of his friends he recovered. Terry and his boyfriend moved into an apartment together.  Terry's parents begged their son to return home and continued to make it clear they did not approve of his sexuality.  He eventually writes a book on his life and the hate crime he suffered.  Kyle, racked with anguish, uses some decidedly Batman-like torture tactics on one of the assailants in a jail cell to find out the whereabouts of his friends and brutally brings the rest to justice.

The Green Lantern was honored with a GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Comic Book two years in a row because of this storyline (they were awarded the previous year for Terry's coming out issue).

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Surprise Gift--Jeff!

Thanks to our pal Jason over at SpunkWorthy, we have a modern day version of all those millions of military men during the WWII era.  Jeff is a 19 year old straight guy from the midwest, shipped out to San Diego courtesy of the military.

This future babymaker told Jason "I wasn't really sure about it at first.  But then I thought, 'You've only got one life to live.' Might as well live it."