Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May 1959 ZING!

Hurry up! 
It's the end of the month and the last day to snag a copy of the May 1959 issue of ZING magazine, which features Richard (Rick) Allan on the cover in a tight yellow pair of swim trunks.  Zing was a physique/fitness publication and putting Richard Allan on the cover was sure to draw attention.   If you knew your muscle men, you probably already knew who Rick was and maybe you were even lucky enough to have enjoyed other photos of this hunk.

Richard was one beautiful man (posing alongside Glenn Bishop below)

  His name's Rick, but for some reason I keep thinking it's Dick.

Monday, May 30, 2011

What a Difference a Year Makes

Note: VGMH posted this last Memorial Day.  This year, gays and lesbians who serve America are closer to the goal of equality (but not there yet).

“Stories from the Frontlines: Letters to President Barack Obama”   is a new media campaign launched to underscore the urgent need for congressional action and presidential leadership at this critical point in the fight to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (DADT).

As part of this campaign, the United States Servicemember's Legal Defense Fund, in conjunciton with others, is sending the President personal stories from soldiers.  At the links below, you can read more personal accounts/letters to the President from soldiers such as Former Sergeant Darren Manzella (photo, right)  and Former Corporal Juan C. Perezortiz (letter below):

May 26, 2010

President Barack H. Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest
Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr. President,

As an 18-year-old, first generation immigrant from Mexico and a newly sworn in American citizen, military service seemed the best way to repay my fellow citizens for giving my family and me a shot at a better life.

I enlisted in the Marine Corps as an Aircraft Ordnance Man. USMC Boot Camp was physically and mentally challenging, but it didn’t compare to the persecution I would encounter later in the Marines.

As a new PFC in an Aircraft Ordnance (AO) Shop in California, I developed a reputation for being a hard worker, always looking for extra duties and opportunities to expand my skills. As a result, my work ethic and excellent evaluations, I was promoted to an E3, a lance corporal. These were my best days in the military. Unfortunately, they were short numbered. With the arrival of a new gunnery sergeant, my career in the Marines soon became a struggle to survive.

The gunnery sergeant enjoyed socializing with the junior Marines in the shop, frequently taking them out drinking and to the strip clubs. I was expected to participate. I tried to be a team player so I would not be singled out. The shop soon became the squadron’s “frat pad.” Most conversation revolved around girls and hookups, often described by my comrades as “bitches and hoes.”

This behavior, beyond being tolerated, was often sponsored and enjoyed by my superiors. “Gunny” usually joined in, bragging about cheating on his wife. This environment was repulsive and contradictory to the core values of the Marine Corps: honor, courage, commitment — values I tried to live by. I was miserable, but felt powerless to do anything about it.

I still went out drinking with the guys, but tried to avoid going to strip bars or swapping stories about sexual experiences. But then Gunny became suspicious. He told me he suspected I was a “faggot” and that we should see what the rest of the guys thought about it.

Everything changed that day. My evaluation scores began to drop dramatically — from the 4.9 out of 5 average I had for three years to a 1.0. After obtaining copies of my evaluations, I learned that my direct supervisors’ scores had been crossed out and lowered by the gunnery sergeant. I had never failed at anything in life before and I was not going to let anyone tell me I was not a good Marine.

My only way out, I believed, was to transfer out of my unit. At first my requests were repeatedly denied. Eventually though, after numerous letters of recommendations from other military officers, I was transferred.

I was promoted and, when I left my new unit, I had numerous letters of recommendation. The detachment’s commanding officer wrote accolades such as, “You are a Marine with exceptional core values… a great asset to the Armed Services” and “You are a Marine of great caliber and will go far in your military career.”

Unfortunately, I was required to return to my former training squadron just months before my six year contract was up. I was back under Gunny’s command. Those last few months were a living nightmare. I constantly dreaded going to work and was afraid for my physical safety.

With the support of friends, I managed to serve eight years. I love the Marines and, under different command circumstances, I would have continued my service. In three weeks, I’ll graduate from the University of California, San Diego with a degree in structural engineering. With the your help and with open service in place at the Pentagon, I’d signup and serve my country again.

Mr. President, thank you for supporting repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” I hope that, with your leadership, no other service member will have to go through the persecution I endured in order to serve our country.

Former Corporal Juan C. Perezortiz
United States Marine Corps


As noted in yeaterday's post, Mr. Matlovich was already an American military hero, when in 1975 (after he told his superiors he was gay), was booted out and disgraced from the service because of who he really was. After he died, a handful of gay veterans wanted to be buried near him. Here at Arlington National Cemetray can be found the tombstone of F. Warren O'Reilly, 1921-2001, whose stone bears the epitaph "A Gay World War II Veteran." and next to him is Tom "Gator" Swann (born in 1958, and still alive), but whose tombstone reads: "Proud Gay Veteran."

Each of us can help make a difference in getting equal rights for gay service men and women. The link below goes directly to the United States Servicemember's Legal Defense Fund. From there,  everyone can send a free message to elected officials to vote to end stories such as the letter above by Former Corporal Juan C. Perezortiz (above).



Sunday, May 29, 2011

Scotty Cunnignham (part four and end of series)

The Private File
In addition to those classic male physique pictorials featured in The Male Figure (published from 1956-1966), Mr. Bellas also offered his readers the opportunity to purchase more risqué photographs, 3-D slides, and smut loops (films) through mail order.  In poor health by the time censorship laws allowed male nudity, he created  The Private File, a catalogue which offered models along with their proud boners bouncing freely in the air, including Scotty.   As already noted in this series, some of the photos had been taken when these images were still illegal...only now they could be shared/published. 

In The Private File, men like Scotty Cunningham and Joe Dallesandro were displayed in all their manly glory.  But unlike crude porn that was poorly lighted, posed and filmed, these photographs were simply an extension of the physique art that Bellas had been creating for years.  The plain-white-covered first edition set readers back a whole $6, reflecting its strong sexual content.  Thanks to a VGMH follower for sharing these images from his personal collection, who wishes to remain anonymous.

Mr. Bellas had been able to buy a home on Kensington Road in what's been described as being a pleasant suburban community in the Los Angeles area  (at least it was back then).  The 1,623 square foot house was built in 1957  and has 3 bedrooms and 2 baths.  Bruce set up his garage as a studio and staged his models in the private, manicured back yard.  In fact, some of his ads even included the address: 11762 Kensington Road, Los Alamitos, Calif 90720.  The backyard itself became almost as famous as the models and is instantly recognized in photos and movies.  Somtimes the studio/garage can also be spotted in photos.  Favored model Scotty Cunningham had two real-life brothers who also posed nude (Chipper and Toby) for Bellas.  Chipper and Scotty were shot together roughhousing in the back yard.  Scotty wound up working at the house, both in the studio darkroom and also as security. 
Times change as the years pass.  The photos, slides and movies remain.  The house remains.  Scotty and Bruce have passed on.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Scotty Cunningham (part three)

Artist Bruce Bellas photographed some of the most important figures in the world of physical culture, including bodybuilders Steve Reeves, Bob McCune, and George Eiferman.  He also recognized the raw beauty of models who become beefcake icons in their own right, like Joe Dallesandro, Mark Nixon, and Brian Idol.   But it's widely known that his all-time favorite model was Scotty.  Scotty also posed for AMG under the name of Steve Buono, but the special chemistry between Bruce and Scotty was missing.  Without question, Bruce saw in Scotty Cunnignham the classic Greek and Roman physique of a natural athlete in his prime.  He also captured how Scotty and the camera seemed to play and tease with one another:  a wholesome down to earth 'good guy' quality of the man within that great body.  
Mr. Cunningham was equally magnificent displaying his might against a classic Greek prop as he was posing in horse corrals, sitting on motorcycles, or in navy ship yards.  In 1974, while taking a vacation in Canada with Scotty, Mr. Bellas passed away.
Today, Bruce's work (recognized as Bruce of Los Angeles) is rightfully respected as modern photographic art.  Always tasteful and refined, the natural erotica within his models was allowed to present itself without shame or guilt.  Bruce's work would later influence the work of Robert Mapplethorpe, Herb Ritts, Bruce Weber, and many other artists.
For those interested, most of the original "Bruce of LA" -rated photos (think tasteful pouches and naked butts) were developed on heavy paper using a classic white border.   They were often also stamped with the Bruce signature, as it appears below:

Friday, May 27, 2011

Scotty Cunningham (part two)

If you happpn to have an extra $100-150 that's burning a hole in your pocket, you might want to invest in a copy of The Male Figure Review No. 1.  Originally published in 1969 by Lance Publications, it was a thick 64 pages filled with some of Bruce of Los Angeles' favorite models.  Gone was the posing pouch...and that's naked Scotty on the cover looking as sexy as ever in full living color.  This issue maintained the high standards of a Bruce Harry Bellas (Bruce of L.A.) publication---it contains 62 full- sized colored and black and white plates.  Other models included: Danny DeWhis, Joe D'Alessandro (of Andy Warhol's Factory), Ray Robirds, Lewis Williams, Bobby Clark, Robert Kendall, Dave Allen, Hugh Pendleton, Byron, Boots Murphy, Bud, Larry Meadows, Gunner, and Roy Wilde.

The court decision making printed male nudity legal in the United States brought opportunities for artists who had been forced to cover their models' dicks with posing pouches in the 1950's.  Scotty recalled that Bruce was filming some of his models (such as himself) both in and out of their g-string posing pouches before nudity became legal, thinking ahead so that when censorship laws changed Bruce would be able to release the nudes.  

Bruce published 36 issues of The Male Figure Review, made numerous 8mm film loops, and had a hand in publishing a short-lived magazine called The Private File, which featured hardcore-style boners ready for action. Thanks to a friend of VGMH, we'll have some images from this publication coming up.  First, some more images of Scotty: 

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Request for smooth Frank

I received an email this week after posting the very-hairy Stefan Nemecek.  A loyal VGMH follower wanted to let me know why he began to shave his crotch naked and why he thinks going smooth is super sexy on other men.  He said growing up he wanted to be exactly like his cool older brother.  It seems that the older brother shaved his pubes---so our VGMH friend started using a razor down there before he even began to grow facial hair.  He added that he's also getting a prince albert from his shaved husband for their first-year anniversary together, and requested that I please post a naked crotch for shavers like him and his partner.   The attraction?  He likes the way a smooth cock feels compared to a hairy one.  Personally I'd prefer seeing Playgirl model Frank with a thick mound of dark hair crowning his manhood, but based on the number of shaved porn models in modern smut, a lot of guys must like it bald---so here you go---enjoy!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Scotty Cunningham (part one)

Scotty was one of those models with a physique chiseled to male perfection.   Part of his charm was that he sometimes liked to smile and have fun with posing.  And forget just dreaming about what was inside of his posing pouch... this was the 1960's and Scotty proudly showed his manhood in all it's glory when he posed for the likes of Bruce of LA and became the object of desire for men around the world.   Indeed, Scotty displayed a very impressive rock-hard boner.  The smut promo (below) listed Mr. Cunningham as being "Of German-Irish descent.  Scotty is 6'1" tall, weights 195 lbs., and is 30 years old."   
 Please stay tuned for more of Scotty

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Stephan Nemecek

Stefan Nemecek is a very confident 20 years old and follows the old school men's tradition of using razors for the neckline and above.  This first photo says it all--take him as he is and get ready to cough up a few short and curly hairs before he's done with you--anybody care to volunteer?  Stephan works as a planner and in his spare time enjoys working up a musky sweat running and cycling.  Thanks to William Higgins for sharing.

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Young Physique

The evolution of physique pictorials and fitness magazines mirrors the development of the gay rights movement in the United States.  As we've already seen, as early as cameras were invented, health/beefcake/muscle publications featured attractive and athletic men engaged in activities that allowed them to be photographed while scantily dressed (if at all).

By 1962, full-frontal male nudity was no longer illegal in the United States. By the late 1960's gay pornography had grown, and as a result the popularity of physique magazines declined.  The Young Physique featured homoerotica to the point of even including a centerfold (with a young model wearing a posing pouch). Young Physique was widely available in drugstores next to fishing and sporting magazines.  

Issues of Young Pyhsique that are in near-mint condition easily sell for over $300 today.

August 1958 cover features Mr. Glen Bishop
Above: By June 1960, Mr. Mark Nixon was looking very exotic.
Above, Mr. John Tristam was on the cover.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Warren Tavares (part two)

April 1998 introduced Warren to the readers of Playgirl magazine.  The narrative says that Warren was a stockbroker working out of his home.  It seems that Playgirl reader Monica Bently came knocking on his door collecting signatures for an environmental cause and he invited her in for tea.  On the magazine's table of contents page, Warren's photo spread is even listed as being a "Readers' Discovery."  As we saw in part one, Warren (under a different stage name) was also showing off his hairy torso in Honcho magazine that same month.  Maybe somebody else came knocking at his door for the Honcho shoot (snickers).  This April Playgirl issue is notable because it also presented Jozef Myska, a man who performed under the stage name of Kirby Scott for Colt Studios and did a lot of muscle/fitness magazine photo work.  More on him another time.

Below: A non-Playgirl photo with Perry (aka Warren) in what's perhaps a pose that gay men may enjoy looking at more than most females.