Saturday, April 30, 2011

Eric Blaine

Today's has about as much of a connection to the original 1973 magazine as the MGM casino in Las Vegas has to the original Hollywood studios that is its namesake.  Playgirl today is a print/internet quarterly (formerly monthly) adult magazine that is still marketed mainly to heterosexual women.  Unfortunately, Playgirl on the internet became a part of a nasty scandal.  As headlines read "Mafia rips off Government, Porno Lovers and Cell Phone Users across the globe in multi-million dollar scheme" one of the magazines listed as part of the scheme was Playgirl.  The Federal Trade Commission charged over $180 million of online credit card fraud, much of which was conducted via the Playgirl magazine site.  The reputation of the legendary male smut publication was hurt.  It's reported that today Playgirl is published by New York-based company Blue Horizon Media, which also publishes High Society, Celebrity Skin, Hawk, Chéri and a number of other hardcore pornographic magazines.  Many consider the February 2010 Levi Johnston pictorial by longtime Playgirl photographer Greg Weiner to be a turning point back in the right direction.  

Friday, April 29, 2011

The Male Beauty of Art Byman 1962

Over the course of the next few days, VGMH will be taking a look at the modern photography of Playgirl, (which was no longer a printed magazine but is about to re-launch as one), and contrast their images against a physique model of the early 1960's, Mr. Art Byman.   It's not always the case but sometimes, a very skilled photographer and model can actually show less and be sexier than having everything displayed.  Please let me know what you think of Al.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Muscle Beach and Seymour Koenig

Santa Monica's Muscle Beach and Seymour met one another in 1952.  Located just south of the Santa Monica Pier, it's regarded as "The Birthplace of the Physical Fitness Boom of the Twentieth Century."    

Muscle Beach, as a longtime landmark in the world of bodybuilding, dates back to the 1930's.  The beach was already a hot gathering spot for plenty of Hollywood stars and hopefuls.  Clark Gable hung out there, as did Tyrone Power.  Mae West found her hunky toys, Jayne Mansfield and Jane Russell met their future husbands there, and Roy Rogers learned to stand on someone's shoulders with his boots on...all at Muscle Beach.

It was also a Mecca for men who admired looking at muscular men, and that reputation only increased by the 1950's as the homoerotic physique magazine craze boomed.  Many of the photos used in the magazines were taken with Muscle Beach as the background.

Accomplished body builders like Mr. Koenig would certainly have been enjoyable to watch.  Seymour had competed and won awards in Mr. America (1952) and Mr. Southern California (1953).   The photo above was taken for the Athletic Model Guild.  The photo below with the classic column was by Lon of New York.


Monday, April 25, 2011

A surprise from Jason

Naughty Jason at  said he was flattered by the response from VGMH followers about how attractive he is (it was the number one response/question), so he sent us these very recent photos of himself enjoying SpunkWorthy model David.
David told Jason that he had a guy once go down on him in exchange for a bag of weed.  That slip of the tongue was enough for Jason to decide to push the envelope and offer to blow him during his "shoot"  instead of just jerking the tall stud off.  Jason said he knew David was reaching nirvana when his head rolled backwards and his 8-inch cock began to twitch, throb and pulse buried deep down his throat at that particular moment.  It looks like a good time was had by all.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Dainel Kirk (part two)  brings us Daniel Kirk in all his male beauty.  It's reported that Daniel also goes by the name Daniel Ray and has appeared in two video titles "Naked Diner Jocks" and "Muscle Explosion Vol. 5"  (presumably solo performances).

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Daniel Kirk

Straight bachelors...they have such huge problems, looking for that special hair conditioner along with that special woman who will love them for the wonderful men they know they are, and not just trying to get into their $150 jeans because they're good looking.  Ummm they would probably remind me that they are VERY good looking.  The theme of sexy men looking for love sells, plus it's also an excuse to look at hot dudes (either on TV reality shows or in magazines) which is always fun entertainment. 

Of course, VGMH wouldn't be surprised should a handsome, successful man with a great personality be unable to ever find his true female love connection--maybe there's something else going on.  No matter.... these "smut light" stories are intended for the viewers, as men decide what woman can keep them happy in the sack and still be a perfect wife and mother in other rooms of the house (and have almost as perfect hair and teeth as they do).  It's cheap to produce and gets high ratings, and the melodrama of what happens makes good press coverage for grocery store magazines.

But sometimes, the crisp cotton sheet on a bachelors' bed gets lifted, and laying naked underneath the covers isn't exactly who people thought he was...just consider what happened with Cosmopolitan magazine and their Hot Bachelors 2008 annual list and photo spread of the hottest bachelors from each state in America.

Among the sexy single studs was Daniel Kirk, a handsome 25 year old "UPS Staffer" listed as being from Charleston, West Virginia.   According to Cosmopolitan magazine, chicks can make Daniel "melt" by nibbling on his ears, and he thinks sex on the first date is "skanky".  It's obvious that Dan's thought a lot about looking for true love, as he suggests:: "Women often accuse good-looking guys of being players, but it's totally not true, we're not all out there trying to get as many women as we can."  This sounds so dreamy, women around the country were no doubt getting their Victoria Secrets all in a tizzy thinking about such a wonderful guy.  Of course, if they wanted to see what Daniel looked like naked with a rock-hard boner curling up his tummy, all they had to do was look at the May 2008 PlaygirlOOOPS! 

The story began with gay internet blogs, and it turned out that a second Cosmopolitan bachelor had also done some naughty nude posing (In addition to Playgirl, at least one of them was reported to have been on gay web sites)...according to the New York Post:   "Two bachelors had their invitations to Cosmopolitan's Tuesday night bash at Mansion yanked after editors found out the himbos had been getting naked for cash. Every year, Cosmo picks a guy from each state to be part of its "50 Hottest Bachelors" contest, and flies the winners to New York for a party. But this year, Hearst higher-ups cooled off on Maine's Derek Hawkes and West Virginia's Daniel Kirk after linked to photos of them on different nude Websites. A rep for Cosmo confirmed the bachelors were disinvited from the event." 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Peter Gordon 1969

Peter Gordon's practically bouncing right out of his big pouch with enthusiasm and sportsman gusto!  It's nice to see that those firm white buns have been gently protected from the California sunshine (courtesy of some swim trunks that were much more modest than what he wore for this photo shooting).  Reported to have served in the U.S. Air Force, Peter became an accomplished body builder who also went by the last name of Pendleton.  Interestingly, his brother was also a physique model who went by the names of Sandy Gordon and Hugh Pendleton.  The brothers both posed for Spartan.  Gentleman from across the country who appreciated the sport of fencing could lick a stamp, drop in $2.50 and send it to Spartan Box 16905 West Branch, Los Angeles 46, California.  In return, they would receive twelve nifty borderless matt prints back in the mail.