Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Art and Life of Charles Demuth

Charles was an American Precisionist painter, born in Lancaster Pennsylvania on November 9th 1883.  Through his art, Mr. Demuth candidly depicted the gay world that he witnessed first-hand in watercolors he painted for his closest friends: the sexual encounters going on in public baths, sailors fondling one another while peeing, and man/man sex at Coney Island.  Historically, for gay men his works have great significance, for they visualize and help document what was going on back then (no big surprise were doing the same things that men have always been doing).  But what may appear to be pretty darn tame by today's standards was considered very daring in the teens and twenties of the last century.  These works were not shared with the public back then when he painted them.
In his youth, he studied at Philadelphia's Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.  He later studied at Académie Colarossi and Académie Julian in Paris, where he became a part of the exciting and electric avant garde art scene. Bohemianism was alive and Charles was living in the thick of it. Though still relatively underground, a network of venues (salons, bars, cafés, and bathhouses) catering to gay men emerged throughout Paris, particularly around the areas of Montmartre and Les Halles. Spirited conversations were complimented with sexual energy.

While he was in Paris he met Marsden Hartley by walking up to a table of American artists and asking if he could join them. He had a great sense of humor, rich in double entendres and they asked him to be a regular member of their art social group. Through Hartley he met Alfred Stieglitz and became a member of the Stieglitz group. In 1926, Charles had a one-man show at a New York gallery run by his friend Stieglitz.

Happily, his talent continues to he is not best-known for being a "gay man who painted gay men in sexual situations", but for his gifted work as a watercolorist of all life; his still-lifes, figure paintings and "pop" art are highly collectible.  His "Figure 5 in Gold" (1928 abstract of a fire engine #5) is his most-famous work (right).  It is displayed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.  It helps to consider that 1928 was not only the year Demuth painted this inconic artwork, it was also the year that Andy Warhol was born...that's how far ahead of his time Charles was.

"3 Sailors" 1917 by Charles Demuth

"Two Sailors Urinating" 1930 by Charles Demuth

"Turkish Bath with Self Portrait" 1918 by Charles Demuth

"Four Male Figures" 1930 by Charles Demuth

"Aucassin and Nicolette" 1921 by Charles Demuth
An invalid in later life, Demuth was bedridden in his parents' house. He died in Lancaster Pennsylvania, October 23, 1935.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Ho! Ho! Ho! Advertising From the Past

Santa (above): For a gay blog like VGMH, this ad's just too-darn-easy to come up with lots of snickers and naughty comments about.  Please add your own below.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

More Rob Cryston

With that trademark bunny tattoo on his left pec (looking similar to Thumper), Rob kept getting better looking as he matured.  And by attracting so many fans over so many years, his followers watched as Rob changed his look and style during a decade-long smut career; going from a mostly smooth and lean bottom into a hairy and muscular top.  Pairing him with cock-hungry Chad Connors worked very well.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Rob Cryston

With his piercing blue eyes, pursed upper lip, and those big strong arms--Rob Cryston made his mark in gay erotica for an entire decade.  It's reported that Rob began acting in adult smut when he was 20 years old back in 1991, appearing in the video Sex Between the Lines.  The movie became a big hit.  The plot: Rumors are flying that sultry macho soap star Bryan Stephens might be gay. When two sexy reporters get on the case, they set out to prove the rumor true. Lucky for them Bryan's a huge fan of big dicks.
He went on to become one of the top stars in the business, performing in many 1992 in titles such as Weekend Liberty, Voice Male, Single White Male, Down Bi Law, Disconnected, Brief Encounters, and Desert Drifters--and that was all in one year!  A decade is a long time and fans were able to watch this man grow and mature.   Hairy or smooth, jar-headed crew cut or with dark curly locks, Rob was always hot.  He was named 1993 Best Actor for Single White Male and also won a 1995 Grabby Award as a Best Performer.
Other titles during his long career included The Roommate (1993), Toilet Tramps (1994), The Fluffer (1994), G.I. Jocks (1994), House for Sale Sex (1995), Blow by Blow (1996), A Day in the Life of Austin -starring Austin Ashley who VGMH recently reviewed (1996), Bubble Butt Play (1997), Mavericks (1997), Every Inch a Man (1998), and Untamed (2000). 
 Born in January 1971, it's reported that he also went by the stage names Robbie Roberts and Roby Cryston.  Sporting a classically handsome face and beautifully masculine physique, 5' 8" Rob was a sex star for more than what was between his legs-which was a pleasing average size at around 7 inches.   Stories suggest he moved on to work in real estate.
 Above: Looks like Rob just got rear-ended by another driver.

Friday, November 25, 2011

'Black Friday', VGMH Style

Retailers began calling the day after Thanksgiving "black Friday" because so many people started their Christmas shopping (lured by discounts) that the stores made enough money to put their bottom line profits for the year in "black" ink instead of money-loosing"red" ink.

Creating our own holiday tradition several years ago, VGMH started this tribute to the men of African decent who've kindly appeared in gay smut over the ages.  A number of early models made their mark in the business and remain true classics.  Early legends such as Bob Mizer (Athletic Modeling Guild) routinely photographed handsome African American men like Gerald Oglesby and Tyronne Jones.

From 1950's body builders posing for early physique photographers to everyday gentlemen making some extra money in the 1970's, black men have a long and valued place in gay erotic history. Craig Calvin Anderson's Sierra Domino Studios produced beautiful images of black men during the 1970's.  The 1980's and technology (VCR machines and inexpensive videos) brought more black men into gay smut than ever before.  Today also kicks off VGMH's Christmas Season!

Below: Ronnie, from Sierra Sierra Domino Studios

Below: Mr. Larry Samuels

Below: Mr. Willie Lewis