Friday, September 2, 2011

VGMH Reviews: Southern Strokes

Southern Strokes isn't the name of a thoroughbred stallion that won this year's Kentucky Derby...but it does have a stable that's chock-full of magnificent Dixie studs (and a few Yankees, too).   It's a place OF men with slow-and-easy accents who go down as smooth as mint juelps on a hot summer afternoon. 
Ricky Wayne

The fantasies here are easy to imagine:  There's bearded Ricky Wayne, who looks like he could be a Nashville country singer.  Wholesome Colby might be studying theology at a college in Florida.  And then there's the unpredictable and ruggedly handsome Shawn, who's in demand as as a walking stud by men and women alike.  The models include pros, shy amateur gentlemen there to make some cash, and sweet-talking charlatans alike.  Welcome to the geographically-themed world of Southern Strokes
Right upfront, if you prefer your guys to be very hairy and over thirty, then you'll probably want to give these gents 10 more years before their treasure trails grow-out and they develop little beer tummys to love.  Until then, the men who find their way down to this lakeside ranch in Georgia are primarily twenty-somethings with gym-crunched physiques who are often smooth/trimmed with a little peach fuzz (although there are some wonderfully natural hairy men as well).   Because of the quality of production and quantity of content, VGMH rates Southern Strokes a very high 95, for those that prefer this type of young men.
The free tour does a very good job of showcasing each of the models to be found within, as well as the type of sexual activity for each video/photo segment.  Southern Strokes has been in operation for a number of years.  While many of the men are there to masturbate, Southern Strokes also has a good quantity of couples, threesomes and orgies.  The variety of sexual content was very impressive in comparison to most sites.  
As you take the tour, be aware that models typically appear in more than one video and some of the more popular dudes (especially a few talented tops) are invited to perform with many men.   Action includes oral, anal, light bondage, sex toys, and at least one model peeing.  The rural locations are almost as attractive as the models themselves and include both indoors and outdoor sites.  Lighting and sound is very good.  

Shawn teasing

There's a great diversity among the models and interviews allow their personalities to shine through.  And then there is Shawn, who is in a class of his own.  The site producers discovered Shawn, as they recounted: "[...] I started to go through the normal interview process but when you are dealing with Shawn, you don't know what your in for.  Shawn was horny and he loves to tell stories about his sex conquests. Shawn is a little guy but he is built and hung like a horse."  

Shawn about to enjoy Cory
Like most of the men on this site, Shawn is open about his sexuality and there's no forced pretense that he's totally straight.  Shawn casually discusses the cuts and bruises covering his legs and thighs (attributed to pole dancing, rough sex and falling down from drinking one to many beers).  When he begins to masturbate Shawn treats his cock like it's a jackhammer, beating it hard and fast.  
Shawn enjoying Cory
In separate scenes, Shawn is provided with men to fuck who are laying beside him in bed.  They first play and suck with his cock before he screws them.   All intercourse scenes at Southern Strokes use condoms, which is a responsible plus, and instead of editing footage they are often shown putting the rubbers on, which can be sexy by itself. 
Shawn on top of Cory
Films are shot in high definition and the producers use three cameras to capture all of the action.  The movies average about 15-20 minutes each and include zipped photos sets. There are model profiles and episode descriptions.  The photos include real pictures that are crisp and high resolution video captures.   While it would be nice to have more close-up digital photos of cocks in action (especially after cuming), it's understood that such pictures come at the price of seeing flashes go off while watching the videos.  Overall, they have a nice balance.
All films are encoded using the Windows Media Player format (WMV files) and also the format for QuickTime or video iPods. Depending upon the age of the video, members have the option to download the movies in a choice of three to four resolutions/speeds in both Windows Media and Quicktime formats. You can also stream selections in Windows Media.

Options allow members to search videos by model name, type of action (solo or group), build, age, cock size, and natural or cut penis.  Not a big deal, but many of the models are only identified by their first names, and with such a large library it would be nice to have a first and last name to track favorite men.  Note that the "SS Live" feature goes to another site where live sex cams are available (for the purchase of credits).  There are some bonus behind the scenes videos that are fun and hopefully there will be more of these in the future.  They also give members 'money shot' videos showing the best cum shots from their films.

The photographer knows how to film his subject matter.  Their anal intercourse sequences are among the best anywhere in terms of keeping the action looking natural while making certain that the viewer gets to see the actual penetration action and faces. 

Southern Strokes offers a quality product that delivers handsome young men (mostly smooth and usually shaved or trimmed) with weekly updates.  The content is exclusive and original.  If this sounds appealing to you then there's lots in their extensive library to enjoy.  The site uses no DRM so you are welcome to download and enjoy a state of Southern hospitality over and over again.

Elvis didn't build Graceland playing for free, and Southern Strokes has an entry fee to open the gates to their farm.  The site currently is offering a special trail membership which gives three-days unlimited access for $9.95.  A non-renewable 30 day membership costs $32.95 and a recurring membership is $26.95 per month.  A three-month option costs $69.95 and then renews every three months thereafter at $59.95.  You can take their free tour by clicking below.

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