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VGMH Reviews: The Full English

The Full English is sort of like going out on a first date with a man you've just met in Great Britain.  First off, you'll meet over coffee or maybe share a couple of pints. Gradually you'll get to know him, discovering personal things like his favorite sports, what he does for a living, his interests and goals for the future.  He may arrive dressed casual but then again, by your second meeting he could be sporting a well-tailored suit and groomed haircut, just for this occasion.   Want to see some pics of him playing around and having fun?  He'll share a few candid personal shots of himself stored on his phone.  And as things progress, this confident gent winks and invites you to a private location where he starts to undress.  Every man is different when it comes to these things, and so some models at The Full English may decide to masturbate (and then again, some may not).  Of those who give it a wank, not all will take it to ejaculation, opting to just let you enjoy the view of their hard boner.  A couple of them will even bring along a woman who they have sexual relations with.  Much more funny than sexy is watching handsome Richie, 27, doing it with a 60-year old site contest winner, Margaret.  If this doesn't sound like your typical gay site, it's because it's not.  Heck, it's not even marketed as a gay site.  
Right away it should be noted that The Full English is designed and intended for women.  The fact that it's intended for females gives them an opportunity to recruit men who would not otherwise pose nude for other men.  But like Playgirl magazine in its initial years, the site doesn't mind if gay men happen to also stop by and enjoy the views.   As they explain: "All our models are straight and The Full English was created essentially because there are so many straight guys wanting to get into the adult industry and very few outlets for them to do so. As most hetero sites fixate mainly on the female performers, the guys often become merely low paid extras. Most of the websites on offer to male models have strong gay themes or are geared to 'gay for pay' thus alienating a lot of amazing talent that simply goes unseen. It's actually quite a tough life for straight male actors."   
There's a nice variety of guys and many of them are naturally hairy.  The men of The Full English range from amateur working guys to sportsmen to pros. Expect to see young men with big dreams, rowdy footballers, guys with aspirations to become pornstars, and others just looking to make some quick cash.  The photography is excellent and a great deal of attention is given to capturing every man in a masculine setting. There's a feeling that what is being shown is privileged and private...extremely rare for a worldwide adult sire to achieve.
There are currently 42 models who are at various stages of intimacy in sharing themselves with members of the site.  Meetings begin with portfolio photos of the gentlemen, nine portfolios (or men) to every page.  Just click on a photo to view that particular man's profile and whatever photographs or videos are currently available for him.  While it's usually the case, a portfolio doesn't always guarantee that nude photo sets for that model have been posted yet.  Updates to the site include new image sets, so the dance to erotic bliss may take a little time.  At a minimum, all of the men provide an introductory collage of what they call "private pics" which can be viewed as postcards--showing them playing around in their personal life.  While not downloadable, they are really interesting and offer a glimpse of their peronsal lives rarely seen on other sites.  A great idea!  Also very impressive are the in-depth, well written model biographies.

The first thing you will probably notice is that they do not provide sample photos of their models completely nude.  Alex at The Full English told me that some of their models don't want to discover their naked bodies displayed all over the internet.   This concept certainly worked well for Playgirl in it's early years and attracted many heterosexual men to drop their pants for women to enjoy, who otherwise may not have posed.   From a marketing standpoint that's geared towards women, this approach probably works better than it would with men, who are accustomed to "sampling the goods" before they decide to sign up with any adult site.  What the tour does offer are g-rated and censored images for every model, so visitors get the opportunity to see what types of men are waiting inside.

Because two sites are included in the price of membership, both tours should be taken before deciding to join, although this review only covers one of them (more information below).  The Full English tour promises high quality HD video, high resolution pictures, interviews, and exclusive models and content.  In the opinion of VGMH, it delivers on all counts (although it wouldn't be surprising to discover that a couple of these amateurs may have done something like this before, after all boys will be boys).

Navigation is simple and follows the tour format.  This is a photograph lover's site and the pictures range in size from about 533x800 to 800x1080.  Viewing options include a slide show which starts automatically but can be turned off.  The Full English only recently started including videos (there are tweleve of them), so don't expect one for every model. The videos are filmed in very crisp HD and display at 1280 x 720 and you can download most of them in WMV or MP4 format, or if you prefer you can stream the videos on their site.  As with all internet content, be aware that higher quality also means longer downloading times. 

If there is anything that VGMH would like to see in the future, it would be adding zip files.  Currently the process involves viewing thumbnails of a model, then clicking on that thumnail which brings up a preview photo, and then clicking again to download the image.

VGMH considers The Full English to be a boutique site that will have strong appeal for a specific audience that appreciates their special approach to male erotica.  The photographs are the star of the show and they do not disappoint.  The videos combine interviews mixed with sex scenes.  The score comes in at an Excellent 91. The addition of zip files would take an already top-category rating even higher in the future.  

Membership includes complimentary access to their sister site, "My Best Friend's Dad" which VGMH did not review at this time, but can be toured via The Full English.  This site offers over 20 mature British gents and should be included in any decision to join.  The price of admission to both sites is $22.95 for 30 days and then rebills at $19.95 monthly, or for a one-month only membership the cost is $24.95.  To see if this is your cup of tea, you can visit them here:
The Full English

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