Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Vintage August Hunk: Drew Ricciardi

 Playgirl magazine was heating up the stores in August 1993 with Drew Ricciardi posing as their centerfold, starting on page 48.  The issue also featured their pick of the top-ten sexiest male rock stars and the cover even boasted 25% more erotic pages---more naked men!  Who do you think was their selection for #1 sexiest rocker?


  1. Pretty hot guy except for the tats and the hair.

  2. Which tats? This was during the "Fabio" phase at Playgirl magazine.

  3. I thought they were tats too. But they're paint splotches.

    Thank God the Fabio thing is over.

  4. This wasn't my favorite period for the magazine's history.


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