Monday, July 25, 2011

That Certain Summer (continued)

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  1. This really hits home again. My older brother and his best friend came in just at it started on tv. I remember it was November I don't think you mention that. I'd waited for it all week. They made all kinds of faggot and fairy insults and then my brother said the show was sick and turned the channel. I looked at Jerry and he was saying the same things even tho Jerry had been fucking me for three months already when my brother wasn't there. I guess it wasn't sick for Jerry to suck my dick when nobody could see him. I never got to see the ending until now thanks to your blog. Jerry's dad caught us a month later and didn't tell on us because his son would be outed. I later ran away and moved to SF and did get my GED and I'm almost 60 now and proud of my life. Thanks Steve I wish I found your blog sooner than this.


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