Sunday, July 31, 2011

More Gabriel


Gabriel comes to us courtesy of Fantastic Foreskin.  Gabriel's a Latino with plenty of foreskin wrapping his dick head tightly.  While he shaves and trims parts of himself, he's very hairy from the waist down and his butt is covered in coarse black man fur.  As the photos show, Gabriel lets his hair grow right up the shaft of his cock.  "The sexual heat is so high as he works his wrapped burrito, that Gabriel notices the cameraman's boner and unbuttons his jeans. The Latino horndog is now stroking his own meat and the cameraman's cock when he's unable to hold back any more. 'I've gotta cum now!' And Gabriel shoots his big load all over the camera man."  A sample of his sex video can be watched over at Fantastic Foreskin.

One look at those wildly growing eyebrows says it all...this man woud be a hairy beast without some manscaping/shaving.  Of course here at VGMH many of us would take his razor and hide it!
Please stay tuned for today-only hot photos of Garbiel playing with this foreskin and getting an erection...Sunday only and courtesy of Robert Chandler.

Friday, July 29, 2011

VGMH Review: Fantastic Foreskin


A little penis history is in order before we move on to the site review for Fantastic Foreskin.  The vast majority of men appearing in American smut from the 1970's- 1980's were circumcised.  Sired right after their fathers returned home from WWII, the parents of these "Baby Boomer" boys were encouraged by the medical community to have their foreskins cut off for sanitary/health reasons (the minor surgical procedure was covered by insurance and was very profitable).  Clergy went along with what had been a predominately Jewish religious tradition for the same health reasons (and because removing the foreskin made the penis head less sensitive and thus was believed to keep men less interested in sins of the flesh).  In a highly condensed version, that's why a baby boy born in 1957, who later appeared in smut magazines like Playgirl in 1973, were overwhelmingly circumcised... just like the millions of other American males in those generations.

Robert Chandler examines the foreskin on a model
By 1993 (when many of the tattooed twinks appearing today in smut were born) the medical community had changed its tune somewhat.  These days, moms seem to be more prone to cutting it off of their sons than their husbands are, because women remain afraid of getting infections from the cocks they let inside of themselves.  Enter Robert Chandler and his new site, Fantastic Foreskin. That a relatively new site looks as polished as this one does is not by accident...Robert first cut his smut chops with Real Guys Exposed.   Fantastic Foreskin is an evolution of sorts, as it replaced Real Guys Exposed, with the main difference being that the focus is now on that precious extra skin dangling on all those naked men.  Robert's experience at selecting a variety of masculine men to drop their drawers shows.  From porn professionals to street hustlers and true amateurs making some extra cash, Chandler shows an appreciation and respect for his models and audience. 
 VGMH gives this new site a high rating of 90 and expects even greater things as it grows and matures during its first year of operations.   Says Robert:  "I intend to be a hub for the foreskin-loving community. I want to provide great foreskin erotica. I’ll give you art, restoration info, live chats, movie reviews, homemade user videos and guys from all over the world. I also want to get contributions from other foreskin lovers. I don’t just understand foreskin fans. I’m one of you."

The content for Fantastic Foreskin comes from two separate geographic areas: North America and Eatsern Europe.  This means there's men showing their natural skins from American, Latino, Canadian, European, Indian, Russian, and Australian cultures. It appears that the lads from Europe are possibly acquired content, while the blokes from North America feature models posing specifically for Fantastic Foreskin, often with Chandler appearing alongside his men. Most of the guys are on the younger side, with model applications accepting men between 18-40. The  free tour offers sample photos of the roughly 56 models /photo and video trailers. 

These are not just pretty boys (although there are plenty of them as well).  Kit Deschanel could be the waiter at your favorite restaraunt. Mature looking and very hairy Lance Phoenix is a real find.  If Calvin comes across as cool and jaded, that works in the bedroom, too.
Content is more than solo masturbation.  It includes sex toys, 1-on-1 hardcore sessions including oral. fucking and dick docking, and sometimes sexual interactions with Mr. Chandler.   Oftentimes, Chandler interviews the model and undresses him at the same time, which is a unique and very honest approach that looks to be unplanned and not edited or scripted.  For some models, talking about sex while being undressed by another man often leaves them in a state of semi-arousal by the time their shorts finally get pulled down...a minor VGMH request for future shoots would be to capture them totally unaroused, soft and small before that skin starts to pull back as they get excited. 

Based on what VGMH followers have already expressed an interest in with other sites, I asked Robert if any of his models would be captured peeing in addition to cuming.  For a foreskin site this is especially a relevant question, as this process both lubricates and moistens.  Robert said that peeing scenes are in the works.  If that happens, the current introductory price would be a real bargain compared to what other sites charge for such specialty content.

Branden up close and very personal
Updates are weekly and Fantastic Foreskin provides a monthly calendar with hyperlinks to the new models right inside the calendar.   This is a wonderful feature that all sites should offer.  The current library includes dozens of downloadable videos (over 76) including three "behind the scenes" flicks.  Video quality is good, with distinct differences between the North American work and the Eastern European scenes (some of the older European films are not as high in quality as their North American counterparts).  There are multiple options for video viewing. Download the full movie in for Quicktime (.mov), iPod/iPhone/iPad (.mp4), and Windows Media (.wmv).  People on the move can stream the movie in Flash (.flv), Quicktime, i-stuff, and WMV.  Speeds were more then adequate, and newer videos were a crisp 720x480.  Another positive is that Robert understands the beauty of still photography, and there are zip-downladable galleries to go along with the videos.  These are not video captures, but high quality camera shots.  Newer images are bigger and sharper at 1024x576. Older pix are smaller - 792x594.  They did not disappoint.
Lance is aged to perfection. 

This is one of the few sites VGMH has reviewed where the main page selection tabs all actually work and look to be updated.  "Behind the Scenes" features videos and photos of models during their shoot.  The "Blog " offers news and information on anti-circumcision.  There's also erotic stories, polls and more.

Calvin is cocky in more ways than one
As a specialty site, Fantastic Foreskin is going to primarily excite the admirers of natural-cocked men, and if you fit into that camp then you might want to consider a membership. Currently a non-recurring one-month admission costs $22.75 and a recurring (meaning the least you will pay for is two months) costs $37.50 or $18.75 per month).  Other options include 90 days recurring for $39.75 and $72.75 for 180 days non-recurring.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Florida Sunshine and Darryl Powers

If you are reading this text, that means you've been able to take your eyes away from looking at Darryl's rather amazing swim trunks, in this photo from the 1960's.  It's reported that Darryl Powers was already a married young man when he was originally approached to pose in Florida, as he was living not very far from the Sunshine Beach Club. The name of the club was from the nudist colony that body builder/photographer Dick Falcon had started. Champion Studios invested in the club & photographed many models there, including hunky Darryl Powers, Chip, Mark Sterling & Hawkeye.  Sexy Darryl was 6' tall and 170 pounds with blue eyes. 

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

That Certain Summer (end)

It's reported that in order to calm nervous sponsors, specific dialogue was written for Hal Holbrook to explain to the TV audience that some people think of homosexuality as “a sickness, that it’s something that has to be cured.” In addition, Standards & Practices tried to get the writers to remove Holbrook’s saying to his son that he and his partner “love each other,” but creators Levinson and Link demanded that the line stayed in (which it did).

Sunday, July 24, 2011

That Certain Summer (1972)

It's a shame this TV movie doesn't get the recognition it deserves, considering it was shown back in 1972 in millions of homes across the country.  For many young guys watching it, this film was their first mainstream media event showing people with the same feelings that they kept inside.   That Certain Summer remains a story about both finding yourself and true love. 

The story line involves divorced San Francisco contractor Doug Salter, who's looking forward to a summer visit from his fourteen-year-old son Nick (who lives in Los Angeles with his mother Janet).  But dad has a secret---What his son doesn't know is that his father is gay and very happily committed to Gary McClain, his life partner of several years.  The movie goes to great lengths to make sure it's clear that these two men are in love with one another.  Gary even moves out temporarily in order to not upset Nick with the truth.  But when he finds evidence of his father's real life, he's filled with shame and disgust towards his homo dad and runs away. Once reunited with his son, Doug attempts to explain his sexual orientation to him, with decidedly mixed results.

Looking back on the ground-breaking broadcast, Hal Holbrook said "I was an actor clearly not afraid of controversy . . . Anything that would make the audience think was worthwhile," although he turned down the role when it initially was offered to him. "I wasn't worried about whether the character was a gay person or not; the reason I turned it down, frankly, is I read the script and I didn't think much happened in it. I just thought it was kind of tame." After he discussed the script with Carol Rossen, who was to become his second wife, she responded, "You're going to get on the phone and call Hollywood and tell them you want to do this part before they give it to somebody else," and Holbrook did.   .

In an interview with the Dallas Voice, Martin Sheen said, "I thought it was wonderful. There was a great deal of freedom in it because it wasn't about advocating a lifestyle or a sexuality. It was about two people who adored each other, and they weren't allowed to have a relationship that involved their sexuality." When asked if at the time he was concerned the role could affect his career, he responded, "I'd robbed banks and kidnapped children and raped women and murdered people, you know, in any number of shows. Now I was going to play a gay guy and that was like considered a career ender. Oh, for Christ’s sake! What kind of culture do we live in?"

Please stay tuned for more tomorrow

  • Emmy Award for Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in Drama (Scott Jacoby, winner)
  • Emmy Award for Outstanding Single Program - Drama or Comedy (nominee)
  • Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing Achievement in Drama - Original Teleplay (nominee)
  • Emmy Award for Outstanding Single Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role (Hal Holbrook, nominee)
  • Emmy Award for Outstanding Single Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role (Hope Lange, nominee)
  • Emmy Award for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Drama - A Single Program (nominee)
  • Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Film Sound Mixing (nominee)
  • Golden Globe for Best Movie Made for TV (winner)
  • Directors Guild of America Award for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Movies for Television (winner)
  • American Cinema Editors Award for Best Edited Television Special (nominee)
  • 1998 Producers Guild of America Hall of Fame Award (winner)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Whip it Good!

 Creamy White Tasty Treats!
Below: This Pet Milk Company 1959 magazine ad features Pet Milk nonfat dry milk, the way to turn Jell-O into something white and creamy to eat!
Of course that showoff Betty Crocker always has to one-up everybody else, and when it comes to protein-based meringue (egg whites of course) she rolls out her own mix-just add water.

Looks like this man followed the directions given by his next door neighbor properly: "Hold firmly in hand and beat until cums.  Open mouth wide and repeat many times."

Below: Honestly Betty, give it a rest already. Your 1959 cherry and banana pie with whipped cream topping may be yummers, but it can't compare with the banana that this lucky blonde is about to enjoy.

Man custard for all!

Friday, July 22, 2011

2011 Male Sex icons: Jack Wrangler's Life Ends

As time passed, attitudes about their marriage began to soften, as many people came to realize that this wasn't a sham..but it also wasn't by any means what most people would consider a "traditional" marriage:
  • Once, during an argument in a restaurant, Wrangler shouted at Whiting: ''I'm trying to tell you I'm a fucking faggot!'' Replied Margaret: ''Only around the edges, dear.''
  • Whiting demanded that hubby Jack stop the porn and personal apperances. ''I didn't understand then that was his way of being financially independent,'' she said.
  • There was friction between Jack and Margaret's daughter, Debbie Whiting.
  • Problems arose between Whiting and her 4 Girls 4 co-stars when she canceled performances to visit Jack in the hospital, after he had injured himself falling onstage while performing his one-man strip show (and had to have his right hip replaced).
  • Whiting caught Wrangler lying about things, including saying he was no longer doing his erotic act, when he was.   
  • In the summer of 1980 Wrangler called Whiting from L.A. with shocking news...He, his step-grandmother and his manager had gone out to dinner. When they returned to his step-grandmother's house in Bel Air, they were met by six thieves, who tied and pistol-whipped them. Whiting was skeptical thinking it was another of his lies, and told Jack she couldn't talk because she had to catch a plane to Las Vegas to do a TV show. ''When I got to Vegas,'' reports Margaret, ''Rosemary Clooney ran up to me and asked, 'Have you read the papers? Jack was almost killed!' I felt awful. I called him up and said, 'Jack, I'm so sorry. I'll meet you at home."
  • In 1998, Wrangler and Whiting filed a $3 million lawsuit against New York City when Whiting tripped on loose pavement and broke her hip. Their suit claimed damages for her injuries andfor loss of conjugal relations.
  • Jack said in an interview: "Somebody goes home with me and they know of me as Jack Wrangler, then they're going to expect [...] imagine certain things.  I can't blame that on them. I blame it on me for creating something that's such an outrageous courage to begin with, that the worst thing is that they expect other people to live up to that character."
    In an interview with People magazine in May 1987, Margaret Whiting talked about her relationship with Wrangler, and what a gay man offered: 'Because of Jack my life is better,'' says Margaret. ''He has made me more aware of my talent. I see more. I read more. My life has more depth. He's a gifted, sensitive, thinking dear.'' ''Honestly,'' reasons Whiting, ''there's so much unhappiness in the world, if you can find someone who makes you happy, and you can make him happy, then c'mon, who cares? We're not hurting anybody. We're not doing anything wrong. We're enjoying each other, that's all.''

They did benefits to raise money to combat AIDS.  Wrangler became a teacher at the Eugene O'Neill Cabaret Symposium in Waterford, Connecticut, for several years in the early 1990's. During this period, he and his wife taught young students about the Great American Songbook at the Sundance Festival in association with the Johnny Mercer Foundation.  He also directed several performers' acts, including Margaret and Anne Francine in a duo act.

In 2007, Jack was commissioned by the F. Scott Fitzgerald Foundation in London, and wrote the book to "Ain't We Got Fun" which was a musical revue based on the short stories of Fitzgerald interspersed, with the songs of Margaret's songwriter father Richard Whiting. A sold-out reading followed at The York Theater company in December 2007.  He was also co-creator of "Dream" which appeared on Broadway in 1997 with Leslie Ann Warren, John Pizzarelli and Whiting. He also co-created and co-directed the jazz concert "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil," a tribute to Johnny Mercer.

An amazing life...realizing as a boy he was gay and made to feel lacking by his Hollywood player father, John Robert Stillman reinvented himself into Jack Wrangler.  He accomplished his goals of becoming a top star in both gay and straight adult films.  Perhaps because of the years of competition to be the idealized perfect male sex icon, he felt he couldn't find a male life partner he could live with.  Ironically, he found love and comfort with another Hollywood brat, and age and sex didn't matter so much.  In the last part of his life,  John Robert Sillman was able to return and accept himself and even appreciate and poke fun of his creation, Jack Wrangler.  Wrangler died on April 7, 2009, at the age of 62 from complications from emphysema caused by almost 40 years of cigarette smoking.  His widow is still alive.

"I have no regrets. I was never ashamed of anything I did. It wasn't really that big a deal," he says of his film career. "It's just that as time goes on, things that you've done that were somewhat colorful 30 years ago become so much more colorful in retrospect."